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539 You Underestimate Me

Perhaps it was his first time seeing his family on tv, Fu Tian was very excited. He screamed so loudly that even the neighbors could hear him. Han Fei glanced to the second floor. His eldest son was still in his room. But he would have heard Fu Tian. Han Fei finally felt proud after two days in the memory world. “This is nothing, nameless hero is an exaggeration.”

Han Fei walked to his wife when the latter suddenly switched off the television. “You didn’t hesitate when you saved her, right?” The wife’s tone was even. She glanced into the kitchen after she asked the question. The cleaver was sitting on the chopping block.

Hearing her question, Han Fei’s brain started to spin. All his cells worked overtime to come up with a good answer. If he said no, then he was lying because the camera had captured everything. If he said yes, then it would suggest that Han Fei liked Lee Guo Er that he’d sacrifice his life for her. Han Fei regretted adding his attribute to stamina because he felt like he didn’t have any intellect left.

Han Fei took a deep breath and looked into his wife’s eyes. He opened the masterful acting switch, his eyes turned pained and clear. Then he nodded. “The van was coming over. If I didn’t save her, she’d die. So I rushed over without any hesitation.” The wife’s eyes slowly darkened when Han Fei added, “I saved her because I was sure I’d be safe. But if my family were in danger, I would sacrifice my life to save you. Because I am not some nameless hero, I am your husband and the children’s father.” Han Fei lowered his head. His hands raised like he wanted to hug his wife but he didn’t dare to. Guilt, pain, regret, he didn’t deserve to hug the woman before her.

The wife saw everything. Han Fei’s guilt-ridden face and the arms that didn’t dare to touch her. “You should rest, I will make dinner.” Han Fei walked towards the kitchen. The wife then saw the wound on Han Fei’s back. He had been concerned about the injury on her feet but he never said anything about his own wound.

In the camera, Han Fei’s back landed on the step. The glass also cut his arms. Those must be painful. The wife walked to the kitchen door. Seeing the man inside the kitchen, she felt so surreal. “Notification for Player 0000! Your wife’s hatred towards you has decreased by 1! Total decrease is 2!”

Soon, the fragrance of meat floated out. Han Fei walked out with the dishes. “Fu Tian, wash your hands and prepare for dinner!”

“Okay! I love daddy’s cooking the most!”

Han Fei then took a tray and prepared a portion for Fu Sheng. He placed it lightly before his door.

“Let’s dig in.” Han Fei told his wife and son. Seeing Fu Tian eating so happily, Han Fei couldn’t help but smile. There was nothing more proud than getting your children’s sincere praise. The wife looked at Fu Tian and Han Fei. Her eyes moved to Han Fei’s hands. The cuts from the glass hadn’t healed but Han Fei didn’t mind. It was as if spending time with Fu Tian would heal everything.

After dinner, Han Fei planned to clean up when his wife stopped him, “You should keep your hands away from water. Let me.”

Han Fei stayed close to his wife as she cleaned the dishes. He was worried about his wife because her foot was injured. The hands washed the oily dishes. The wife suddenly uttered, “Even when I was pregnant, you weren’t so attentive.” Han Fei knew about this because he had done deeper research into Fu Yi’s phone. The hidden account had a lot of information. When his wife was pregnant, Fu Yi was with another woman. “I know I deserve to die but I want to change something before I die so that everyone can be happier.”

After that, the family of three sat on the couch. Han Fei asked Fu Tian what happened at kindergarten, checked his homework and played with him. At 9.30 pm, the wife brought Fu Tian to bed, and Han Fei was ready to sleep too. Han Fei chose to sleep on the ground. He had cleaned the storeroom on his own and was almost killed by the faceless woman, so he was exhausted.

The wound on his back was still slightly painful. After Han Fei removed his shirt, he lay down on the mattress. Not long after that, his wife walked in. After she got into bed, she couldn’t sleep. Initially, she lay turned away from Han Fei, but she slowly turned around to look at Han Fei on the ground. Due to the wound on his back, Han Fei had to sleep on his side.

