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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 24: Max’s Mistake Bahasa Indonesia

Asiva looked at the weird human in front of her, not knowing what to make of him.

The human was clearly not from the staff of the mayor, he was dressed in common people’s robes and wore a den of thieves’ mask, maybe he was a petty thief? …. But no petty thief had mastery of the fireball spell like he did, and no petty thief had the balls to kill the mayor as he did.

So the question now was, who was he, and what did he want?

Asiva had already gotten the shock of her life when she attacked the mansion only to find out that the ‘ Beniogre following non-violent ‘ mayor was actually a devil whisperer.

His daughter was a practitioner of dark arts at a tender young age and the reason why the mayor hunted vampires was not because of some familial grudge but because he wanted their potent blood for his daughter’s black magic!

Initially, Asiva never intended to kill the mayor’s daughter like she did, however, when the truth was revealed she had to push for the fight even at the cost of her life and that of her subordinates.

She was a princess and someone who was not supposed to live a life of such dangers, however, she had sneakily undertaken this mission when one of her clansmen complained about the treatment of the vampires to her father in the court.

Her father wanted to investigate the matter first and then refer to the council before taking action, however, Asiva wanted immediate justice!

She hence planned an assassination mission and formed her crew by herself, while not letting her father catch a whiff of her motives.

Her youth and warm-blooded aggression made her undertake this risky operation without much thought and now she was stuck inside the heart of enemy territory with little hope to get out alive.

She had led her crew to slaughter and was badly injured herself.

” Who are you? What do you want? ” Asiva asked Max, her voice hoarse, her lips quivering.

” A friend, here to help you escape,” Max said, his own hands trembling from fear as well.

Asiva was quite beautiful, there was no question about it, however, something about women covered from head to toe in blood with sharp pointy fangs did not really seem sexually appealing to Max. On the contrary, it was quite threatening.

” I have no human friends “. Asiva said, now suspicious of Max’s intentions as she unsheathed her daggers once more, taking a fighting stance albeit fighting through visible signs of pain.

Asiva was bruised and battered and in no shape to continue fighting, however, it was through sheer grit that she was still standing and not showing weakness to her enemies.

Max did not know how to explain his innocence to the woman, he could not say that a divine angel had asked him to save her and expect her to trust him, However with nothing better to say it was exactly what he did.

” You may not believe me, but a divine angel asked me to save you in a vision. I was not here initially to kill the mayor, but because it’s you trying to kill him, I killed him “. Max said, throwing his hands in the air, assuring Asiva that he was innocent, hoping that the truth will move her heart.

Unfortunately, Max was not living inside a fairytale, but reality, and in reality his story sounded as full of bullshit as bullshit could be, hence Asiva plunged the two daggers into his chest at the easy opportunity being presented.

‘ Idiot ‘ Grandpa Drax sighed

” F**** hell ” Max cursed, however, it was already too late.

-35 HP

[ System Notification ] – Your HP hits 0, you have died!

You have been killed inside a safe zone by vampire race player ‘ Asiva ‘. Your death will be investigated by the local authorities.


You are a wanted criminal and your death will not be investigated by the local authorities, you will not be able to re-enter the MorningStar planet for the next 72 hours.

All nonbound items are dropped upon death!

You have lost the item – Den Of Thieves Mask.

Your experience penalty is at 300% and your level hence drops from level 5 to level 3.

Returning player to the home planet, battle-zone #H2047 , a.k.a planet Earth.

[ System Remark ] – Putting your hands up in the heat of battle? Your naivety continues to stupify me!

Asiva looked at the dropped mask and clothes and had a moment of inspiration.

Decisively cutting her own hair short and changing into the robes of the thief, she put on the mask and tried to escape the burning building.


( Meanwhile, Earth)

‘ Boy, I have seen many idiots in my countless years of existence, however, your idiocy is beyond shocking to me. ‘ Grandpa Drax said, sounding absolutely pissed with Max’s choices.

Max sat on the edge of his bed, his head buried in his hands, anger rising in his heart at his own naivety.

” How can I be so dumb? “. Max asked himself

‘ Exactly, how? Grandpa Drax asked the same question, making Max’s morale sink to new lows.

” Never again grandpa! Never again! I promise” Max said with a voice full of conviction.

Max was dumb, he was naive, and he had made the best choice that his instincts told him to make under the circumstances however it was clear that he was way too green for Sigma.

Drax knew right off the bat that Max was too pure at his heart and that when push came to shove he made the softer more moral choices. However, making those choices meant giving enemies an inch to counterattack, an inch most would grasp immediately.

Max had a lot to learn in order to become a cut-throat warrior capable of causing chaos in the universe, however, while there were many flaws in the boy, Grandpa Drax liked his attitude to learn from his mistakes and ingrain them into his being, so that they are not repeated.

Nobody was perfect, however, admitting mistakes and never repeating them was a good way to strive for perfection.

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