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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 25: Mysterious Old Man Bahasa Indonesia

” Lord commander sir! An assassination hit has been issued, it’s an individual from your home planet, please have a look.” A mercenary reported to an old man with grey hair.

The old aged man looked at the report and a murderous grin appeared on his face. It seemed as if he was both proud and angry at the developing situation.

” Assassinating the mayor himself so early in the game, not bad, not bad, a worthy feat for my disciple. However, how sloppy was the job that a hit marker has been issued? ” The old man murmured to himself as he paced around the room.

Technically he was not alone in the room, he was currently standing inside the headquarters of the number one mercenary guild in the Milky-Way galaxy, the ‘red hand’ mercenary group, amongst some of the most distinguished mercenaries in the universe, yet everyone had their heads down in front of this old man, who despite being at a low tier 4 level, achieved feats in just over a month that most gods would not be able to achieve in a decade.

Taking the mercenary guild by storm, this individual was promoted from F-ranked mercenary to S rank in just one short month and 3 short missions completed, and now his name itself inspired fear across the milky-way galaxy.

A tier 5 powerhouse stuttered as he asked the old man ” E-excuse me sire? “

” Yes, boy? ” The old man replied

” Do you know the target of that hit marker personally? It’s a good mission and I want to assign it to my son if possible “. The tier 5 individual asked, sweating at the question.

” Yes, that child is my nephew, my disciple, and my boy. The mercenary guild will extend protection to him over the next 72 hours, nobody harms a hair on his body”. The old man gave his verdict.

“B-but it’s a good mission …. We can’t just squander easy money like that! We nee….. ” the tier 5 individual protested but stopped mid-sentence when he saw the cruel gleam inside the old man’s eyes.

The old man stood nose to nose with the tier 5 individual and stared deep into his eyes as he stroked his private region over the pants.

The tier 5 individual gulped in fear, he had heard the rumors of the infamous ‘ ball-buster ‘, he was not keen on experiencing it for himself.

” Speak one more word, and you will lose the ability to have any more boys “

The entire room collectively sucked in a breath of cold air, the rumors seemed to be true. The old man was the infamous ball buster who had terrorized the universe.

The tier 5 individual lost all courage to utter one more word, as the matter was settled.

The Red Hand group was to extend protection to an unnamed individual on Earth!


,m ( Meanwhile Max )

Max spent the next three days on earth contemplating where he went wrong and what were the areas where he needed to improve.

He practiced with his fire spells a bit so that he became more familiar with the spells and their power in battle, and he also practiced some swordsmanship just to check if he had any fight rust.

In his past life, Max was a decent swordsman however after his fall from grace he had stopped practicing the sword and became a lazy office worker.

He did have a lot of fight rust, in fact, his swordsmanship had degraded to below beginner levels because of not practicing for many years. However, Max picked it back up quite quickly as after a few hours of practicing his proficiency with the sword improved considerably.

The good thing was that he had Drax to tutor him, as the A.I. was not only knowledgeable in both spells and combat but also a good instructor of posture and form as he was able to correct a lot of basic mistakes that Max made.

Not only did Drax understand Max’s POV perfectly, but because he was sharing a brain with Max he could also correct Max’s line of thinking wherever needed, which was more than most instructors could.

In the 72 hours that Max was disallowed to log into Sigma, he changed gears and got into a proper fighting shape. The next time he was to log in to Sigma he was going to enter the game with an alert mindset and an edge.

Max was completely oblivious to the 153 assassination attempts over his life, as not only did the old man at the mercenary guild protect the boy, but he also ensured a brutal death for all those who took the contract to put Max down.

By the end of day2, the word spread that Max was untouchable and being protected by shadow forces, which is why only 7 attempts at his life were made on day3.

With the 72 hours ending, Max was reallowed to enter Sigma and his hit-order was also voided, with his live location no longer being transmitted to the local authorities. This meant that Max had successfully dodged a bullet without even knowing that he was in danger.

Had an assassin actually managed to creep up to Max, in a soul barrierless Battle-Zone like Earth. His death would have been a permanent one and would actually spell out ‘ GAME OVER ‘.


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