The bedroom lights were off. In the dark, Han Fei’s wife kept staring at his back. Han Fei’s senses were very sensitive, so despite his fatigue. He couldn’t sleep with someone watching him. After a whole day of work and an encounter with the ghost, Han Fei’s eyelids were leaden, but he didn’t dare to sleep because he was afraid that it’d be his eternal slumber.

The wife suddenly noticed Han Fei’s shoulders shook. He couldn’t sleep because of pain?

Memories flashed in his mind. The wife hesitated for a long time before she stood up to walk out of the bedroom. ‘What is she doing? Going to grab the knife again?’ Han Fei felt like crying. As a man with zero romantic experience, he didn’t know what to do in a dating sim. The footsteps returned, and the wife opened the bedroom lights. The lights shone on Han Fei. The wife stood beside him. “Stop pretending. Take off your undershirt. It’s already soaked in blood.”

“Take off my shirt?”

“I know you’re not asleep. How can you with such a huge wound?” The wife sighed. “I’ll help you dress the wound on your back. You can’t do it on your own anyway.” Han Fei turned around and realized the wife was holding the first aid kit and not a knife. Honestly, Han Fei almost cried. From knife to medkit, there was a definite change.

Han Fei sat up. His wife dressed the wound carefully. The injuries were not that serious. They would heal in a few days. Han Fei had 30 stamina after all. Han Fei felt the chill from his back, but he didn’t let his guard down. He glanced at the vanity table mirror to ensure there was no weapon hidden inside the medkit. Han Fei was worried about his wife, but after he looked at the mirror long enough, he realized there was another woman in the mirror. The woman stood before the bed, and she looked like the dead employee at the company.

‘After consuming the male employee, the faceless woman is closer to me. I have no idea if she can come out of the mirror yet.’ Han Fei was worried. If the faceless woman came out to kill the wife, her hatred might cause her to evolve into another Pure Hatred!

‘I need to lower their hatred as soon as possible.’ When the wife was done, Han Fei looked at his wife with appreciation. How could Fu Yi betray this kind woman so many times? He was a real bastard.

“You need to sleep. You have work tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Han Fei lay down and soon fell asleep. The alarm rang. His wounds had recovered already. His mood point and physical condition were relatively high. “Time to get to work!” Han Fei folded the quilt and mattress. When he was done brushing his teeth, his wife had already prepared the breakfast. He swallowed the food when his wife came down from the second floor. She placed the breakfast before Fu Sheng’s door and took Han Fei’s tray from last night. Fu Sheng did not touch Han Fei’s cooking. ‘The child has a big prejudice against me.’ Han Fei glanced at the second floor, ‘But no matter, I shall change that!’ Picking up his briefcase, Han Fei walked to the kitchen, “I’m going to work. I’ll be back to cook dinner tonight!”

“You keep skipping the dinner invitation from your bosses. Won’t they be angry at you?”

“They are nothing compared to you and the children.” Han Fei left home and purposely avoided the road where he saw Shen Luo yesterday. ‘The man escaped from the plastic surgery hospital. After I complete a few missions and can look after myself, I should find him.’ Han Fei passed a café. The tv screen inside was broadcasting the morning news.

“Our city has had many burglaries recently. Everyone, please be careful.”

“We’ve found the hero who fought with the burglar yesterday night. Please watch this interview.”

“Mr. Qiang Wei, what was on your mind when you charged into the fray? The burglar was armed with a knife. Didn’t you feel fear?” Han Fei was about to walk away, but he stopped when he heard the word, Qiang Wei. He turned to the screen, and the long-haired man was being interviewed!

“I only wanted to save people. Like the nameless hero, I wish for more people to be courageous. I plan to build a non-profit organization at the business building in the eastern city. Hopefully, that can help more people.”

Han Fei watched the recording, and he realized the burglar and Qiang Wei’s actions looked very well-rehearsed. It looked dangerous, but neither party wanted to hurt the other.

“He has directed this, so the burglar is another player?” Han Fei stared at Qiang Wei and looked down the east side of the city. “18 players, including Qiang Wei, have entered the Lost Theme Park. They’ve found the altar inside the theme park and used that altar to enter Fu Sheng’s memory world?” This meant that there were two entrances to Fu Sheng’s memory world. Shen Luo entered the plastic surgery hospital, and the 18 players entered Lost Theme Park, but they were both exploring this memory world.

