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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 562: 562 Be His Role Model Bahasa Indonesia

The large men who threatened Han Fei earlier were stunned. Even the woman forgot to cry. They just brushed past Death. Everyone parted. The voices disappeared. Han Fei wanted to help Lee Guo Er bandage her wound, but too many people were watching. If he did that, there would be even more rumors, and it would only harm Lee Guo Er.

“Leader, you should go upstairs first. Many things are waiting for you to handle.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t need to thank me. If you didn’t save me that day, I wouldn’t be here today.” Lee Guo Er found her glasses. She waited for the police to arrive. Han Fei rushed to remove Fu Yee’s banner and pictures. He took the elevator up. When the elevator door opened, Han Fei heard the discussion about him. The whole company knew about his history, Han Fei understood he couldn’t work here anymore.

Zhao Qian had stated that very clearly. To prevent Fu Yi from affecting Immortal, the company would cut off Fu Yi. Han Fei entered the familiar office and looked at his team members. Different from the other employees, Han Fei’s people were all working. It was like they couldn’t hear the sounds from downstairs.

“Leader, we’ve worked overnight. The programmers are starting the internal testing.” Brother Fake Plant stood up. His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked tired.

“In the future, this will be your project. This is your game, don’t let others take your hard work away.” Han Fei glanced at his computer. He didn’t have anything to leave behind for the company. Other than the horror dating sim, he had a game of Plants versus Zombies that he almost won.

Bang! Bang! Octopus appeared at the door. He looked at Han Fei gleefully, “Sister Qian is looking for you.”

“I know. I’ll be there.” Han Fei removed his work id and entered Zhao Qian’s office. Zhao Qian was different from normal. She had Han Fei close the door. Then she crossed her arms. After a long time, she asked, “You are so selfish and clever, so why did you choose the dumbest path? Don’t tell me you don’t know the kind of person Du Zhu is.”

“CEO Zhao, I came to inform you about my daughter and her mother.” Han Fei already predicted these things. Zhao Qian should have predicted them too.

“Okay, how did the conversation go?”

“I’ll produce 720000 to help cure Fu Yee and take up all the responsibilities I’ve shirked.”

“720000?” Zhao Qian looked at Han Fei. “You still haven’t finished your house loan. Where are you going to find the money?”

“I’ll find a way.”

“How?” Zhao Qian sighed. “I just received the notice from upstairs to fire you. After what happened today, no one will dare to hire you after you leave this company.” Zhao Qian once wanted to kill Fu Yi, but at that moment, she didn’t feel the joy of having taken her revenge. She couldn’t understand why. Perhaps it was the change she saw in Fu Yi recently.

“You’re not young anymore. You’ll lose your job. You have to look after three children, pay your housing loan and provide your daughter’s medical bill. Can you handle that?” Zhao Qian was being realistic.

“I’ve seen the most despairing future, so I know what I’m doing is right.” Han Fei placed his work id on the table. “As long as I am still alive, everything will change, and Fu Sheng will not be chosen by the black box.”

Zhao Qian didn’t understand Han Fei. She took a document from her drawer and passed it to Han Fei. “This is your bonus from making that game. I’ll transfer my part into your account directly. Open the file when you’re home.”

“CEO Zhao…” Han Fei didn’t reject her. He needed money.

“I’m not your boss anymore. You can call me Zhao Qian.” She waved and turned back to her work. Han Fei exited the office with the file. Octopus and the other workers were eavesdropping. They stood before the office door, holding coffee in their hands.

“Fu Yi, with your talent, you’ll be the top game designer anywhere you go. It’s not your loss but the company’s loss after leaving this place. Haha.” Octopus was in a very good mood. He entered the company simultaneously as Fu Yi, but he was always in Fu Yi’s shadows. He never had a chance at promotion when Fu Yi was around. Fu Yi would get the best resource and he the leftovers. Octopus was the happiest in the entire company at Fu Yi’s firing. Han Fei smiled at Octopus. He had worked at many places, and no living humans would be left at his workplaces every time he left. Han Fei calculated the time. The Pure Hatred was about to arrive.

“Come, I’ll lead you to finish the paperwork. You’ve worked here for so long. You deserve at least this kindness.” Octopus said. Han Fei had been fighting for the benefits of his own team members recently. This meant that the people of the other departments had fewer resources. They hated Han Fei for it. When Han Fei fell, they all came to enjoy the show.

