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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 991: Arc’s Authority Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis traveled to the northern continent in a couple of hours. With his current power, Gravis didn’t need to hide anymore. His Will-Aura was powerful enough to hide his real body from nearly everyone in the world. Even more, over 150,000 years had passed since the incident. How many people that remembered the incident were actually still alive?

Gravis used his Law of Perceived Reality to make it appear like he didn’t exist as he traveled towards the north.

No one stopped him.

No one even realized that he had passed by them.

As soon as Gravis reached the northern continent, he continued flying towards the northwest. His choice of direction was very deliberate.


Because Arc told Gravis where Nira was.

Nira’s tribulation would be coming up in about 2,000 years, and Gravis was chosen as her tribulation.

This was actually a favorable outcome for Nira.

Every single Cultivator would rather sacrifice 2,000 years of their longevity in order to fight someone on their level instead of living for 2,000 years more but fighting someone an entire level above themselves.

Of course, Arc liked freedom. Because of that, he had not decided this on his own.

In fact, Arc directly contacted Nira, which was rare.

But wait, weren’t Heavens forbidden from contacting Cultivators?

Sure, but Arc didn’t care.

Arc broke that rule tons of times.

This was his world, and he did whatever the fuck he wanted.

Would the highest Heaven stop him?

Why should it?

Arc built up the best higher world that existed, and he was sending one outstanding Cultivator after another to the highest world.

The highest Heaven knew that Arc obviously knew what he was doing, which was why it let Arc do whatever he wanted in his world.

Only results were important.

The means and methods to achieve that result were irrelevant to the highest Heaven.

One also had to remember that the status of Arc was very different from weaker Heavens.

Back when Gravis basically destroyed a lower world, the highest Heaven didn’t care. It just had to shove a Mid Unity Realm Cultivator’s worth of Energy in there, and everything was fine again.

It wasn’t very different for the middle world. Middle Heavens only needed a couple thousand years to become powerful enough to rule a middle world. Additionally, to create a middle world, a higher Heaven just had to shove a Late Minor Circulation Immortal Cultivator’s worth of Energy into a new world. The highest Heaven wasn’t even required to act.

However, higher worlds were directly below the highest Heaven. On top of that, to create another higher world, it would need to expend a Star God’s worth of Energy. That was not as insignificant anymore.

Even more, higher worlds needed an exceedingly long time to become powerful enough to actually support the birth of Peak Immortal Emperors.

Lastly, this was the strongest higher world.

The highest Heaven was neither arrogant nor stupid. It knew exactly that creating such an insanely powerful higher world was beyond difficult. In fact, the highest Heaven even thought that it itself was probably not even able to create such a world.

There was something about Arc that made him even better at creating talented Cultivators than the highest Heaven, and it knew that very well. Forcing Arc to follow its rules in his own world might even weaken the world.

Because of that, the highest Heaven let Arc do whatever he wanted in his world.

That was why the highest Heaven didn’t care when Arc directly contacted Nira.

So, how had Arc contacted Nira?

Simple, Arc had unleashed the pressure that only someone with the Law of the True World could unleash. Then, he sent Nira his message per feelings.

If he simply appeared before her, Nira might not have been as convinced since all the mystery about Heaven would have vanished. Yet, when she felt a kind of otherworldly, holy pressure that far eclipsed her own, she knew that something beyond this world had contacted her.

In Nira’s mind, three pictures appeared.

The first one showed her body going through a portal.

This obviously represented her ascension to the highest world.

The second one showed her body disintegrating in two thousand years.

Nira had already reached the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm, and there was no one left in this world that could serve as tempering. Because of that, in 2,000 years, she would disintegrate into nothingness.

The third picture showed her fighting against two beasts.

After an immense shock, Nira’s excitement exploded.

She knew that she was too close to her tribulation. Even if she went to the highest world, she doubted that she would be able to reach the next major Realm in only 2,000 years.

So, in Nira’s mind, she knew that she couldn’t survive.

That was why she had decided to stay in this world and take revenge on anyone that had mistreated her in the past.

She would vent all her frustration on everyone that deserved it!


Because that was what she wanted, and she was free!

However, before she could even begin, Heaven had contacted her.

One had to remember that not even a day had passed since she had killed the Highest Commander.

When Nira saw the third picture, she almost couldn’t believe it.

She didn’t need to die?

She could fight someone and survive?

The identities of the beasts in the pictures were unknown to her, but they were probably two other Peak Immortal Emperors.

Yet, what did she have to fear?

She had the Major Law of Suppression!

With that Law, she could definitely fight two Peak Immortal Emperors at the same time!

She accepted the fight, obviously.

It was simply too good to pass up.

After Nira accepted the proposal, the image of a gigantic desert appeared in her mind.

She felt like she had to go there to find her opponent.

The location of the desert also appeared in her mind.

So, Nira traveled to the desert with excitement.

The desert was towards the north of the northern continent, just outside the Core Region.

There, Nira waited for several hours for her opponents to arrive.

And then, Nira felt someone approach.

When she saw that person, Nira’s eyes narrowed as hate filled her entire being.

‘It’s him!’


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