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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 111: Bagul Bahasa Indonesia

Davos and Cheiristoya were assigned to a house, the original owner is the former archon of Amendolara, Marcellus. At the same time, he has two children, a 6 year old daughter, Cynthia, and a 3 year old son, Adoris.

After learning about it in the afternoon, Cheiristoya immediately asked for some slaves from Mersis and rushed to the house of Marcellus. The house was basically cleaned by the time Davos got there, but he didn’t have the time to enjoy his new home, as he even need to hurriedly took a few bites of bread and meet the two children that they will adopt. The two children hid behind Cheiristoya nervously and watched him secretly. It was obvious that the 21-year old Cheiristoya had won the trust of the two orphans.

Before he could speak, Asistes hurriedly came in and said, “Bagul has been brought.”

Davos asked Asistes to take the man to the wing room.

After starving for a day, Bagul had been then taken to the wing room while his hands were tied, and he simply just fell flat on the ground, as his physical weakness and mental despair made him lost hope to live.

At this time, He heard a voice, “Is this the son of Vespa, the Lucanian tribe leader, and the Lucanians call him the warrior Bagul?”

Another voice answered, “Yes, archon.”

“Why does he looked like a dead dog?” Hearing this taunt, Bagul still remained motionless and even his eyelids did not blink.

“Andrea praised him for being a warrior, but he doesn’t even dare to look at me. Hahaha” The guy continued to taunt him.

However, this time, Bagul opened his eyes, and a man younger than the person who brought him just now came into his sight. He was a little surprised, because he clearly heard that this guy was called the archon.

“An…how is Andrea?” There was a deep concern in his hoarse and frail voice.

Instead of continue make fun of him, Davos stepped forward and said seriously, “She is fine. Just that, she has been begging me to release you, and wants to be with you.”

Bagul closed his eyes, and his blood-stained, tanned face showed extreme pain. He suddenly turned over, and his chest began to heave sharply…

After a long time, he opened his eyes and looked at Davos, “…release? Can you release us out?! Will you give us freedom?!”

“What do you think?” Davos sneered, “Think about what you have done in Amendolara. You slaughtered the citizens of Amendolara, assaulted the women of Amendolara, forced the people of Amendolara to do heavy labor and confined them in a narrow space, and only gave them a small amount of water…in less than half a year, the number of citizens of Amendolara has dropped from 1,500 to 500*. This is the crime committed by you and your people! The elderly, the young, women, and children of Amendolara would like to eat your meat and drink your blood! Do you think that you can get away from getting punish!!” (TL note: I think the number of citizens that died is from them suffering from the tribe of Bagul, while the other 2,500 citizens that died was when Thurii invaded the Lucanian cities?)

Davos’ words were like a gust of wind blowing out the candle in Bagul’s eye, as he lay on the ground as rigid as a puppet, and his face was shrouded with despair.

“However-” Davos change his tune, “I, Davos, the new archon of Amendolara, will not approve of killing as revenge! Of course, the crimes committed by the Lucanians needs to be paid back, but I hope that it will be in a different way.”

A bit of hope have return to Bagul’s eyes, and he looked up at Davos and couldn’t wait to ask, “What way?”

“All the men of your tribe will become slaves of the city of Amendolara! They will be responsible for building roads, repairing city walls, digging canals, tilling the farmland. grazing the animals…and as auxiliary soldiers in wartime, and will accompany the citizens on expedition!” Davos stared at Bagul.

Bagul was silent for a moment. In fact, they had done the same to the people of Amendolara after they occupied Amendolara. ‘God Asinu, is this our retribution!’ But he was not worried about the men of his tribes, “What about the women?”

“Of course, they will also be slaves of the city. They can go shear the wool of the animals, learn to weave, beat olives…as for the adolescent girls and widows among them, my soldiers, the new citizens of Amendolara will marry them!” Davos increased his voice to accentuate his last sentence.

Bagul was shocked by his words, he sat up and looked at Davos in disbelief, “Not as a concubine?!”

“Yes, as their wives!” Affirmed Davos, “This is my sincerity! So I ask you and your people to be slaves of Amendolara for 5 years, you must bear the insults of any citizens in silence. Of course, if a citizen of the city tried to attack you, he will be severely punished. But if your people flee or attack the citizens of the city, then if one tried to escape, I will execute 10 Lucanians! If you hurt a citizen, I will also execute 10 of your people!” At this point, Davos’ expression turned a bit grim.

