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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 156: True Mayhem Bahasa Indonesia

” Let me show you the power of a real Astra….” Kremeth said as he pulled out the small device that he had previously found from amongst the pile of junk in his house.

It was a small device that looked like it had a button on it, and when Kremeth pressed it, strong typhonic level winds started blowing out of nowhere in the dungeon.

Except Kremeths Hut, which was surprisingly built aerodynamically and in such a location that it was unaffected from the storm outside, everything else was swept by the torrential winds.

Trees, thousands of years old, were uprooted from the soil they were planted in and even tier 6 dragons struggled to maintain their position in the air without being swept away by the winds.

It was at this moment that Kremeth planted his feet firmly into the ground as his body began glowing with a blue hue.

‘ Vayu-Astra! ‘ (The Weapon Of Wind God)

Exclaimed Drax in Max’s mind, the old A.I. knew exactly what weapon Kremeth was using, it was the Vayu-Astra! The wind counterpart of the Agni-Astra that Max used, a weapon forged from the soul of the primordial god of wind, A tier 8 weapon in its entirety!

The dragon’s tried to take aim at Kremeth and some even tried to hit him with a Dragon Breath attack, however, it was to no avail, the winds were too strong for them to take aim.

Max could see Kremeths energy level rising as the runes on his armour became brighter and brighter until Max could no longer see Kremeth through his naked eye as looking at his lustrous body would blind him.

It was at this moment that Max heard Kremeth’s powerful voice boom throughout the dungeon as he said

[ Destructive Move – Wind God’s Fury! ]

The second Drax said this, a gust of wind blew towards Max with such strength that Max was thrown back into the house wall as he slammed into it feeling completely winded.

” Pha! ” Max struggled to breathe, he felt like his lungs were no longer strong enough to suck in a breath of air from the surroundings.

For the first time in his life Max felt his lung muscles being strained and it was an extremely scary feeling for him as even after a good one minute of struggling he could not pull in a single breath of air.

Max felt the effects of oxygen deprivation soon after as black spots began dancing in his vision, although if Max tried hard enough he could hold his breath for 6-7 minutes if he was prepared for it, but after being winded by being slammed into the wall and having no previous preparation whatsoever, Max could no longer hold his breath.

Max fell down on his knees and tried to conserve as much air as possible as he felt his lung and chest muscles vibrate violently from overexertion.

It was at that moment that suddenly the storm outside quietened down as air returned to Max’s lungs.


Max breathed air much to the relief of his body as even when panting and struggling he still crawled to the cave entrance to try and see what was going on outside.

When Max reached the entrance, he only saw the hunched old Kremeth who stood at the entrance wearing an oversized armour and helmet as he looked serenely at the destruction he had just caused.

When he noticed Max, the turtle said ” Those torrential winds, It took me five years to collect windstones and make one wind powered formation that could be remotely activated.

One formation released winds capable of generating one small storm.

The mer was also surprised when he heard old man Tang call

Over the last 800 years, I made 160 such formations that I activated 20 at once using this small remote here today.

Although there is air all around us, the ease of controlling turbulent air with the Vayu-Astra is more easy than manipulating still air.

Once the storm had brewed, and the winds were violent enough it was only the matter of using the destructive tier 7 skill wind god’s fury, with the 100x power amplification of the Vayu-Astra for wind based skills, it reached tier 8 strength levels.

The poor dragon’s at our doorstep never stood a chance my boy, and that’s the only reason I came out to fight in the first place.

Because rule number one and the most important rule of being a coward is to Never start a fight you can’t finish”.

Max heard Kremeth’s words loud and clear, as he peaked beyond the turtle to take a look at the dragon’s.

The dragon’s were a mighty race in Max’s mind, beings with scales so thick that even the most powerful arrows could not pierce.

A race blessed with such an abnormally high defence, stamina and mana stat that they dared to look at the angel race as an equal, however, Max’s world view was completely shattered today when he saw the condition of the dragon’s after Kremeths attack.

Irrespective of their tier, from the strongest to weakest, they were all reduced to nothing but mushed meat and flesh with broken bones.

For as far as the naked eye could see, there was not a single opponent left alive, not a single dragon still floating in the air or a single tree still rooted on the ground.

However, that was not even the most horrifying part as the true horrifying part was that not a single corpse was recognisable in the aftermath with bones, flesh, internal organs and scales scattered all across the plain.

White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, it did not matter what race the dragon was from, they were all deader than dead, with their insides indifferentiable.

” This is the true power of an Astra kid, and while mine is only a tier 8 treasure, yours is a tier 9 one in its entirety.

If you master its power, one day you can do this too”. Kremeth said as Max felt his heart do a barrel roll hearing these words.

One day he could do it too…..


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