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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 561: 561 Worst Day Bahasa Indonesia

Han Fei looked at his wife. He had a feeling she had discovered something. His wife was hurt the most by Fu Yi. She already knew about Fu Yi’s debauchery, but she didn’t want to kill Fu Yi until the last moment. She had been trying to give Fu Yi a chance to try to protect this family. It was not that she didn’t know, she just didn’t say anything.

Han Fei eventually lay down. There was a giant gulf between him and his wife. Half of his body was exposed outside the blanket. ‘This doesn’t feel right.’ Han Fei looked at the ceiling and felt drowsy. Han Fei closed his eyes, but soon he sat up again. ‘I can’t sleep! The moment I close my eyes, I see a group of red paper dolls dancing around me!’ Han Fei felt like he was sleeping on a dining table.

Han Fei slowly got up. He helped cover his wife with the blanket. He grabbed a shirt and walked out of the bedroom. After he left, his wife curled up her body. She whispered, “It’s not him…”

Han Fei lay down on the couch in the living room. ‘This mission has taught me many things. For example, a big sofa is needed after marriage. There’ll be a chance to use it.’ Han Fei felt better sleeping on the sofa alone. He had a dreamless night. He slept until the alarm rang. Han Fei woke up rubbing his eyes. He noticed there was an extra layer of blanket on him. The sun filtered into the room. He massaged his body and turned to the kitchen. His wife was making breakfast.

Han Fei folded the blanket, brushed his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was successful, handsome, had masterful acting and a voice kissed by the devil. He also knew how to cook and do detective work. No wonder he was suitable for the Lapidarist profession. ‘Unfortunately, I’m not the kind to rely on others.’ Han Fei wiped away the water droplets on the mirror. He sat at the dining table and ate the breakfast his wife prepared.

“How’s the breakfast?”

“It’s delicious.”

Soon, Fu Sheng got down carrying his school bag. When he passed Han Fei, he was startled. His eyes looked right behind Han Fei. “The faceless woman who has been following you is gone.”

“Don’t say something like that so early in the morning.” The wife prepared the boxed meal for Fu Sheng.

Han Fei was quite happy though, “Perhaps she had found another person to play with.” Han Fei finished his breakfast and grabbed his briefcase to leave for work. After he left his neighborhood, his smile disappeared. He had already discussed everything with Fu Yee’s mother. She wouldn’t create trouble at Han Fei’s company. However, Du Zhu would. The woman was too controlling. She would destroy any toy that wouldn’t listen to her order.

Han Fei took the bus to the company. Once he descended, he noticed something was wrong. Many people were gathered in front of the company entrance. He could hear them gossiping.

“What’s going on?”

“A manager at this company had an affair. He abandoned the mistress after he found out she was pregnant.”

“I heard that the man’s wife gave born to a deformed child, so the man abandoned her to be with his mistress.”

“Apparently, the manager also has an affair with his boss. That is how he managed to become the manager.”

Han Fei walked through the crowd with a stone face. He could hear the voices coming out of the speakers. The voice kept repeating how Fu Yi had abandoned Fu Yee and her mother. Han Fei turned to the source. There was a modified van parked on the empty space near the company entrance. A few speakers were fitted to the top. That was where the voices came from. The company guards were negotiating with the driver of the van. A few men sat inside the car. They refused to talk to the guard and refused to leave.

Not far away from the van was a woman in tattered clothes. She looked pitiful and hung a giant white banner with Fu Yee’s picture on the company entrance. The banner described how poor Fu Yee was. She was tormented by illness since she was young. However, the picture should be taken without permission. Fu Yee in the picture didn’t know someone had taken her picture. She didn’t look at the camera. Her head was lowered as she sat in the wheelchair.

Han Fei could ignore the other things, but his eyes darkened when he saw how Fu Yee’s picture was being misused. “Fu Yi is a bastard. You should scold him, but why expose an innocent girl with illness?” Han Fei walked towards the empty field in front of the company. The colleagues looked at him behind the window. Han Fei came to the giant white banner. He wanted to move further, but the woman stopped him. The woman demanded shrilly, “What are you doing?”

“You are not the child’s mother. What right do you have to put her picture here?!” Han Fei yanked down the banner. The woman went crazy. The men inside the van also rushed out.

“Isn’t that Fu Yi? The main character is here! The man does look handsome. No wonder your daughter is so beautiful.” The men were big and muscular. They kept saying things to injure Han Fei.

“Don’t let him go! He is the monster who abandoned his own child!” The woman with the old clothes grabbed Han Fei. She made it sound like she was the child’s mother. The crowd didn’t know the truth. They lambasted Han Fei, calling him an animal. Some even wanted to hit him.

“I’ll repeat it. You can call me anything you want but do not expose the child’s picture and information. She is innocent.” Han Fei pulled down the banner and shoved the woman away. He didn’t use much force, but the woman slammed into the glass. Even though the glass didn’t break, she started to cry.

“This is madness! How can you treat your family like that in public? I can’t imagine how you’d treat them at home!” The men from the van blocked the company entrance. Their job was to make this as big as possible.

Han Fei’s expression was dark. The speakers kept repeating how he had abandoned his family. The crowd insulted him. No matter where he looked, he was greeted by derisive eyes. The insult came from everywhere. Even his colleagues joined in. Han Fei felt like he was grabbed by a giant hand. He couldn’t breathe. Pain jolted through his nose. He was dazed and almost collapsed. He gripped his fists. Han Fei walked towards the van. The vehicle was covered in Fu Yee’s pictures.

“Where are you going?” The men surrounded Han Fei. They were laughing.

“Get out of my way.” Han Fei uttered coldly. At the same time, a peal of crazy laughter echoed deep inside his eyes. Uncontrollable madness appeared in Han Fei’s eyes.

“What if we don’t want to? What can you do to us?” The men blocked Han Fei’s way. The woman was still crying. She couldn’t produce one tear, but she covered her face and looked like she was so aggrieved. The crowd’s anger was ignited. They marched towards Han Fei. Just as the crowd was about to surround Han Fei, a car honk overwhelmed the din. Then it was followed by multiple screams!

“Be careful!”

“Get out of the way!”

A car flew past and rammed into the van in the blink of an eye!

The giant collision shocked everyone. The car sent the van flying through the company entrance. The speakers fell to the ground and became silent. The crowd was silent. Suddenly, everything was quiet.

The deformed car door was kicked down. A cute woman held her bleeding arm as she walked out of the car wreck. She stepped on the broken glass and looked at Han Fei. “Good morning, leader.”

The car accident and the ground covered in glass, Han Fei felt transported to a few days ago when he sacrificed himself to save Lee Guo Er.

“You should go upstairs first. I lost my glasses. I need to find them.” Lee Guo Er looked at Han Fei, and she smiled sweetly. “I drove over when I was sure there was no one left inside the van.”


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