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537 Tragedy

“What happened?”

“Is someone injured?”

More colleagues ran to the storeroom. Zhao Qian helped Han Fei up. “I’m sorry. I slipped and knocked over the shelf. I will clean up the place.” He apologized to the colleagues. He didn’t expose Zhao Qian.

“Leader, you’re not hurt, right?” The design team surrounded Han Fei. “We’re a team. We will help you clean up.”

“Their leader is so nice. He came to clean this dirty place alone so that his team members could focus on their work.” Lee Guo Er glanced at Zhao Qian beside Han Fei with suspicion. The woman held Han Fei. Her face was filled with concern, but her eyes flickered about.

“Leader, we’ll help you clean up this place.” Lee Guo Er wanted to enter the storeroom, but Zhao Qian blocked the door.

Han Fei stood up and told his members, “You guys need to hurry back to your work! I have been given an ultimatum. If I can’t finish the new proposal by the end of today, I will resign!” Han Fei turned to the others. “And everyone should get back to work too. There is nothing to see here.”

The props inside the room had been purposely placed. If the others came in to clean, they might notice the problem. Zhao Qian was worried about that, but Han Fei had helped her resolve that problem. He changed the topic and stopped the others from entering the room.

“Ol’ Fu, you better be careful, or you might end up losing both your job and your health.” The middle-aged man called Octopus chided. Then he led his people and left.

“Leader, are you sure you can do this alone?”

“Yes, hurry back to work. Leave this to me!” The crowd scattered until only Zhao Qian, and Han Fei remained. “Boss, you should get back to work too.” Han Fei turned to head into the storeroom like nothing was out of place. But if he didn’t notice anything, he’d be heavily injured already. Zhao Qian knew that Han Fei had seen through everything, but since Han Fei did not say anything, she didn’t bring it up either.

“Be careful when you clean the shelves.” Zhao Qian’s tone softened. Usually, her tone was sharp.

‘Normally, not many people come here. It’s the best place at the company to hide a body. I need to check this place carefully.’ Han Fei had experience working at the mall, so he was very good at inventory and cleaning. ‘I’ve mastered many things without realizing it.’ Compared to dealing with ghosts, cleaning couldn’t be easier. Han Fei worked from morning until noon. When he took a break, Brother fake plant came to ask him to go for lunch. “Leader, I’m impressed. You dare to work alone in that storeroom.” A single sentence from Brother fake plant and Han Fei’s interest was piqued.

“Did something happen inside that storeroom before?”

“Apparently, before our company moved here, the last company’s employee committed suicide in that room. We don’t know the exact reason, but no one dared to use that room, so Sister Qian made it into a storeroom.” Brother fake plant considered this gossip, but Han Fei saw this as news.

“Was the victim male or female?”

“I think it was male.”

“Oh.” Han Fei sighed. His interest was gone instantly.

“Because of the death, no one wanted to clean that room. We used to work on the company’s biggest problem, but now I guess things have changed.” Brother fake plant sighed. “But it’s alright. Leader, we all believe in you. We know you’ll lead us to new heights!”

Han Fei nodded with a smile. At least he was faring well at work. The five from the design team sat together. It was unclear whether the other four did this on purpose or not. They left a space beside Lee Guo Er for Han Fei. Han Fei looked at the drinks Lee Guo Er bought for everyone, and he hesitated to touch them.

“Leader, come join us!”

“Okay.” Han Fei sat beside Lee Guo Er awkwardly. Brother fake plant sensed the awkwardness, so he took out Lee Guo Er’s drinks. “Our new project will be a hit. I haven’t seen such a brilliant proposal in a long time already. I suggest a toast for our imminent success!”

Han Fei didn’t plan to touch the drink, but since Brother fake plant had asked for a toast, he could do nothing. Han Fei raised the glass with the rest. “Work hard. We will use our ability to prove that even a small project can become popular.”

“Leader is right!”

“When our project has great sales, we’ll have Octopus clean the storeroom alone. I’ll hide inside with a ghost mask to scare him!”

“Good idea, bring me with you!”

The employees were energized. Han Fei took a small sip and ate his lunch. During lunch, Lee Guo Er took out her phone to place it before Han Fei. “Leader, I’ve come up with a new idea.” Han Fei turned to the phone. Lee Guo Er had come up with the 8th ending. The male lead was crushed under the shelf, his brain matter splattered everywhere.

