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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 95: Recapture Bahasa Indonesia

Vespa could not imagine that things would go through such twists and turns.

Yesterday afternoon, when his envoy arrived at the plain of Sybaris, the Lucanian alliance army had to retreat back due to their for fear of being attacked by the Greek army. Today, Vespa anxiously await for the Lucanian army to arrive in the plain of Sybaris. Unexpectedly, in the afternoon, his scout returned in a hurry: The Greek mercenaries completely annihilated the Lucanian army on the shoal of river Tiro!

Vespa was stupefied, and felt frightened. He wanted to immediately get away from those terrible mercenaries. The farther away, the better!

The powerful tribes of the Lucanians have suffered heavy losses together, and their control of the surrounding tribes will inevitably weaken, and means that Vespa’s tribes will not be oppress once they return to the mountains of Lucania. However, it made him reluctant to just leave empty handed and to give up the mountains of spoils that they had seized in the city.

At this time, another sentence from the scout made him calm. The Greeks has also suffered a lot, and they have at least a thousand casualties.

Indeed. Doesn’t the Greeks also need to rest after a great war? Vespa scolded himself for being muddled, and made his people to start loading their baggage and supplies, and depending on the situation, they will transport it in batches.

After a busy afternoon. In the evening, his men were tired and fell asleep.

This delay became a small regret in his life. However, several decades later, when his people and descendants talked about this day, they are all glad that they did not immediately leave…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Late at night, a full moon hung on the sky, bringing a glimmer of light to the dark night.

The moonlight is like water, quietly scattering in the plains of Sybaris, only to see a long line quietly advancing to the north along the river bank, then crossing the river Sybari, over the abandoned vineyards, across the river Saraceno. Their speed did not decrease, instead they got faster and faster, until they arrived on river Sisno in which the whole troops stopped.

Every soldiers were very excited when they glimpsed at the city of Amendolara in the moonlight.

Davos took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He then wave down his hand at Hielos.

Commence the attack!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

This night, Vespa had a nice dream. He did not leave Amendolara, but lived here for many many years, and every day, he will inspect his flocks of farm animals, then wander in the olive trees full of fruits, while drinking sweet wine…

“Chieftain, not good! The Greeks invaded the city!” The guard rushed inside in panic.

“What did you say?!!” Vespa woke up with a start.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Early the next morning, Archytas, who just woke up from his sleep, got a strange report from the guards: the mercenaries next to them have disappeared!

He immediately went to check, and it is truly empty.

Archytas immediately felt like something was wrong. They then went to the nearby camp of Davos, where they still saw people inside the camp. However, they were all people from the supply camp, medical camp, wounded soldiers, women, and a large number of slaves (they are mainly from Thurii). And they were all loading their baggage and are preparing to leave…

Archytas strode forward and caught Mersis, who was shouting and ordering the slaves, “Mersis, where is Davos and his soldiers?”

Mersis hesitated and did not respond, which made him more suspicious.

Just then, a familiar voice came from behind, “Archytas, I apologize for being late, and made you worried.”

Archytas looked back and saw Davos smiling. He looked tired, but in a good mood, “Where have your soldiers gone?”

“I have a good news for you.” Davos dismounted from his mount and gave the reins to Asistes, and calmly said, “We have taken Amendolara back!”

“WHEN?” Archytas was startled.

“Last night.”

Capturing a mountain city in one night?! Davos seems to be not lying base from his expression. It must be known that siege is a big problem for any city-state army. The battle yesterday has made Archytas marvel at Davos’ great courage, creative strategy, strong commanding ability, and the ability to mix different troops. However, the fact that he conquered a mountain city in one night made Archytas, who had many experience in battles, to be completely in awe, “Davos, you have once again completed another impossible mission. I’m so jealous!”

Archytas’ frankness made Davos laugh, “In fact, we were blessed by the goddesses of fates(Moirai). The Lucanians are lax in their defense and were completely unprepared.”

“Oh, is that so.” Archytas was curious on this topic and wanted him to continue, but Davos then seriously said, “I wish to get the support of you and Taranto.”

“What is it?” Archytas looked at Davos’ serious expression and was suddenly became dumbfounded.

Davos gazed at him and said, word by word, “We the mercenaries wants to be the citizens of Amendolara!”

Archytas was once again dumbfounded, and doubtfully asked, “All the mercenaries?! Are you serious?”

“This is the wish of all of us mercenaries!” Said Davos firm and loud voice.

Archytas’ expression became serious. He looked around, whether it was Mersis, Asistes, or even the busy guards, have all stopped their work and looked at him with expectant gazes. Archytas turned around and looked at Davos, and said, “It seems that the capture of Amendolara was not a sudden move on your part.”

Davos did not answer straight away, and instead said with emotion, “Archytas, you were born into the aristocracy of Taranto, and have lived a good life. You can’t understand the situation of us mercenaries that wandered around, and couldn’t decide where to live and die. To have a home is what we yearned the most!”

Archytas was silent for a moment and asked, “Does Marcellus, archon of Amendolara, agree?”

“He was seriously wounded the day the Lucanians occupied Amendolara, and died few days later. Another archon, Glatephro…last night, when we attacked Amendolara, its people were held in the temple of Zeus on the top of the mountain. Before we reach the top of the mountain, under the leadership of Glatephro, they launched an attack on the guards of the Lucanian. As a result, a fierce battle broke out between both sides, and by the time we arrived, Glatephro had already died, including some members of the council…” Said Davos.

Archytas gazed at Davos, as Davos calmly continued, “According to our statistics, there are about 1,000 people living in Amendolara, and they are not in good health. And nearly half of them are old people, and a lot are wounded. Even if we leave, I’m afraid that they won’t be able to maintain the normal management and work of Amendolara, let alone to defend this mountain city.”

Archytas understood that Davos had not only wanted the mercenaries to become the citizens of Amendolara, but also to be its master. He was shocked by the ambition of Davos and evasively said, “You should first ask Thurii. After all, they are the ally of Amendolara.”

“Archytas, to be honest with you, Thurii has suffered two disastrous defeats and suffered great losses. I’m afraid that they won’t be able to take care of Amendolara. Although the weak Amendolara is not rich, its position is still very important. I’m afraid that it will attract other forces. At least if it is in our hands, we can defend it and are willing to form an alliance with Taranto in order to protect the security of the region and ensure that Heraclea will not be threatened by the aborigines again!” Davos made a serious commitment.

After all, the poor performance of Thurii in the war with the Lucania had almost caused a disaster in this region. Therefore, Archytas said cautiously, but made his stance clear, “I don’t have the right to decide whether you can have Amendolara, it will require the consent of the council of Taranto! I will send a boat back to Taranto at once and I hope that you can send someone to express your wishes to the council of Taranto!”

“Archytas, thank you very much!” Said Davos excitedly.

“My only regret is that you couldn’t become a citizen of Taranto.” Said Archytas honestly.

Davos was greatly touched and said, “But we will be allies. And maybe we will one day fight side by side once more!”

Without getting the consent of the people of Amendolara, and without consulting the opinion of her ally, Thurii. They have decided the ownership of the city through their conversation and laughter.


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