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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 83: Round One Bahasa Indonesia

Max became completely engrossed in learning different defensive formations and the more that he researched about them, the more his understanding of battle tactics grew.

Severus visited him while he was in the library as he handed over tonnes of blood supplies and a brand new sword.

The sword was called [ Blood Sucker ] it was an epic rated sword with the special property of having a high probability to trigger a bleed effect on any enemy that it cut.

It was a good sword with a blood red texture that was sure to leave a memorable impact on anyone that saw it.

The sword was sure to have cost a fortune to be obtained, which is why Max was thankful to the Saint Maximus clan for their support.

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, one and a half days passed by quickly and the time for round one of the tournament arrived.


( Round one )

All 2500 participating teams were teleported inside the special level 150 war-zone, the ‘ Den Of The Undead’ by the University System Varsity.

Max and team were teleported inside to their respective base as they quickly assessed their surroundings.

Their base was out in the open and under a small hill. There was tree-cover nearby and visibility for spotting opponents was very low.

The base was an absolute nightmare to defend with attacks possible from all directions.

To make matters worse, upon checking the map of the region and where other player bases were located, the team found out that their base was at a relatively central location, with bases surrounding them in all directions.

” What absolute rotten luck … ” Sebastian cursed as he realised just how dire their current situation was.

Anna frowned deeply looking at the map of other players locations as she said ” One of us needs to be posted over that hilltop, the vial of undead essence can be easily sniped from up there, since I’m the only one capable in ranged combat, I think I need to be posted up there permanently, changing our 2-2 split to a 3-1 split now “.

Asiva was calm as she said ” Yep, no point fretting over our luck, we need to focus on what to do next.

Ravan, you are our defence expert, what’s the call? “

Max was silent for a while before saying, ” The first thing we need to do is to contain the undead essence from attracting undead.

The way we achieve this is to build a temporary wall against the flow of the wind using cut down trees planted firmly in the ground.

The wind is currently blowing from West To East, so here is what we are going to do.

I will dig up 6-7 big holes in the ground while Asiva and Anna are responsible for cutting down the line of trees along the north and south axis.

Me and Sebastian will then plant the trees in the holes to create a shield against the wind as well as a sort of defence against long range archers.

What I will do next is to set up a forest fire on the east side of the forest and the wind will make it propagate towards the west.

Because of the tree line we have carved from the middle, it will blow perfectly towards the enemy bases and by the time we have set our defence up, I expect these bases on the map to be completely up in flames and either destroyed or up for grabs for Sebastian “.

The group stared at Max for a while, their mouths slightly open to hear his comprehensive battle plan as after a while Asiva jolted out of her shock and said ” Aye captain “.

The others also quickly got to work, as while Max dug up holes, Asiva and Anna quickly went to trim and chop the trees as Sebastian was alert on perimeter control.

Not even 30 minutes later, all 7 holes were dug and seven trees were ready to be planted as Max and Sebastian using their monstrous strength stat planted them to stop the undead essence from propagating freely in the wind.

After that part was done, Max quickly ran into the forest as he spammed fireballs alongside treetops targeting dry leaf tops that were more prone to catching the flame.

He was extremely successful in his endeavour as 15 minutes later a massive forest fire had started and was picking up pace with the raging winds every passing second.

Max returned to his base with a satisfied expression on his face as the four of them watched the forest around them burn brightly, raising the temperature of the surroundings and releasing tonnes of black smoke in the air.

” Bleehhghhh “. A burning undead rushed out screaming from the burning part of the forest as he stumbled onto the clearing near Max’s team base.

The HP of the undead was already in a deep orange shade as it rolled in the mud to try and stop the fire.

[ Undead Goblin ] ( level 152 )

Max inspected the creature and immediately shot a fireball towards it adding to its flames.


The undead looked up clearly annoyed at the interference as it shouted towards Max ” BLEHHHHHH “

Unfortunately for it however, it was the last words out of his mouth as a second later it was spammed with a sword attack, two daggers and 3 arrows that lodged into its skull as it rest in peace.

[ Varsity Notification] – Congratulations on killing an undead Goblin.

Merit points +2000 ( Divided as per contribution )

[ System Notification ] – You have killed an undead Goblin

Exp + 700

Received ‘1’ undead bone

[ System Remark ] – You are the number one contributor to universal warming!

The team high fived each other, as their spirits soared seeing the notification. With the basic defence set-up, it was now time for the next phase of the plan to start.

/// A/N – Today will be a 4 chapter day, buckle up and enjoy.

Check out Max’s updated stat panel in the author notes below, also read an explanation as to why he has the stats that he has. ///


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