“Even though our game is adult-orientated, I don’t think we should have so much gore.” Han Fei gently pushed the phone away.

“Then do you think it’s better to die from being run over by a car or crushed by the shelf?” Lee Guo Er stared at Han Fei. Her gaze was scary, but her tone was cute.

“Both are not good. This is extra work for the cleaner. They have to clean so much blood.” Han Fei quickly finished his lunch. “You guys better hurry too. I will return to organize the storeroom. Try to get the project proposal completed before the day is over.” Han Fei then escaped.

He closed the storeroom door and leaned against it. “If I can turn back time, I need to make Fu Yi sterile before Fu Sheng is born.” Han Fei counted on his fingers. Already four women wanted him dead. And the three people whom he chatted with on his secret account hadn’t appeared yet. “I better work hard to lower their hatred, or else after the world mutated, I’ll have to face not seven women but seven Pure Hatreds.” Han Fei worked in the storeroom until the sun almost set.

Han Fei walked to the end of the shelf. He touched the dust on the shelf. “How long has it been since someone used this shelf?”

The people at the company were afraid of the ghost rumor, so when they used the storeroom, they stuffed most of the things near the door. This meant that most items were collected near the door. “I need to return home before dark and try to lower more hatred with my wife.” This was the only way to rectify Fu Sheng’s regret.

Han Fei noticed something was hanging behind the last shelf when he cleaned it. It was a painting, but it was covered under a piece of cloth. “Normally, these kinds of things are taboo, so I will not touch it.” Once Han Fei said that the old fabric fell on its own. Then Han Fei’s mood point dropped too. Han Fei immediately turned around and walked towards the door. He was shocked to realize his legs had turned to lead. He turned around to look. Under the cloth was a mirror. Inside the mirror was a swinging male body. The carcass belonged to the suicide victim. He hanged himself in front of the mirror, so his soul was sucked into the mirror after he died. Han Fei was currently standing at the spot where he committed suicide.

“I’m an oppressed worker too! If you’re not satisfied, how about I bring my boss to you?” Han Fei couldn’t access his inventory. Without Rest in Peace, he couldn’t deal with ghosts. “Big brother, did you hear that I have a wife and six girlfriends, so you came to kill me? That’s a misunderstanding!”

The male body swung greater in the mirror. He was like a flopping fish. Han Fei slowly noticed something was wrong. The man didn’t seem hostile towards him. “You want me to help you?” Han Fei was confused, but that confusion soon turned into fear. There was not only him and the male body in the mirror but also a blurry faceless woman!

The woman could only appear inside the mirror. At first, she stood very far away, but she slowly approached until she stopped behind the male body. Han Fei and the dead man in the mirror struggled. The world hadn’t mutated, and the faceless woman was heavily injured. She needed time to recover. The icy presence filled up the room. The faceless woman slammed against the mirror, frightening Han Fei and the hanged man. The faceless woman repeatedly crashed against the mirror until it cracked.

‘She can’t leave the mirror until she recovers to a certain degree.’ This was good news for Han Fei but not that good of news for the man in the mirror. Han Fei grabbed the thing around him to throw at the door to attract people’s attention. The faceless woman tore apart the dead man. When the body was shredded, Han Fei regained his mobility. He rushed towards the door. The door was locked. In his desperation, Han Fei kicked at the door. The kick of 30 stamina did nothing to the lock. Han Fei’s heart chilled. His mood point plummeted. The faceless woman in the mirror stuffed the shredded man into her body. She stood before the mirror, and the face leaned on the mirror surface. She looked at Han Fei, and the face slowly took on the feature of the dead man. Just as her face was about to appear, footsteps came from outside, and someone opened the door. The light of the setting sun shone into the storeroom, and the chill disappeared.

“Leader?” The bespectacled Lee Guo Er appeared at the door. She also guessed that Zhao Qian wanted to kill Han Fei, so she paid attention to the storeroom. When she heard the knocking, she ran over. Han Fei leaned against the shelf. When he turned to the mirror again, the faceless woman was gone.

‘This is bad. She has consumed the male worker. Does this mean she can come out of the mirror next time?’ Han Fei was distraught. Without Rest in Peace, he felt so vulnerable.

‘Leader, what are you doing?” Lee Guo Er frowned. “Is there something else in here?”

“He probably saw a ghost.” Octopus and his team also walked past. They joked. “Fu Yi, if only you can make that much noise with your work.” Han Fei ignored them. He walked into the storeroom and replaced the cloth over the mirror.

