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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 110: The Happiness of Giorgris Bahasa Indonesia

Last year, when the army of Thurii had suffered a crushing defeat in Lucania and the other women were crying for their dead husband, only Andrea had closed the door of her house and wept at home, as she was finally released from her sea of suffering!

Who knew, that few days later, the Lucanians attacked Amendolara, and all the people were taken captive, and she was no exception. The Lucanian warriors took a fancy to her beauty and escorted her to Bagul to please the successor of the tribal chief.

Seeing this tall and huge man with long hair, and looks different from the Greeks, Andrea shuddered and began to lament her fate in her heart. However, the strong man in front of her did not force himself on her, and had instead spoke Greek to comfort her and to not be afraid…

When most of the people of Amendolara were held in the temple, Andrea and her son had lived in their own home, and everyday Bagul will bring them abundant food in person. He cared for her, but never touched her, which made Andrea to gradually lower her guard and finally fell in love with this Lucanian man. She felt that, compared with her original husband, and although Bagul looked fierce, he was calm, loving and caring…a hundred times better than her ex husband! The young woman had experience what love is for the first time. Finally one day, she took the initiative to invite Bagul into her room…since then, as long as Bagul visit her, she would be inseparable from him. She felt happy: If her previous married life was hell, then now it is paradise!

So when Bagul anxiously told her that the Lucanians were defeated, and their tribe was ready to retreat to the mountains, and when he asked if she would like to go with him, she had only hesitated for a moment and agreed.

The night before yesterday, the mercenaries attacked the city of Amendolara. Andrea took her child with Bagul and together with his people to the temple of Zeus at the top of the mountain, and when she saw the Lucanians and the people of Amendolara fighting in front of the temple, she didn’t felt concern about her compatriots as much. Instead, her gaze was focused on Bagul, and finally she saw him getting knocked down by the mercenaries…

Davos didn’t expect that he would encounter a ridiculous plot in this world. As a political figure, he certainly won’t be moved by Andrea’s story and infatuation, but what he thought of was the question of how to deal with the Lucanian prisoners. At yesterday’s meeting, he did not mention anything about the Lucanian prisoners, as he was afraid that the grieving original citizens and their family members, would burn them to ashes due to their anger. And so he was waiting, waiting for the hatred of these original citizens to diminish over time, and for those that were left behind to forget the old grudges due to them establishing a new family.

“If you don’t choose a new citizen to marry, then according to the present law, your land and property will be subject to the supervision of the city-state government until you get married again, or your son grows up and we will return it to him. Do you understand?” Warned Davos.

“I understand. I am willing to donate my husband’s property that he left behind to the city-state, as long as…as long as you ensure that Bagul live and treat him well!” Andrea pleaded.

“When the Lucanians were captured, they were only imprisoned and not killed or abused. That is, if the person you mentioned was not seriously injured first.”

“He didn’t! He didn’t!… I saw that he had only gotten knocked down, and when you captured him, he was already awake!” Said Andrea excitedly.

“Hmm, I’ll go back and find if there is someone called Bagul. If so, I’ll arrange you to meet him.” Said Davos.

“Truly?!! My lord, this is really wonderful! Thank you! Thank you very much!! You are as kind as the goddess Hera!!…” Andrea was so happy that she fell down on her knees in front of Davos.

Davos gaze were fixed on the soldiers in the square who had nothing to gain, and his mind is full of thoughts, the Lucanians they captured were not only warriors, but also elderly, women and children. It seems that this tribe originally wanted to take root in Amendolara. With these elderly, women and children, he has more confidence to control the warriors of this tribe. Moreover, if his soldiers were allowed to marry a single Lucanian woman, then the citizens of Amendolara will be related to the captured Lucanian tribe, and his hidden plan of “assimilating the losers” will be one step closer. Therefore, he must act on this matter immediately.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Giorgris followed a woman named Daerys, or well, Daeneya(because he was too nervous and had made him misheard her name), and came to Raphias, the census officer.

Because he met Giorgris at the council meeting last night, so Raphias had purposely slowed down his introduction of Daeneya’s family to Giorgris, and asked if he would like to marry Daeneya.