“I heard you have two wives, several children, and you have to treat your daughter’s illness. What will you do if you can’t find a new job?” Octopus said with mock concern. “Of course, I’m only talking about a possibility.”

“A job is not that hard to find. Don’t worry that much.” Han Fei entered his office to pack his stuff. Octopus waited at the office door.

“This is so unfortunate. I’ve been checking out the houses near your neighborhood lately. I wanted to be your neighbor, but it looks like you’ll be moving out before I can move in.” Octopus sighed in regret.

“Are you done? If you are, then get out!” Brother Fake Plant, who was normally so nice stood up to close the office door.

“I was only showing concern for him.” Octopus’ laughter echoed outside the door. “Fu Yi, if you plan to sell your home, please consider me. I’ll take it off your hands with a good price since we’re such good friends. Haha.”

Han Fei saw in movies that people would have a box of things when they were fired. However, he realized he didn’t have much that he wanted to bring with him. He found a black plastic bag and put his boxed lunch and water bottle in it. He opened his drawers and tossed in his headphones, USB cable, and a few books.

‘In the past, the companies fail before I do. Fu Yi’s identity has given me a new experience.’ Han Fei exited the office. It didn’t take long for him to complete the procedure. He wanted to wait for Lee Guo Er, but the girl and the hired actors were all taken to the police station. Han Fei left from the backdoor. Everyone was busy, working towards their own goal.

“I’ve never experienced life from this perspective before.” The altar worlds provided Han Fei with unique experiences. He could absorb another person’s memory and see different things. Because of this, he had masterful acting at a young age.

“Where should I go next?” Han Fei carried the black bag and walked downtown. When he was in Mirror God’s memory world, Han Fei learned how to manage a gang from Brother Snake. This knowledge was valuable.

‘I’m getting weaker and feeling less secure.’ Han Fei walked down the street. Hours ago, people surrounded him, but now, no one cared about him. As time passed, the pain would only remain in those affected. The bystanders would soon forget everything. On the way o downtown, Han Fei received a call from Qiang Wei. After giving it some thought, Qiang Wei decided to make his move.

Han Fei suggested that they kidnap Du Zhu from the hospital and keep her at the theme park. The success rate of the players would lessen the longer they waited. The players only had one chance to strike. If they failed, Du Zhu was influential enough to kill all of them.

‘After Du Zhu is removed, I should try to sneak into the hospital to know its secret and find out why it became Fu Sheng’s obsession.’ Han Fei arrived downtown around noon. He didn’t hurry to work but started to collect information. Downtown was different from the Mirror God’s memory world. The downtown was dominated by a few gangs, and not one gang could overcome the others. It felt like someone was purposely maintaining this precarious balance so that downtown could be easily managed.

“Can you show me your boss? I want to ask him something.” With his suit and expensive watch, Han Fei looked like a rich guy.

“We don’t open in the day. Come back at night.” The waiter told Han Fei carefully. “These streets are haunted in the day, so you better take the main road.”

“I only heard about hauntings at night. What ghost haunts people in the day?”

“But it’s real.”

“Anyway, tell your boss to come to meet me.”

The waiter noticed Han Fei’s unique presence, and he obliged. Soon, a middle-aged man with spectacles walked down. He looked more like a history professor than a mafia boss.

“How shall I call you?” “Qin Wen.”

Han Fei exited the shop half an hour later. Qin Wen told him one good news and one bad news. The bad news was the gangs downtown all worked for Du Zhu’s family. The boss was straightforward. They were dogs kept by Du Zhu. The occasional gang fight was for the meat inside the dog bowl. As long as Du Zhu’s family remained in power, they wouldn’t dare to do anything.

The good news was no one liked to be treated like this. As the meat became smaller, the resentment against Du Zhu’s family grew.

“Even the gangsters are related to Du Zhu’s family!” Han Fei walked around with the bag since he couldn’t ‘borrow’ money like how he did in Mirror God’s world. When he passed by a gold shop, he glanced in a few times. ‘Calm down. This is not what a comedy actor should do.’

No one hoped their father was a criminal. Han Fei knew that. Even though the world was crushing him, he didn’t give up. He wanted to be Fu Sheng’s role model.


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