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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 28: Anxiety Bahasa Indonesia

Max silently messaged to Christian Grey using the anonymous messaging service and typed the following message

‘ I will need you to be on standby, I need you to send the entire sum of money to my business associate’s account. I will message you the details soon ‘.

The message was instantly read by Christian who replied with an ‘ Ok ‘.

Little did Max know that Christian was also watching the live stream right now which featured Max, as he had a good inkling as to who the business associate could be.

” Maxie Maxie Maxie, are you the mystery business partner of that psycho Ravan? ” Christian Grey wondered with a wicked smile on his face.

If Max knew Ravan personally enough to be called a business associate and be trusted with millions in gold, Christian would have leverage over the thief, and a very important contact link between himself and the masked man.

For now Christian only prayed for it to be true.

While Max and Benedict waited in line, the stream caster on Earth explained the importance of opening a bank account inside Sigma to the common masses.

The stream currently had 17 million people watching and the caster did a really good job of explaining the various interest rates and benefits that came with being a premium customer.

Many people on Earth were shocked to know that banks regularly hosted private auctions and provided various services to their premium customers in exchange for their businesses.

A bronze-ranked customer could participate in closed door auctions that took place once a month in the bank, where items below gold grade were auctioned off relatively cheaper to market rates.

They also enjoyed a 3% interest rate on their deposits and got a bronze debit and credit card which could be used as a payment gateway throughout the universe.

Technically a player could directly pay from their inventory to any merchant across the universe, however, just like on earth where one could always pay with cash but chose to use cards to pay money to get reward points, the same applied to the universal banks in Sigma.

These banks wanted to collect data on customer spending and wanted to create an ecosystem of customers which is why they created their own payment gateways which gave reward points for using their services.

Many people on earth became envious of the duo to be opening bank accounts after being educated about the whole scenario, as they were shocked to realize that the two had allegedly amassed over 10,000 gold coins.

Benedict whispered in Max’s ears ” Over 17 million watching, stop this pretense, it’s your last chance. You don’t have more money than me here today, you can’t! You will be humiliated by me, golden boy “.

Max remained expressionless and said, ” We shall see “.

Benedict became a little nervous now, Max’s confidence was making him feel uneasy. However, he had already started this affair and needed to see it through.

Soon both boys entered the goblin office and started their bank interview to open a bank account.

The first to be interviewed was Benedict and he deposited a whopping 10,008 gold coins becoming eligible for the bronze membership of the bank and after signing a few documents became an official bronze member.

The coin balance was deducted from his inventory and the goblin stamped his papers expressionlessly as he moved on to Max.

Apparently, the goblin handled a few hundred bronze customers a day and it was nothing special for him to meet one.

” Hello sir, how may I help you now? “. The goblin turned towards Max as he asked.

Benedict recorded the stream with a satisfied smile as he waited for Max to take out a pitiful 100-300 gold and claim normal membership.

” Can you explain to me your various membership tiers? “. Max asked, his question irking the goblin a little, but the suited goblin still earnestly answered.

” We have seven membership tiers here at the Seven Galaxies Bank.

At the bottom, we have the common membership, for people who keep a deposit of 100-10,000 gold in our bank.

They are required to maintain a minimum of 100 gold coins as a balance or pay a penalty.

They have a 2% rate of interest p.a.

Then there is the bronze membership, from 10,000-100,000 gold coins. The bronze members are required to maintain a minimum of 2,000 gold as a balance or pay penalties.

They enjoy a 3% rate of interest p.a and a few added benefits.

We then have a silver membership where the customer needs to deposit 100,000 to 1 million gold coins to be eligible and these members enjoy a 4% rate of interest p.a. and need to maintain the same 2,000 gold as a minimum balance.

They have some added benefits over the bronze tier, the most notable being that they can purchase raw materials of decent quality for forging needs from the bank directly and enjoy home delivery.

Then of course we have the gold membership, the highest civilian membership that we offer which is for people who deposit more than a million gold in our bank.

They have to maintain no minimum balance and enjoy a generous 5% interest rate p.a.

They are invited to most of our private auctions and get priority and discounts in purchases of materials as well as potions from the bank.

After gold, there are platinum, then black card holders, and then VIP cards. Those cards are through invitation only, one needs to have both money and status to be invited to hold one, and their benefits cannot be discussed by me here openly “. The goblin explained and then looked at Max from top to bottom, sighing deeply at the commoner robes that he wore.

Sometimes the goblin wondered why he did this job, there were hardly any silver customers coming a month, whereas he had only signed a handful of golds in his entire career.

He did not expect more than bronze from Max however, he was in for a surprise.

Benedict said, loudly this time so that it was audible on the stream ” Go on then, pick the gold tier, your eminence “.

There was audible sarcasm in his voice, he wanted Max to be humiliated in front of the world when he chose the normal membership, his heart bubbling with glee when he saw the viewership numbers climb to 32 million.

Max silently messaged Christian Grey at this moment to transfer the money as he pretended to ponder over what membership tier to choose.

” So, if I deposit one million one thousand gold right now, do I qualify for gold membership? ” Max asked the goblin banker who was at the edge of losing his patience now.

” Well, umm, yes that’s how it works “. He said with a spittle dropping from his goblin mouth as he foamed a bit with impatience.

Max kept checking if the payment went through but Christian seemed to be taking his time, which made him a little anxious.

‘ Grandpa Drax, Christian will pay, right? ‘ Max asked grandpa when his anxiety increased.

‘ He is bound by system contract, so he will Max, don’t worry ‘. Drax reassured the boy.

A good five minutes passed and nothing happened, and the goblin seemed to have had it. But before he could show an outburst it was Benedict who grasped the chance to humiliate Max

” Oh just stop pretending you pretentious douchebag, you don’t have enough money for gold membership, I doubt you have enough money for membership at all.

One million gold, are you kidding me?

4.5 billion players are playing Sigma from our planet and currently, the study suggests that the average income of a player at tier 0 is 2 bronze coins and at tier 1 it is 2 silver coins.

Even if you pool the income of ALL tier 0 players together it won’t amount to 1 million gold.

I myself borrowed money from thousands of players to qualify for the bronze benefits.

Do you really think you can fool the masses by playing this waiting game? You are not your brother and you are not better than 99.9% of us Earthen players. So better not waste everyone’s time and just admit that you are broke “.

Benedict’s outburst caused a flurry of comments to erupt back on Earth, as the netizens seemed to grow chaotic.

‘ This stream is a clickbait, is Max Rajput actually going to claim silver membership, or was it just a ruse? ‘

‘ I think the Benedict boy is right, how can one have so much gold so early? Unless his brother sponsored him, but I don’t think Shakuni would… ‘

‘ Max needs to become a bit more humble, he is not his brother, he cannot create miracles, and this stream was a waste of time ‘.

‘ Guys have faith in Max, he is a brilliant player, and he will show his worth, just stick with it and have patience! ‘

‘ Goddamn it! Reply Max, don’t let them squander the Rajput name! ‘

Max’s breathing became rapid, as he was visibly sweating at the moment. Max had gone through public scorn in his past life and it was the ONE thing he did not want to go through in this life.

He had not asked for the attention of the masses, however, his family name and his personal fame always brought attention to his actions whether he wanted it or not.

Even today, it was not him who wanted to face-slap Benedict or flex his wealth, but he was one-sidedly dragged into this mess by the man and he only had two options which were to prepare for a fight or to flight and Max rightfully chose to fight.

It was all supposed to work out in his favor, but the damn payment was not coming through…

Just what the hell was Christian Grey doing?


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