Giorgris was a bit shy and has a cramped expression, as he did not know what to say.

Daeneya whispered to him from the side, “Quickly say yes.”

So he nodded and everything was like a dream to him.

Giorgris didn’t want to participate in the “blind date” but he was forced to come by his subordinates. From the beginning, he just stood in the corner and didn’t want to go to the flocks of women like the others did. However, when he was idle and wanted to sleep, a woman appeared in front of him and took the initiative to say her name to him, and introduce her family, then immediately said to him that she had fancied him and wanted him to be her husband.

Giorgris was blinded by the beautiful face of the woman, and did not know what to do. Under the woman’s soft words, he nodded his head and then was taken out of the square by the woman.

As a 30-years old woman who had already married twice, she despises those girls who indulge on the rhetoric of men. As she thinks that a honest and stable man is the one that can bring happiness to women. So in the square, when she saw Giorgris who was uncomfortable in the corner, she fell in love with him.

Daeneya’s home is halfway up the hill, which was fairly large.

When Daeneya opened the door, she saw Giorgris just standing outside and was still hesitating whether to go in. So she smiled and took his hand and said to him, “Come on in, from now on, this will be your home, and you are the master here!”

Home?! This word touched the self-abased and lonely heart of Giorgris.

Giorgris looked around curiously as he followed Daeneya into the gate. On the periphery were high walls of square stones of regular shape and coated with lime. After entering the gate, there is an open courtyard between the entrance and the hall. The courtyard is surrounded by colonnades and formed a central hall. In the middle of the courtyard is a pool, the water in the pool was mainly from rain water, and it leads to the underground reservoir for daily use (this was later told by Daeneya). There are many kinds of plants around the pool, and in the middle of the pool stands a statue of a girl in white marble. She is naked, enchanting and delicate…seeing this, Giorgris blushed and his heart beat….

Daeneya led him around the pool, into the hall and then forced Giorgris to lie beside her on a cushioned kline(couch), she then said with concern, “Are you hungry? If so, I will go cook first.”

“I’ll come as well.” Giorgris tried to get up, but was held down by Daeneya, “No, this is a woman’s business. Instead, you go take a bath first and have a rest.” With that, she yelled upstairs, “Ibiya! Ibiya!”

With a clear response, a dark skinned slave girl rushed downstairs.

“From now on, he will be your master!” Said Daeneya with a slight dignity.

The girl modestly walked to Giorgris, with a bit of curiosity in her eyes, and bowed respectfully, “Master!”

“You go boil a bucket of hot water for your master, then help wash him, and afterwards, dressed him into new clothes!” Ordered Daeneya.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Giorgris was lying in a big wooden barrel full of hot water, his face was flushed red and his heart was beating with enthusiasm.

Because Ibiya was only wearing a thin linen cloth, while she scrubbed his body. His well toned-body clung to her wet and vaguely see-through cloth, which made the young Giorgris gulp, ‘Is this the life of a city-state citizen?’

Even though he was in a state of nervousness, he was more surprised.

The dinner was bread and olives, and Daeneya apologetically said, “Sorry that the dinner is too simple. I couldn’t do anything because Cornelius only gave me this much, and he also said that it would be like this for some time to come.”

Recalling the meeting last night, Giorgris comforted her by saying, “Don’t worry, leader Davos…his lord has sent someone to Taranto to ask for assistance, and fortunately, the grains that the Lucanians have forced you to plant can be harvested in the early autumn. After the council arrange lands for the new citizens like me these few days, you will be able to take back your own land.”

“Is that true?!”

“At the council meeting last night, the archon had made the decision after discussing it with everyone.” Said Giorgris trying to show off a bit.

“Great!” Daeneya said happily. In fact, what she was more happy about was that she did not expect that the young Giorgris who looks ordinary, could attend the council meeting of the city-state. She really indeed picked up a treasure, “However, you are wrong. What we want to take back is not my land, but your land!”

That night, Daeneya tried her best to serve Giorgris who was still a virgin…

On a starry night, the same passionate and romantic scene took place in many newly established family in Amendolara.


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