“Qiang Wei wants to use this idea to gather all the players. This is a good idea. If Shen Luo saw this, he would reunite with them. I wonder what will happen then?” Han Fei could already imagine the situation. The players looked at Shen Luo and shouted, ‘Did you bring all these ghosts with you?’

“This is not bad. With so many players, I don’t feel so pressured.” Qiang Wei was a very clever person, and he was a level 19 player. Before the world mutated, they should be able to survive and even find some clues. Han Fei continued to watch the news. After Qiang Wei’s report, it was followed by Han Fei’s report. The news anchor reported that the van’s driver was dead, but the patient in the passenger seat had escaped. “This Shen Luo is quite unlucky. He just escaped from the hospital but is now wanted by the whole city. Everyone will see him as an escaped mental patient.” The news offered a picture of Shen Luo, and the shop owner provided 50000 to the person who captured Shen Luo. “It’s impossible for him to leave this place.”

Han Fei quickly rushed to work. He would arrive on time and leave on time.

“Leader, what a coincidence.” Lee Guo Er held two cups of coffee and stood beside the elevator. She ‘happened’ to run into Han Fei. When he saw the coffee, Han Fei’s eyes twitched. “Xiao Lee, you should take the elevator. I need to make a call.” Taking out his phone, Han Fei entered the safety path. He ran to his company’s floor. When he wanted to exit, he realized the lock was damaged. “It was fine when I used it yesterday.”

Han Fei remembered this. He was about to be late for work, so he ran down to the other floor and rushed to his team’s office. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, leader!”

“Today, we have to finish the main plot. If we dragged this further, I wouldn’t be able to answer to the higher-ups.” Han Fei walked to his table and saw there was a cup of coffee there. It had a note that said thank you. ‘Is this her kindest way to kill me? At least I’d have a full body after I die.’ Han Fei glanced at Lee Guo Er. She was wiping her glasses. She looked cuter without her glasses. He moved the coffee aside and checked the progress of his members. His members were all elites. They had perfectly captured Han Fei’s idea. “Well done! We need to push harder today!”

After the inspiring speech, Han Fei continued his game of plants versus zombies. He held his chin and wondered what kind of plant to purchase for his next round.

“Leader, after I went home yesterday night, I had a new inspiration.” Lee Guo Er walked over with her phone. Han Fei quickly switched off the game. “What inspiration?”

“I feel like it’s quite boring for him to be chased by a single woman or ghost. Perhaps they can work together.” Lee Guo Er moved to another picture. “Leader, what do you think if we use this picture as our cover? Isn’t it impactful?”

The picture shown was not suitable for kids. A man who looked 80 percent like Han Fei was placed on a white dining table. Seven women with different personalities and appearances sat around the table. They were gorgeous, and everyone had their own charm. Most importantly, they had varying weapons. Some held cleaver, another fruit knife, there were also hammer and saw. The picture was so impactful that Han Fei was sweating.

“Xiao Lee, that is a great idea but isn’t the picture a bit too gory for the cover? I don’t think that is good.” Han Fei shook his head slightly.

“I get your meaning now.” Lee Guo Er nodded. “The male lead wants to change his ways, so he should die to one woman. He wouldn’t share that with other women. That is his final loyalty.”

“Xiao Lee, I think you have a misunderstanding of the word loyalty.”

“Leader, if you’re the male lead, would you prefer to be dismembered by seven females or killed by one woman?” Lee Guo Er discussed the game content with Han Fei. The three other members thought this was normal.

“I think… It’s time for me to clean the storeroom.” Han Fei picked up the coffee and left. Han Fei opened the door and saw Zhao Qian. Zhao Qian was already pretty, and she dolled up that day. It made her even more beautiful.

“I was coming to find you.” Zhao Qian stopped at the door. “What is going on with your team? It has been two days, and there is no progress?”

“We will hand in the proposal today, guaranteed to satisfy you.” Han Fei then turned to the storeroom.


“What’s wrong?” Han Fei turned around and noticed Zhao Qian was staring at his coffee and the cute note on top of the lid. “If there’s nothing else, I need to go.”

