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Mage Adam – Chapter 36: Project Approval Bahasa Indonesia

Mage Jerome’s attitude completely changed, as he saw the potential of telekinesis. If apprentices could master this power then it could greatly improve their capabilities during the apprenticeship stage.

It also has other uses — if this power can only be used in combat, then it wouldn’t be that important.

Mage Jerome could see that this psychic power would be on equal footing with magic.

Adam thought for a moment, and explained, “Telekinesis’ base is control — if my mental strength is strong enough, I can mimic elemental magic, provided that specific element is close by.”

He continued, “There are other uses of telekinesis, like strengthening oneself physically, rendering oneself invisible, or even destroying a target’s mind.”

Adam stopped. These are all speculations and not concrete truth.

Mage Jerome nodded, but he saw greater potential in telekinesis — it can practically be used as a tool for everything, like a scalpel for surgery, or sorting books in the library, or enhancing one’s senses to become a living microscope.

Mage Jerome said, “This is Adam’s work, right?”

James and Adam nodded.

“Then, congratulations, Adam. This research will be of great benefit to you. I will submit this research under ‘Psychic Meditation — Telekinesis’ to the Lord of the Tower, and if you are lucky, this research could be inducted into the Sacred Tower, the rewards provided will make mages envy you,” Mage Jerome said. “If you are willing to make your research public, I can publish it for you in the library, and you can set a price for it — for each reading, you will get 70% of the price.”

Adam’s eyes lit up. He won’t need to worry about power stones anymore.

“Deal. Fifty power stones per read should be an appropriate price.”

Mage Jerome conjured a contract and took Adam’s signature, “Alright then, the contract is established. Send your research over to the library within seven days, and I will send someone to inform you of any updates.”

James and Adam bowed and left the Academic Department, and James said to Adam emotionally, “I didn’t expect you to actually develop such an amazing thing… it might even get inducted into the Sacred Tower, my god! Are you really okay with making it public though?”

“Why not?”

Adam didn’t really care, nor was he worried that someone may surpass him. Strength is never correlated to self-esteem; only through wisdom and self-cultivation could one become stronger and Adam had absolute confidence that he is strong.

James was taken aback by his answer, “Geniuses like you do think differently, after all.”

Next, they needed to reapply for the lab at the Approval Department.

“I didn’t expect that I would opt out, then reapply for the same lab on the same day,” James joked.

Adam was curious about the process and asked, “Is the qualification process strict? You seem worried.”

James shook his head, “It was strict a year ago, but after the war, there aren’t many researchers anymore.”

“Doesn’t the Mage-in-charge have the final say? They have to determine whether or not it’s worth it, after all.”

James didn’t expect Adam to ask this question, “I keep forgetting you are an apprentice — there are specific rules in this tower and the academy — the Mages don’t really care about the research we do, since it isn’t of any value to them. However, your research is important so I’m sure they would immediately accept the reapplication.”

Adam was still curious, “The tower still has to fund us right? I’m sure funding this many labs would be incredibly costly.”

James laughed, “Adam, you don’t understand. Power stones are the lowest form of currency here. Mages value ether crystals more than power stones.”

He came closer to Adam and whispered, “Besides, the Head Mage at the Academy is weakened — after the last war, he lost a lot of resources. Talented students don’t need that many power stones anyways.”

Adam nodded, “Then why don’t the official mages working here find another job?”

“Some of the mages here are bound by the contract, where they have to work and teach for three hundred years; some of them are satisfied with their journey of becoming a mage and decide to settle down here. Alright, we’re here.”

Adam kept his mouth shut and they walked into the Approval Department.

The Approval Department was larger than the Academic Department, and Adam found that the mage-in-charge was none other than Mage Erin.

After listening to James’ explanation, Adam guessed that the Black Mage should be the strongest among the four mages from the ship, so he had a relatively important position at the Academy. The other three were relegated to ‘office’ jobs.

Mage Erin laid lazily on her chair, but she still held a special charm on her beautiful face.

“Ah, James and Adam?” Mage Erin was surprised. “What are you doing here, James? Didn’t you just opt out of your lab earlier today?”‘

The two gave their greetings, and James explained, “Yes, respected Mage Erin. I am here to reapply for the lab.”

Mage Erin turned to Adam and said, “Little guy, I heard that you caused a commotion a few days ago,” before Adam could reply, Mage Erin’s expression turned dark, “After your little ‘incident’, did you become overconfident? Did you forget the consequences of angering a mage?”

Mage Erin had come to the conclusion that James and Adam had conspired to commit fraud — James opted out of the lab so that his little assistant could reapply, ensuring that James could stay in the lab. Mage Erin chuckled at how shallow they both were.

James quickly defended Adam, “Mage Erin, you misunderstand — Adam here has legitimate research.”


Adam stepped forward and placed the contract in front of her. Mage Erin skimmed through it and she smiled, “In the blink of an eye, you have already achieved something great.”

Mage Erin was genuinely surprised — three months is nothing to a mage.

“So, can we get the lab back?” Adam asked.

Mage Erin immediately agreed to it, since she had no reason not to. She didn’t care how much power stones they needed too, so she signed the approval form immediately.

Another man walked into the office with excitement painted over his face and said to Mage Erin, “Dear Mage Erin, my application for the alchemy lab has been approved!”

Mage Erin put down her pen and chuckled, “What a coincidence — looks like both of you were applying for the same laboratory.”

The man was stunned, and glanced at Adam and James. His face turned dark, and he gritted his teeth, “James, you bastard! I can’t believe you have any dignity left in you to stay in the Academy!”

Adam was puzzled — he had never seen such conflict between senior apprentices before.

James was flustered, but did not attempt to defend himself, “Frank, I…”

“Shut up, garbage, and now, you’re trying to deceive mages?! Wasting her time with your stupid ‘meditation’ ideas again? You are nothing but trash!” he got into a stance, as if he was about to pounce on James in front of an official mage.

Mage Erin slammed her hand on the table, and huge magic power surged across the room, “Get out. This isn’t a place for you to cause a commotion.”


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