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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 157: The Universal Queen’s True Colors Bahasa Indonesia

Kremeth walked back with heavy legs into the cave as Rhea gave him a look of respect that he well deserved.

” I’m getting too old for this ” Kremeth said as he undid his armour and stored it back into his inventory before sliding back onto his chair.

There were still five minutes left before the system quest ended and Max assumed that it would coincide with the time that the baby was born.

When only 3 minutes were left till the system quest ended, the first limb of the dragon kid finally popped free from the egg.

Max noticed a cute little black leg popping out of the dragon egg but for some reason it was covered in blood.

Initially Max thought that even human babies were covered in blood upon birth, but then he looked at the panic attack that Rhea was having and realised that it was not the case for dragons.

The scent of blood wasped into Max’s nose as he instinctively bared his fangs a little.

It was the sweetest scent of blood that Max had ever smelled, it emitted a rich aroma that made Max feel like he had been hungry for ages now.

Max tried extremely hard to stop his primal instincts to force him to have a bite as he barely managed to stop the trickle of drool to escape his lips.

Max had gotten much better controlling his primal urges over the months, however, had this been 6 months ago, he would have probably already jumped to devour the baby alive and be killed by Rhea for trying.

Soon, the second limb popped out, this time a golden colored tail but it was visibly damaged and bleeding as if the tender baby flesh was cut open by sharp knives.

” It should not be bleeding so much, what’s happening to my poor baby? ” Rhea said, her motherly Instincts driving her insane watching her child in pain and suffering.

Kremeth knew exactly what was going on, it was the Universal queens play, although there was no clear evidence of foul play, Kremeth knew it was the all-controlling A.I playing some tricks behind the scenes.

‘ Breaking your neutrality over a little baby, how magnanimous ‘ Kremeth thought as he laughed at the queen’s petty attempt at a baby’s life.

While Kremeth was not completely sure, he disliked the Universal Queen installing an A.I. inside all gods upon ascending to tier6 .

The new god’s all grew with the universal queen installed A.I. inside of them, and while there were no vocal instances of any good reporting foul play, Kremeth knew very well that should there be a foul play, no god would be left alive to report it.

Having ascended to godhood before the era of the universal queen, Kremeth was one of the last gods to not have an universal queen induced A.I. monitoring his every thought and action. A privacy which was a luxury not afforded to the new God’s.

Finally as the baby’s head popped out, Rhea saw its delicate eyes look into hers as she felt a boundless love and bond for the baby in that second, however, even its head was covered in injuries as Max suspected that it was losing HP every second.

Once it’s head was out, Rhea carefully tore the rest of the egg away from around its body as she held the baby up close to her nose.

” Congratulations she’s a girl “. Said Kremeth as his first glance went towards its sexual organs instead of its welfare.

The mer was also surprised when he heard old man Tang call

The baby was black through and through, except for her tail which was golden in colour.

She was an especially beautiful dragon baby with regal features, as it did not cry or cringe despite having multiple cuts on its body but instead snuggled up lovingly to her mother.

[ System Notification ] – Dragon Queen Rhea has interrupted the natural order of things and forcefully removed the abomination from its shell.

As a penalty for doing so, the heart of the child will be stopped and its birth would be classified as unsuccessful, hence not protected under system laws.

The system notification told Rhea that her baby’s heart would stop and immediately afterwards the baby’s eyes closed shut.

” Baby? ” Rhea asked as she gently shook her, trying to see if it opened its eyes but it was to no avail.

The expression on Rhea’s face turned from shock to blank to anger to pure madness in a matter of five seconds.


GIVE ME BACK MY CHILD, THIS GOES AGAINST THE UNIVERSE’S DOCTRINES! “. Rhea shouted in absolute madness, she was ready to go to war with the universe right this second as her grief seemed inconsolable.

The baby had been delivered safely, the universal laws should have made it so that the queen must acknowledge its birth and give it the acknowledgement of a player, but for some reason it did not.

The universal queen was fair …..

As fair as limits allowed her to be.

She was like the judge, jury and executioner of the universe combined and as the judge she could try and punish the citizens from the smallest to biggest crimes.

While she could not charge an innocent for a crime it did not commit, or make false charges, because her governing laws prevented her from doing so, she could make the punishments harsher on criminals it did not like.

Just like on earth the punishment for breaking a street light varied from a small fine to being jailed for 3 years depending on the judges mood, the same applied to the universal queen as well.

Just like how 99% of street light breaking cases never went to court and most that did came out with a small fine, the crime of meddling with a natural birth was punishable by the laws of the universe.

Irrespective of the race, interfering with childbirth was punishable by universal law, and hence by law the universal queen was allowed to punish her.

However, for the punishment to be the life of her baby, was the most petty thing done by the universal queen ever.

Of course the universal queen had her reasons to do so, because while it could not admit it, the universal queen was actually afraid of a tier 0 baby, because upon birth, it’s mana stat was a fucking infinity.


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