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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 94: Night Raid Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s going on?” Asked Nianses.

“Bang” with a loud noise, the door of the city hall was pushed open, and the guards rushed in with a look of excitement, “Reporting, the scout came back, and he said…he said…he said that the mercenaries won! The Lucanian alliance have been wiped out!!”

“Is this true?!” The strategoi could hardly believe what they heard and asked at the same time.

“The scout are just outside. He also went to the shoal where the mercenaries fought the Lucanians, and said that there were corpses of the Lucanians there!!”

“Unbelievable! Truly unbelievable! They really won!!” Nianses murmured.

“How did they do it?!” Kunogelata went to the battefield yesterday, and the ferociousness of the Lucanian warriors still scares him. Besides, he knows the great difference between both sides. Therefore, this news of victory is a miracle to him.

“What kind of person is Davos?” At this moment, Ansitanos was interested in getting to know this miraculous mercenary leader.

Polyx immediately remembered the smiling young man that he had seen on the ship of Burkes, but he did not expect that the young man, who seemed harmless, had annihilated the Lucanian alliance, which Thurii had regarded as monster, and saved the city of Thurii, which was in great danger.

“He is a young man, but it’s rumored in the mercenary that he is favored by Hades! He is also called as miracle maker! On their way back from Persia…” Burkes, who had been reprimanded by the strategoi, was very proud to say aloud about the heroic deeds of Davos that he had heard. And there was only one thing stirring in his mind, ‘He did it! He really did it!’

The strategoi did not laugh at these seemingly absurd rumors, nor face the excited gaze of Burkes, as they stride out of the city hall one after another.

On the square of the city hall, countless women, children and old people in black gauze who were mourning before, had now shouting victory. Some even cried, but they were tears of joy, and now the haze in the minds of the people of Thurii has disappeared.

The scout also brought a message from Davos, hoping that Thurii would send people to clean up the battlefield and to bury the corpses in order to prevent a plague.

Out of caution, the strategoi decided to send someone first to check the battefield. When they arrived at the shoal of the great river, the sight in front of them made them gasp: the shoal area, including the hot spring swamp have turned into a river of blood, filled with naked corpses (the mercenaries stripped away their armor and weapons), which is basically a hell on earth…

“This is a frightening miracle!” The whole body of Nianses shuddered, “The dreadful favored of Hades!…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

In order to thank the leaders and strategoi, Davos, Archytas, Drakos, Adrien and Sesta for their contribution to Thurii. The strategoi discussed in the council and decided to send Burkes to accompany Ansitanos to the camp of the mercenaries, and invite them to the victory celebration in Thurii. And to accept the gratitude of the Thurian and at the same time, bringing a hundred barrels of wine and fifty barrels of olive oil to reward the soldiers.

A group of people rushed to the camp, but they were stopped by the guard, claiming that the officers and the soldiers were extremely tired after a day of fierce fighting, and most of them had fallen asleep to recover their energy. Therefore, the guards were informed that no one was allowed to enter the camp to prevent any accidents.

Burkes kept trying to persuade them, but the guard stood firm. Burkes had been to the camp of Davos several times before, and he knew that their military discipline is very strict. In addtion, the camp is really quiet, and so the Thurians had no choice but to leave.

Then, they found Archytas.

Archytas was very happy to receive them, but when they explained their intention, Archytas looked embarrassed and said, “To tell you the truth, this victory is entirely due to the ingenious plan of Davos, and Taranto had only assisted. If Davos doesn’t go, then we of course can’t go, in order to avoid being ridiculed!”

Ansitanos had no other choice but to try invite them again tomorrow.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The mercenary soldiers were indeed forced to rest, but the officers, as well as Adrien and Sesta, were currently in Davos’ quarter.

After getting the report from the guards, Davos then said with a smile, “Thurii used to be on guard against us, as if we were thieves, but now they want to please us. Too bad that they are a bit late!”

“Yes, seeing the Thurian’s face makes me puke. We did not kill the Lucanians for them.” Amintas said scornfully.

“It’s too bad that we would miss the celebration of Thurii. There might even be beautiful girls waiting for our leader!” Olivos’ words caused a burst of laughter.

Davos looked at him ridiculously, “Otherwise, I’ll give this opportunity to you?”

“I can’t.” Olivos shook his head, “It’s Davos that Thurii had invited, not an insignificant person like me. It’d be better for me to just keep on sleeping in the camp!” Olivos’ antics caused another burst of laughter.

“Leader, we still need to maintain a good relationship with Thurii. After all, they will become our neighbor.” Cautioned Philesius.

Davos nodded, Then his gaze fell on Adrien and Sesta, and asked them with concern, “What’s the condition of Drakos?”

“He is much better now after the treatment of Herpus, and have told us to follow your orders!” Sesta said gratefully, and Adrien nodded.

Of course, Davos recognized that Sesta had expressed his obedience to Davos through the words of Drakos. And he immediately said, “That’s great. We don’t want to lose a warrior like Drakos! If he had not stood at the front line to resist the enemy’s attack and boost the morale of the soldiers, then the northern defensive line would have been breach!…” After praising Drakos, he then looked around at everyone and said, “Let me repeat the battle plan for tonight!”

The crowd immediately stopped laughing and focused on Davos.

Davos took up the stick and pointed to the wooden table, on which was a model of a city made of clay, “At 2 o’clock tonight, the whole army will leave for Amendolara and will be on standby on the river Sisno. Hielos!”


“Don’t make our effort in building that stone wall in vain. I hope that your more than 10 days of training can be fruitful.”

“Leader, don’t worry!” Said Hielos confidently, “The soldiers will climb up the wall and open the gate in the shortest time using the grappling hook.”

Davos nodded and then said, “In case the enemy finds out about it, our sneak attack will be obstructed. Therefore, Kapus and Antonios, both of your units will carry long ladders. Alexius, your unit will carry the battering ram at the fastest speed, and rushed to the city gate to assault it!”

“Yes!” The three answered immediately.

“After the gate is opened, Amintas, you and your unit will be the vanguard that will break through the enemy’s line of defense as quickly as possible and enter the city!”

“It’s finally my turn!” Amintas grinned.

“After entering the city, all the troops, under the lead of the guide of Amendolara, will quickly attacked the top of the mountain along these two mountains paths according to my previous arrangement.” Davos pointed the stick on the model of the city, “According to the people of Amendolara, there are not many large and flat areas in this mountain city, and it is only the city hall, the square, and the temple at the top of the mountain. Therefore, these three places are most likely where they camp and the place where the Lucanians imprisoned the people of Amendolara. So you must occupy these places as quickly as possible. Is that clear?!”

“Yes!!!” They all shouted at the same time.

At this time, Alexius asked, “When can we light the torches?”

“Good question!” Davos realized that he had missed an important thing. So he thought for a moment and said, “When the city gate is opened, or when the sneak attack fails, you can then ignite it once you carry out your assault! Everyone-” Said Davos, and emphasize, “Tomorrow, Thurii may ask us for help in recapturing Amendolara, or the Lucanians will escape Amendolara, and so, our chance is only tonight! Only when we take Amendolara back from the Lucanians on our own, can she become our spoils, which would saves us a lot of troubles and truly become the master of Amendolara! So tonight, there can only be a success, and no failure!!!”



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