Han Fei reached the storeroom. The place was still deserted. There shouldn’t be a ghost because it was broad daylight. “I’m going to remove that mirror.”

Han Fei entered the storeroom and pulled off the curtain. The light filtered into the room. “I bet that faceless woman wouldn’t dare appear in daylight.” Han Fei walked deeper into the storeroom. Before he reached the mirror, he saw something moving along the shelves. Narrowing his eyes, Han Fei picked up the chair. “Who is there? Come out!”

A familiar man in a white patient’s outfit walked out of the last raw about several seconds later. “I-I am not a thief. I just need a place to hide.”

When he heard that familiar voice, Han Fei’s chair fell to the ground, and his face twitched.

“I’m really not a thief! Brother, you have to believe me! The whole city is looking for me. I just need a place to stay. Can you…” Shen Luo saw Han Fei too. He stopped talking. “Hmm? You look and sound so familiar! Aren’t you that superstar Han Fei?”

Hearing that, Han Fei felt like silencing the man. He had taken the role of the altar owner’s father, but only the people in the memory world would see him as Fu Yi. The outsiders, like the other players, would still see Han Fei. Han Fei had been wearing a mask earlier, but this time Shen Luo had seen his face. “You got the wrong person. I’m Fu Yi, this company’s game designer.”

“Impossible, you’re Han Fei. I’ve seen your Twin Flowers. You’re amazing in it!”

“I said I am Fu Yi.” Veins popped on Han Fei’s neck.

“But you are Han Fei! I know you play Perfect Life, too, because the paparazzi have given up on tailing you. They only saw you in the gaming hub all day.” Shen Luo sighed in relief. “Brother Han Fei, you need to help me. I am now wanted by the whole city, can’t you let me…”

Before Shen Luo finished, Han Fei rushed forward to grab his neck, and a sharp prop dangled before Shen Luo’s eyes. “What is my name?”

“Bro-brother Fu, what are you doing?”

Han Fei shoved him aside and frowned. Shen Luo was a walking bad luck charm. However, his talent was activated, and he somehow found his way to Han Fei’s company storeroom. “I was wondering why the safety path’s lock was broken, so it was you.”

“I’m sorry. I will pay for that… Brother Fu Yi, do you have anything to drink and eat? I don’t feel so well. I think I’m hallucinating already.”

“I’ll go buy some things for you to eat. Don’t go anywhere. Hide behind the shelf.” Han Fei put down the coffee. He was about to leave when the door opened from outside. “Sister Qian?”

Zhao Qian walked into the storeroom. “Please stop dropping hints for me. We’re already over.”

“What hints?” Han Fei was confused.

“This storeroom is very meaningful for both of us, right?” Zhao Qian stared at Han Fei. “You’ve been coming here so often, isn’t that what you want?”

“Want what?!”

“So be it. If you still want it, then come to my house tonight.” Zhao Qian whispered seductively. It was a great contrast to her usual domineering presence. An average person would be hooked immediately, but Han Fei saw the murderous intent in Zhao Qian’s eyes. The woman wanted to kill Han Fei, but she knew standard methods wouldn’t work, so she lured him to her lair.

“Remember to stay outside for a while before going home, or your wife will smell my perfume.” Zhao Qian smiled and left.

Han Fei froze. Not long after that, Lee Guo Er walked in. “Leader, I’m done with my job. You should take a look. I’ve come up with a better ending. Perhaps it can inspire you.” Lee Guo Er leaned in closer. Han Fei immediately retreated. Seeing Han Fei act like this, Lee Guo Er smiled sweetly. “Leader, what do you think of my coffee? Is it better than the coffee the girl in the yellow dress gave you?”

“You should get back to work!” Han Fei’s back was already on the shelf.

After Lee Guo Er left, Han Fei sighed in relief. He went to lock the door.

“The fuck! I am playing a survival game, and you’re playing a dating sim?!” Shen Luo walked out of the shelf, and he stared at Han Fei. “Your pretty boss invited you to her house, your cute subordinate gave you coffee, and you have a wife?! You’re dating three wonderful women simultaneously? You’re an animal!”

“Three?” Han Fei was too lazy to explain. He scoffed. “You look down on me.”


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