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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 538: 538 An My Son Still Be Saved? Bahasa Indonesia

538 Can My Son Still be Saved?

10-13 minutes

‘Lee Guo Er’s hatred towards me has lowered by 5?’ Han Fei was shocked. He saved Lee Guo Er out of instinct. He was surprised by his good karma. ‘Lee Guo Er is most likely conflicted after being saved by the man she wanted to kill. But the girl is quite a good person. She doesn’t want me to die in pain.’

He turned around, but the crowd blocked Han Fei’s view. ‘Why was Shen Luo in the patient’s garb? I saw the van had the plastic surgery hospital ad. Did he escape from the hospital? The plastic surgery hospital and the theme park existed in the same city in Fu Sheng’s memory world. Did they affect his youth greatly?’

Through Ugly Scar, Han Fei knew that Immortal Pharma’s plastic surgery was initially run by Fu Sheng. Fu Tian took it over after Fu Sheng disappeared. The crowd gasped as someone crawled out of the van. That was Han Fei’s cue to leave. He was still too weak to take care of Shen Luo. Han Fei took a detour, and when he arrived home, the day was dark. He entered the neighborhood and saw an unfamiliar electric car park at the door. He didn’t think much of it. He just wanted to go home to lower his wife’s hatred.

“I’m back.” Han Fei entered the room and noticed a pair of slippers was missing from the shoe rack. Immediately a horrible feeling gripped him. ‘Fu Tian didn’t come to open the door for me.’ Han Fei entered the room and saw a quiet woman sitting on the living room couch. He wanted to retreat, but Fu Tian ran out, holding a glass of drink. “Teacher Liu, have some orange juice.”

‘Teacher Liu?’ Han Fei sighed in relief because no one with the surname Liu was in Fu Yi’s phone.

“I came to visit today mainly to discuss Fu Sheng’s issue with you.” Teacher Liu spoke gently, and she smiled politely at Han Fei. ‘Finally, a normal woman.’ Han Fei put down his briefcase and sat on the opposite couch. “Teacher Liu, I do want to talk to you about that too.”

Teacher Liu smiled. “Fu Sheng’s father, since when do you care about your children?” The teacher’s voice was soft, but her words were barbed.

“I admit I have ignored my children for a long time. Perhaps it has something to do with my upbringing.” Fu Yi was too absorbed in debauchery to care about his family in the past. “Teacher, do you think my son can still be saved?”

“Your son can still be saved.” Teacher Liu looked at Han Fei kindly and then whispered, “But I can’t say the same for you.” Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat.

The kitchen door opened, and the wife walked in with the fruit plate. She smiled welcomingly. “Teacher Liu, have some fruits.”

“Thank you, Fu Tian’s mother.” Teacher Liu called Han Fei Fu Sheng’s father but his wife Fu Tian’s mother. This alerted Han Fei.

“Teacher Liu, can you tell us more about Fu Sheng? There are many reasons why he doesn’t want to go to school, but one of them has to do with the school.” Han Fei’s main goal was to find out everything about Fu Sheng because he was the altar owner.

“Fu Sheng’s results were perfect when he started school. He was the cleverest child I’ve ever met. He could remember everything with a glance. He is highly responsible too. The only strange thing is… He keeps claiming he can see things others cannot.” Teacher Liu sighed. She had great expectations of Fu Sheng.

“Did he say he can see ghosts?”

“Yes, and he’d do many strange things like opening an umbrella for a small plant during the rain; and buying an extra set of food to eat at the stairs before the education block. He never ate in the canteen. It was like he was accompanying someone.” Teacher Liu explained. The wife was filled with concern, but Han Fei never questioned his child.

After some thought, Han Fei asked, “Teacher, did someone die at your school before? Perhaps near the stairs in front of the education block?”

“A few years ago, a child did jump from the rooftop, and his body landed on the steps. But this cannot prove anything. Many people know that story.” Teacher Liu looked at Han Fei in shock. “You’re not really buying the story that your son can see ghosts?”

“I have confidence in my son., If he were crazy, he was a kind madman.” Han Fei didn’t like to talk badly about Fu Sheng, and he didn’t want others to see his son as crazy. Most crazy people would run out into the street to harm others, but have you seen a crazy person who helped shield a small plant from rain? “I’d suggest you check that small plant. Perhaps a dead body was buried there.”

“I’m the school’s teacher. If something happened, I would know about it.”

“What if this was covered up? If the headmaster wanted to cover up everything, no one would tell you the truth unless you did your own investigation.” Han Fei supported Fu Sheng.

“Fu Sheng’s father, I’m here to discuss how to encourage Fu Sheng back to school. If you continue to instill the wrong belief in him, it’ll cause his condition to worsen.” Teacher Liu’s warm smile disappeared. She was very serious.

“Let’s calm down.” Han Fei raised his hands. “How about this. I’ll stay at home to talk to Fu Sheng, but I hope you’d look into the incident at your school. See if Fu Sheng’s strange behaviors have to do with murders and deaths.”

“You really believe he can see ghosts?” This was Teacher Liu’s second time saying this.

