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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 82: Round 1 Plan Bahasa Indonesia

[ Varsity Notification ] – The tournament slots will be finalised in 5..4..3..2..1..!

The final list is now out!

All top 10,000 contestants have been sent a tournament invite.

Stage 1 commences in 48 hours and requires a participation of 3-5 team members.

For more details check the official University forum

Max smiled in satisfaction as he saw the university wide varsity notification, he had gotten the tournament invite and his official rank at the end was a very close 9820. However, he was a whole 25,000 points clear of rank 10,000 which had a lot of competition.

With this huge burden off his chest, Max finally crashed on Asiva’s bed with satisfaction.

During the last hour before the results Max was really anxious seeing his falling rank, but it all worked out well in the end for him.

As Max was wondering about his strategy in the upcoming tournament, Asiva finally came back to the dorm and was greeted by a stupidly grinning Max.

” Why are you grinning like that? It looks creepy ….. ” Asiva said as she wondered if Max did some dirty stuff on her bed in her absence.

” Guess who managed to enter the tournament? “. Max said with a stupid smile

” Definitely not you, because you were a million points short “. Asiva replied, ridiculing the idea that Max would make it.

It was not because she did not trust Max that she ridiculed the idea of him qualifying, but rather it was for herself to not be hurt with hoping first, only to be disappointed later.

” Yes, Your boy did qualify”. Max said as he saw Asiva’s jaw drop in disbelief

” Principal sir awarded me a million points…. ” Max said sheepishly as Asiva yelped in joy and jumped over him in joy as the two hugged each other tightly on the bed.

“G-good job” Asiva said, her voice cracking as Max felt a mild wetness on his shoulder, possibly from Asiva shedding a tear of joy.

Even Max was incredibly happy, as he held Asiva close to himself embracing her warmth as he enjoyed his qualification with her.

After a full minute, Asiva pushed Max away and said

” Then there’s a lot to cover, the team battle is coming, while us 3 have already discussed strategy and have an idea of what’s going to happen, we need to fill you in on everything and revise strategies now that we have a new player ….

Damn, only 48 hours are left before the competition starts there’s absolutely no time to be wasted, come let’s find the other two and have a team meeting RIGHT NOW.

Come Max, hurry! “.

Asiva pulled Max by his robes as the two giggled and departed to knock on their other teammates’ dorms, and schedule a team meeting.

Although Max did not know what the future held for him, atleast at this moment giggling with Asiva, while being excited for a tournament where he would fight alongside friends.

At this very moment…. He was happy.


( A while later, in the canteen )

” So let me get this straight, the principal was going to award everyone who attended today’s class with a million merits, but since you only went, you were the only one to get it? “. Anna asked, jealousy clearly evident in her tone.

” Pretty much, yep ” Max replied with a smug face.

” Lucky bastard…. ” Sebastian said as the group laughed

” Are you sure Asiva, he is not the secret son of the principal? I think behind the mask he is hiding a clone face of the principal himself.

First the obsession with the path of the perfect warrior and now the million merit points, I think the two are definitely in cahoots! ” Anna suggested jokingly

” Yes, now that you mention it, their faces do look familiar, at least the part below the nose does, although I’ve never seen Ravan’s full face, one time I did manage to see uptil his nose when he was drinking wine, and that part does look like the principal ” Asiva replied to Anna’s tease as the three of them looked at Max’s mask sceptically.

Reflexively Max put the cup of wine that he was drinking back down, as he covered his face once again in full.

” Guys, we have more important stuff to talk about, no? ” Max said, as the group begrudgingly moved onto serious stuff.

” So here’s our current strength.

Asiva is a level 88 Assassin

Anna is a level 81 Archer

Ravan is a level 90 warlock

And I am a level 92 Berserker, ” Sebastian said, revealing the group’s information.

” The average strength of the university’s top 10,000 is around level 80 which means at least on that front we are at par with everyone else”. Anna informed

” The first round of the competition as per the details on the university forums is a game of survival.

A total of 2500 teams have registered, with sizes varying from 3-5 members for this challenge.

All 2500 teams would be deployed onto a special level 150 undead infested war-zone with a base assigned in that zone with a fragile vial of undead essence.

The undead essence is extremely sought after by the undead creatures and will act as a lure for them to find and attack bases, whereas with every player being provided with a map of all other bases, there will also be a constant threat of player attacks.

A team is eliminated when all its members die or its vial of undead essence is broken or stolen and this process goes on until we reach top 1000 teams at which point the competition ends”. Asiva informed

” The very first round is a brutal one, because contesting level 150 undead as level 80-90 warriors needs teamwork and strategy.

But even if one does manage to defend their base from undead there is still a chance of player based ambushes as to save a fragile thing like a vial is nearly impossible.

Any random strike from distance could break it “. Anna stated her opinion

” The elimination rate is nearly 60%, a large majority of those participating in the tournament will be weeded in the very first round. One needs to be smart to survive, ” Max said, analysing the situation.

” Our strategy will be simple in this round, we will go for a 2-2 split in a close 2-3 km radius around our base where two people will defend the base and 2 people will wipe competition and scout for dangers.

In my personal opinion, I think me and Anna should go for the offensive whereas Ravan and Asiva should defend the base.

My reasoning for this is that as a Archer, Anna will be very useful to snipe enemy vials from distance, whereas I’m comparatively better in hand to hand combat than you both when it comes to duelling it out, which is why I personally feel this is the best split to take”. Sebastian said, addressing Max and Asiva.

” I agree “. Max nodded as Grandpa Drax whispered in his mind that it made sense.

” Ok, I also agree “. Asiva said after pondering over it for a while.

” Perfect” Sebastian said with a smile, being satisfied that his plan was accepted.

” I think this stage will last at least 2-4 days, and the rules say that we cannot bring any armour or potions or any inventory items inside except food, water and a single weapon of choice.

I think in this situation it would be best to first build a defensive structure around our base in the first 4-6 hours of the challenge before opting for the split.

Although I don’t have sufficient knowledge about defensive structures and traps, I can borrow a book from the library and research it in the next 40 hours before the tournament officially starts.

This way, we will be able to handle both undead and player attacks in the absence of you two”. Max suggested.

” Nerd alert “. Anna said with a grin

” Brilliant plan!” Asiva and Sebastian exclaimed as the group discussed Max’s proposal in even greater detail.

The group chatted for hours in the canteen and the night turned into a new day, as they only parted after discussing every small nuance of the plan.

While Max headed out to the library, the others began preparing in their own ways as the countdown to the tournament began in full force.

With everyone in the group having their own personal ambitions alongside a burning desire to win, it was now up to fate and their own skill to advance to further rounds in the competition.


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