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Mage Adam – Chapter 35: Psychic Meditation Bahasa Indonesia

“You’re kidding. You made me break my precious poisons and you’re still worrying about James? I’ll have you know that the poison contains magic lotuses, death nettle, winter thorns…”

Adam let Elliot ramble, and patiently waited for him to finish as they floated gently above the Academy. As soon as Elliot finished, Adam asked again, “So, do you know where James is?”

Elliot frowned, “You weren’t even listening, were you? Whatever — James is probably gone by now, but why are you… huh?”

Elliot did a quick swoop around Adam and exclaimed, “There isn’t any magic radiating off you… what kind of magic is this? I thought you were using wind magic!”

Adam simply replied, “Mental magic.” He then left Elliot to find James — it would be a pity if James left before he could see Adam.

James was just about to leave the Academy via the tower’s portal room — he could hear the commotion from the Academy, and quickly turned around when he heard the crowd shout, “Adam?!”

“Adam? What’s going on?”

He wanted to go back to see what Adam had done, but stopped himself. Adam’s strength will be noticed by his other apprentices sooner or later but now, it was time for him to leave. No matter what happens at the Academy, it had nothing to do with him anymore.

Adam darted across the air with Elliot trailing closely behind him — he saw James who was about to enter the portal room and quickly swooped down and hovered steadily in front of James.

James smiled, then nodded to Elliot, “Adam! I didn’t expect you to see me off — this magic is cool! Did you create it?”

Adam shook his head and conjured the nineteen runes, then combined it into a sphere and presented it to James.

James didn’t understand what Adam was doing, but after a moment, he trembled, and started to cry, “This… isn’t this…”

Adam smiled, “Yup. I succeeded.”

James trembled, his hands shaking. His fingers glided over the runes despite not being able to touch them, but it was enough for him, and he wept.

Adam couldn’t understand why James was crying.

Elliot patted Adam’s shoulder, “You brought him hope when he needed it the most.”

Elliot continued, “I never expected James to succeed — but you Adam, you succeeded.”

Elliot tried to give Adam credit in the nicest way possible, but Adam knew that Elliot was trying to say that these runes had nothing to do with James. Adam silently disagreed with Elliot though — without James’ early research, Adam would still be stuck trying to configure the runes. James’ research saved him a lot of time.

Elliot gently patted Adam’s shoulder and left the both of them.

After a while, James had finally calmed down. With a single swipe of his hand, his youthful appearance returned to him in an instant — he got up, and bowed to Adam, “Thank you Adam. You saved my life, believe it or not.”

Adam didn’t think it was a big deal, “Your laboratory doesn’t have to be shut down anymore.” Adam felt that this lab would be incredibly useful to him, since he can do silent research and obtain a steady income.

James laughed, “You’re right, and it’s all thanks to you, Come, we need to re-apply for the lab and send in your research and evidence.”

Adam was a little taken aback, “I have to go too?”

James nodded, “Of course, only you know how this meditation method works — from now on, I will be your assistant, and you the supervisor of the lab.”

James was incredibly grateful that he could stay at the Academy — Adam gave him a second chance to pursue his path to become a Mage, and he was going to use it to the fullest.

Adam didn’t expect James to say that, but he was pleasantly surprised — this means that, if he needed to research something, he could lead the research himself.

The two walked into the tower and kept their heads down to avoid angering any mages wandering the area.

The offices of the Approval Department and the Academic Department were all on the first floor, and these were the only areas that apprentices were allowed to enter.

Adam didn’t expect to see Mage Jerome at the Academic Department.

James stepped forward and greeted, “Good day, respected Mage Jerome.”

In the last three months, Mage Jerome had already forgotten about Adam; he ignored Adam, and turned to James, “You again? I sure hope you don’t waste my time.”

James was flustered, “No, the apprentice Adam has developed a stable set of meditation runes you see, this meditation method…”

James wanted to continue, but found that he did not know how Adam achieved it. Adam quickly stepped forward, “Good day, Mage Jerome.”

Mage Jerome squinted at Adam, and studied him for a second, “Aren’t you the little guy back on the ship?”

Adam nodded, and Mage Jerome’s frown arced further downwards. It was hard to believe that a mere apprentice could have done any meaningful research in just three months, “Perhaps we were too lenient on you and you forgot what it was like to anger a mage. You better come up with something interesting, or you shall pay with your life! Lockhart’s Blood Laboratory requires some live subjects anyways!”

James gulped — Lockhart’s lab is used as a Body Refining research lab, and he remained silent. Adam knew there wasn’t any point in explaining, so he conjured his nineteen sets of runes and combined it into a sphere.

He did it slowly this time, and presented the function of the runes in a clear and concise manner.

“Watch closely — the total amount of mental strength than can be used in this meditation method far exceeds Prometheus’ set of runes; ether is then injected into the sphere, and as you can see, it is incredibly stable — because of this stability, you run no risk of hurting yourself either,” Adam explained as he started conjuring multiple spheres and embedded in into his soul.

Mage Jerome’s frown turned into a light smile, and he nodded, “Very well you have satisfied me. Sort the runes out and hand over your research and we will reward you.” Mage Jerome didn’t actually care about the runes since it held next to no value. In his long life, he has seen ideas like this before, and most of these tiny researches only benefit the researchers themselves, so it had no use to them.

However, Adam didn’t stop, and continued his presentation. His mental strength scattered across the room, and he conjured an orb of condensed air in his hand. He closed his palm, and a concentrated wind bomb blew up in the room.

Mage Jerome’s eyes widened, “No magic… is this purely mental strength?”

“Yes, respected Mage Jerome. This is psychic energy, and I call it telekinesis.”

Mage Jerome nodded, “Come on, form another bomb and hit me.”

Adam didn’t hesitate and conjured another wind bomb and launched it at Mage Jerome.

Mage Jerome stretched out his hand, and the wind orb dissipated gently in his hand and he felt no magic within it.

He clapped his hands in admiration, “Adam, right? Good. Very good. You may continue, I am interested.”


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