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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 29: Humiliation Bahasa Indonesia

Max panicked a little after the outburst from Benedict, He did not know the reason why the payment was being held back, but never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that Christian Grey was watching his stream live, trying to gauge his reaction for not getting the money.

Christian deliberately waited for a long time, just to make sure that the million and seven thousand gold coins that he was supposed to pay were indeed going to Max.

When five minutes passed and Max had still not made the deposit, he became sure that Max was indeed the beneficiary that Ravan had asked to transfer the money to, and he smiled as a result.

” Max Max Max, how do you know Ravan? Or perhaps you are Ravan? How interesting….. “. Christian murmured as a conspiracy theory took birth in his sharp mind.

” Send the funds over “. Christian commanded his assistant as he did not wish to see his childhood friend humiliated any further.

Within the next 5 seconds, the funds were transferred.


Benedict eviscerated Max in his rant and now waited for the bank manager to throw Max out.

He was very satisfied with how things had turned out. In his point of view, nepotism was the worst sort of stigma on modern earth and people like Max deserved to be bullied for it.

When he saw the bank manager trembling, he thought it was with rage as he seemed to be staring at the balance sheet with wide eyes.

However, the next words coming out of his mouth completely shut Benedict up.

” HOW DARE YOU TALK TO OUR GOLD CUSTOMER THIS WAY? PUNY HUMAN! ” The goblin manager screamed towards Benedict.

” Yes, how dare you? Wait what? “. Benedict seemed to be confused when he realized that the anger was directed toward him and not Max!

” Gold customer? Who? “. Benedict seemed confused, however, looking at the smug smile on Max’s face he understood that his worst nightmare had come true.

” Our esteemed customer Mr.Max has deposited 1 million 7 thousand gold in our bank making him a gold-grade customer!

How dare you puny bronze-ranked customer talk to him with your voice raised! I will have your membership revoked! “. The goblin seemed to lay into Benedict who scrambled to cut the stream off.

,m Although he cut off the live stream to Earth, the important piece of news had already been transmitted back home and now Benedict had become the butt of the joke.

Benedict had difficulty breathing, 1 million 7 thousand gold!

Benedict could not imagine how one man could raise such large sums of money in Sigma in such a short time! Even in his wildest dreams, he would not think it were possible.

One million gold was enough to live like a noble in BlackLake City, it was generational wealth that could see seven generations living off it without worrying about money!

How did Max accumulate so much money in such a short time?

Benedict did not even think for a second that Max was talented enough to raise this money on his own, as he gritted his teeth and said ” You asked for a loan from your brother, didn’t you? You scum! “

Max wanted to fire back at Benedict and tell him that he had earnt that money himself, however, Grandpa Drax told him off.

Insisting that Max repeat exactly what he said, Grandpa Drax gave Max the script to deal with this situation.

” So what if I did? Eh? Yes, I have a god for a brother who will indulge my every whim, One million? PFFT if I want I can ask for a hundred million and it will still come through without a hitch, I’m not like you, I’m privileged you brokie “. Max said with the suave of a nouveau riche as he rubbed Benedict in all the wrong ways

” Y-yo-you actually admitted to it? did you admit to it? How shameless! CHEATER! ” Benedict lost his damn mind, Max took a complete 180° from his character just a moment ago, acting like a spoilt brat and revealing his true colors the moment his payment went through.

While Benedict focused on the part that Max’s brother sponsored him, the goblin manager focused on the fact that Max had a ‘ GOD ‘ as a backer and a brother as he sucked a breath of cold air and said ” May I have the honor of knowing your brother’s name? “.

Max nonchalantly looked at the goblin manager and said ” Shakuni The Undefeated, The Human God, Lord, and protector of planet Earth “.

The goblin’s eyes widened in disbelief as he sucked a breath of cold air. Shakuni the undefeated was a legend in the universe right now, the only individual to ever complete Omega and walk out as a god! An achievement that even the Archangel could not complete!

‘ This human is the brother of that legendary figure ‘ the goblin manager wondered as he wiped a bit of sweat from his forehead and thanked his lucky stars that he did not insult the human before.

” Sir, please let me be the first to upgrade your membership from gold to platinum. A being of your pedigree and stature is more than qualified to get an invite “. The goblin tried to butter up to Max as the expression on Benedict’s face turned from ugly to ashen.

” How brazen! How shameless! How corrupt! Using your status to get benefits? I spit on you, Max! I spit on scum like you! I – ” Benedict went absolutely ballistic, however, his rant was interrupted by a snap of Max’s fingers.


” Kick this monkey out, revoke his membership, seize his money “. Max acted like a complete thug and ordered the Goblin manager around, and the Goblin manager instantly complied and called in security.

Benedict looked at Max with a blank face now as small beads of tears formed in his eyes. He wanted to cry for help and beg for mercy at this moment, however, his pride would not allow for him to beg to an individual like Max.

The security soon swarmed in and began to drag Benedict away as his membership status that he got mere moments ago was revoked and the money he deposited were seized.

Currently, not only was Benedict neck deep into debt but he had also failed the mission of obtaining the bronze membership while also suffering utter humiliation at the hands of Max.

It was a bad day for the human, who screamed and resisted the force of the guards while swearing to burn the bank and Max down one day as his revenge.

” I WILL BURN YOU DOWN MAX, I WILL EXPOSE YOU! ALL OF EARTH WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE A BULLY! A BULLY! “. Benedict threatened as he was dragged out, however, Max calmly cleaned his ears with his little finger as Benedict screamed at him.

After the nuisance was removed he turned towards the manager and asked ” So about those platinum benefits, tell me what exactly is better than gold “.


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