Bagul was silent for a moment and then asked, “What about 5 years later?”

“5 years later, all of you will become freemen. If you want to become citizens of Amendolara, you can apply to the city-state. If you want to go back to your hometown, then we will not stop you. However, I think that you will not choose to leave anymore.” Said Davos confidently, “In addition, if you perform well, such as helping citizens win a war, building a good road in a short time…and so on, then the 5 year period can be reduced…”

Bagul’s expression at this time was much more lively compared to when he just came. After all, from a doomed death to a hope for freedom, one could imagine his joy. Moreover, he felt the kindness of the new archon to the Lucanians. Otherwise, he would not let his soldiers marry a Lucanian women and make them relatives with the captured people. And so he said, “I personally agree with your proposal. However, I have to go back and discuss it with my tribesman, specially my father. After getting their consent, shall we sign a contract?”

“Contract?” Davos sneered, “There’s no contract here. You can only believe on my words.”

“WHAT!!” Bagul was taken aback. This matter concerns the life and death of his tribe, but he can only rely on a few words of the other party.

“Don’t you know that all the citizens of Amendolara wanted to execute you, but I did not agree. (in fact, the new citizens have no ill feeling towards the Lucanians. After all, they are not the victims, but became the winner and beneficiaries.) Under these circumstances, I can only convinced them, and your good performance and time will slowly wipe out their hatred. So you are not qualified to sign a contract with me, you will need to either trust me, or go back to prison until you die!” Said Davos sternly.

Bagul’s face went paled and said with a hoarse voice, “You are too young…so why should we…”

Davos confidently said, “Why? Because I am the leader of the troops that defeated you Lucanians. The soldiers trust me because I always keep my promise! And as the archon for life of Amendolara, the people are willing to believe me, because I promised to bring protection to Amendolara, so that they will never suffer from such disaster again!”

Bagul looked at Davos, the strength of his eyes and frankness in his words made Bagul choose to give in, and he said, “I will go back to discuss it with my people. If they agree, I hope that you can keep your promise!”

“Of course! As a matter of fact, the citizens who will become relatives of your tribe will even take the initiative themselves to ask for your freedom.” There was a smile on Davos’ face.

When Bagul heard his words, he did not respond anymore. Relying on women to fight for their freedom is a shame for these Lucanian warriors, but who told them to be the loser of the war!

After Bagul left, Davos then said to Asistes, who was silent, “Tomorrow, you will be the one responsible to take Bagul to the place where the Lucanian women are being held. Then ask him to pick out the women who are going to marry our soldiers, and then have them dressed up. At the same time, you will have your uncle, Antonios, and Kapus, and the officers to incite the soldier to come to the council to make a demand to marry a Lucanian woman!”

“Will the soldiers be even willing to marry an indigenous woman?” Asked Asistes curiously.

“That is why you will spread a rumor that the Lucanian women are tall, fit, and are hardworking…”

“Are these all…true?” Asistes was skeptical. It must be know that the Greeks advocate “the beauty of the human body”, just saying a “fit body” will attract the attention of many Greek men.

“Of course it is true. Think about the Lucanians who live in the mountains, they will climb up and down every day. What’s more, they are famous for herding animals in Magna Graecia, and the beef that the Lucanian’s produce are the best offering for the temple of Zeus in the city-states of Magna Graecia. They eat more meat, while we eat more grains… who do you think will grow bigger?!…” Explained Davos.

Asistes recalled the captured Lucanians and nodded.

“In addition to marrying a woman from Lucania, there are also preferential laws from the city-state*, ‘If we occupy the land in Lucania in the future, we will give them priority to it or allocate more land, because they are the son-in-law of the Lucanians, which make it easier for them to get along with the locals.’” Davos further increased the appeal to the soldiers. (Actually, he just temporarily thought of it and haven’t yet brought it to the council.)

“I will do it.” Even Asistes was a bit moved when he heard this, but he still had some doubts, “Lord Davos, I still don’t understand, these Lucanians have become our captives, so it is a matter of course to turn them into slaves. So why even bother to make it so troublesome? And you even need to promised them?”


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