“Come, let’s go back.” When Han Fei passed Octopus, he patted the man’s shoulder. “I did see a ghost, and she said she would appear in your home’s mirror tonight.” Before Octopus said anything, Han Fei left with his members.

“Leader, did you really see a ghost?” Brother fake plant was very intrigued.

“Are you done with your work?” Han Fei didn’t want to scare them with the truth.

“No, the workload is too heavy.” Brother fake plant pointed at his computer and reported his progress. “I need one more day, or I need to stay back to work overtime.” At that moment, Han Fei’s phone alarm rang. He switched off the alarm. “We have to be done by tomorrow. Don’t stay at the office. Go home to rest.” There was no overtime in Han Fei’s dictionary. He walked to his computer, saved his progress on Plants versus Zombies, and then prepared to go home. Lee Guo Er was packing up too. Seeing this, Han Fei worked faster. He walked to the elevator and realized the elevator was too slow. So he ran into the stairwell. He raced down the steps. When he exited the door, Lee Guo Er walked out of the stairs. Han Fei turned his head around, pretending not to see her.

“Leader, why did you take the stairs?”

“It’s for exercise.” It was 5.05 pm, but there was no one in the lobby. After all, all the team leaders insisted that everyone work until at least 6 pm. Han Fei and Lee Guo Er walked to the exit. They were like students playing truancy.

“See you tomorrow. We need to work hard to finish the project.” Han Fei glanced at Lee Guo Er’s bag. He could see the various weapons inside it. “You should get to your car. My neighborhood is close. I’ll just walk back home.”

“I didn’t drive today.” Lee Guo Er held the bottom of her bag. She smiled sweetly at Han Fei. “I felt like exercising.”

“Good for you. I’ll be going then.” Han Fei turned and flew away. He trained his attention behind him. He had a feeling Lee Guo Er would pull something out of her bag. The distance between them widened, and Han Fei sighed in relief. But just as he was about to cross the bridge, his eyes suddenly were pulled to something. A small van with a plastic surgery hospital ad flew past. The doctor in the driver’s seat was covered in blood like he was about to faint soon. The man in the passenger’s seat wore a patient’s outfit. He kept gesturing at the doctor.

‘Shen Luo?’ Han Fei’s eyes twitched when he saw the man. Shen Luo felt something and turned to look around. Han Fei immediately went to hide. So many people already wanted his life. If he brought along a player with 0 luck, something worse would happen. ‘I need to leave, and I will not retake this path.’

Han Fei wanted to leave, but the bloody doctor in the car suddenly turned the steering wheel. The van went out of control and was careening towards Lee Guo Er. Lee Guo Er, who had been staring at Han Fei, didn’t expect the sudden collision. She saw Han Fei suddenly rush at her.

Yesterday, she wanted to run into Han Fei with her car. She was determined to kill this liar, but at that moment, everything was in reverse. The man who had been hiding from her suddenly charged at her. The honk and the screams echoed. Lee Guo Er turned to look, and the van was like a metal beast, opening its maw at her!

“Be careful!” Just as she was about to be consumed by the giant beast, she was shoved away. She fell, but she didn’t feel the hard ground. In her shock, Lee Guo Er saw Han Fei grimace in pain.

The van crashed into the shop. The window shattered, and the shards fell like rain. Han Fei landed heavily on the steps. Even so, he was still guarding Lee Guo Er’s help. The pedestrians hurried over to help. Han Fei collapsed on the ground. Lee Guo Er finally came to her senses. She was just saved by the man she wanted to kill.

“Shouldn’t you be happy if I die? Didn’t you want me to disappear? Why did you save me?”

“There’s no time.” Han Fei crawled up from the ground. He let go of his wounded arm and placed Lee Guo Er’s glasses before her. “I should be the one to die. I apologize for everything I’ve done.”

He patted down the glass shards. Han Fei held his back, and he winced from the pain. But his eyes were firm.

“You…” Lee Guo Er picked up her unharmed glasses. She looked at the leaving Han Fei and didn’t know what to say.

“There’s no more time.” Han Fei hurried down the street. “If I stay to wait for Shen Luo to come out, then I’d really die.”

Han Fei shuffled for more than 10 meters when the system rang out, “Notification for Player 0000! Lee Guo Er’s hatred towards you has lowered by 5.”


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