“I don’t know whether he can see ghosts or not, but he is my son. Even if the world refuses to believe him, I will believe him.” Han Fei said matter-of-factly.

“You’ll only ruin his life.” Teacher Liu took out a few notes from her bag. “All the students who bullied him have been punished, and they all wish for him to come back.”

“What have they done to Fu Sheng?”

“They mocked, humiliated, and then beat him up. They also ostracized him.”

“A few apology notes and all that is forgiven?” Han Fei glanced at the notes, which appeared to come from the same template. “Take back these notes. If there’s a chance, I will bring Fu Sheng to see them so they can apologize to him in person.”

“Fu Sheng’s dad, you were never like this in the past.”

“People can change.” Han Fei pushed the notes back to Teacher Liu. He was not going to accept these insincere apologies.

Picking up the notes, Teacher Liu looked closely at Han Fei. “Hopefully, you’ll live up to your words this time.” Teacher Liu packed her bag and prepared to leave.

“Teacher Liu, the dinner is ready. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” The wife stood up.

Teacher Liu’s eyes wandered from Fu Yi’s wife and then to Fu Yi. “Since your family relationship is so peaceful, then why would he come to complain to me daily about how he felt so suffocated at home and yearn for encouragement and comfort?” Teacher Liu put on her shoes. “That was what Fu Sheng told me. I suppose he was exaggerating. I hope you can continue this blissful life and provide your children a healthy growing environment.”

“Thank you for coming, Teacher Liu.” The wife smiled as she followed Teacher Liu to the door.

“There’s no need to walk me out. I know the way.” Teacher Liu smiled as she opened the door. As Teacher Liu prepared to leave, she was startled because another woman was standing outside the door!

She wore a pair of glasses. Her clothes were tattered. She looked cute and innocent.

“Lee Guo Er?” The three women stood at the door. Han Fei felt like his soul had left his body. ‘This is not my problem. It has to be Shen Luo’s fault. If I didn’t turn back to look at him, I wouldn’t be so unlucky! What is this?!’ Han Fei hadn’t had such an experience before. He was worried he’d be dismembered. The three women looked at each other. The atmosphere was awkward.

“Leader, I came to return your phone to you. You dropped it when you fell.” Lee Guo Er took out Han Fei’s phone, wiped it with her handkerchief, and handed it to Han Fei. The man’s phone appeared from the female subordinate’s purse, and it was returned after work. If this was not suspicious, what was?

Teacher Liu and the wife’s expressions shifted, and Han Fei’s face paled.

“Xiao Lee almost got into a car accident. I tripped when I tried to save her. My phone must have fallen then.” Han Fei accepted the phone. “It’s true. You’d see it on the internet soon.”

“Madam, please don’t misunderstand. Leader is telling the truth this time.” Well, she just made it sound like there were other times where things were not so innocent.

“Everyone would have done the same thing I did at that moment.” Han Fei laughed awkwardly. “The night is coming. You better go, or else you will miss the bus.” Lee Guo Er and Teacher Liu left. Both of their bags were full, like they were filled with stuff. The two women walked side by side, but it was like they were in different dimensions.

Han Fei closed the door, holding his phone. His wife’s face was devoid of the previous smile and kindness. “Look at the news. I’m not lying to you.” Han Fei took out his phone to search on the internet. His wife turned into the kitchen. Soon the sound of butchering came from the kitchen. The cleaver repeatedly slammed on the cutting board. It was harrowing.

“Why is mommy angry?” Fu Tian ran over from the couch. He raised his head to look at Han Fei. His cute face was filled with confusion. “She was smiling so much earlier.”

“This is daddy’s fault.” Han Fei knelt before Fu Tian and looked into his eyes. “When one day daddy is gone, you have to protect mommy, okay?” Han Fei had no idea how long he would exist in this world, and he wanted to help this family as much as possible. After two days, Han Fei realized the family was very nice. Fu Sheng was kind to both humans and ghosts; Fu Tian was cute and obedient; the wife was beautiful and understanding. They deserved happiness. ‘From the manager mission at Happiness Neighborhood, after Fu Yi’s death, this family didn’t find happiness but found more despair. The inheritance mission probably needs me to change that worst result within my limited lifespan.’ Han Fei shook his head. It was easier said than done. He couldn’t even look after himself, much less others. Han Fei left Fu Tian to play on the couch, and he walked to the kitchen door. “Your feet are still injured. Let me cook.”

“No need.” The woman was still chopping even though the meat was already incredibly minced. She probably imagined the meat as someone in her mind. Han Fei stood at the door and wondered what to do when Fu Tian’s cheer came from the living room.

“Daddy is on tv! Mommy, big brother! Look! Daddy is on tv!” Fu Tian pointed at the tv screen and ran into the kitchen. “Mommy, daddy is on tv!”

Hearing that, the woman finally stopped. She wiped her hands and followed Fu Tian into the living room. The local station was broadcasting the news on Han Fei. The security cam in the shop had taken down everything.

The van came over, and Han Fei pushed Lee Guo Er aside. The van shot into the shop.

“Based on the witnesses, after the hero saved the girl, he left without leaving behind any contact info!”

“This act of heroism is something we should learn from!”

“Let us find this nameless hero!”


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