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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 990: Take Care Bahasa Indonesia

Siral smirked when he heard that Gravis was interested in Nira.

“Good to hear,” Siral said. “We’ll search for her and inform you as soon as we get a lead.”

“That shouldn’t be necessary,” Gravis answered as he stood up from his chair.

Right now, Gravis’ eyes had a fierce glint of battle-intent inside of them.

His opponent had unveiled themselves, and Gravis was about to jump into mortal danger again.

Gravis had always been fine with wasting time, but now, he wanted to fight Nira as quickly as possible.

He wanted to get everything over and done with as quickly as possible.

When Siral heard that it wouldn’t be necessary for them to search for Nira, Siral became confused. Gravis had only just heard about the incident. How could he already know Nira’s whereabouts?

“Shouldn’t take more than a day,” Gravis said as he looked out of the window of his temporary residence. “At this time tomorrow, either Nira or I will be dead.”

“That fast!?” Siral asked with shock.

Gravis nodded. “I’ll reach the Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm in a couple of hours. After that, I will go to her.”

Siral blinked a couple of times in confusion. “Gravis, she isn’t a Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor anymore. She’s probably a Peak Immortal Emperor.”

Gravis smirked. “I know.”

Siral waited for further clarification, but no further answer came.

“Wait, you’re telling me that you intend to jump six levels against someone that knows two level six Laws!?” Siral asked with shock.

He knew that Gravis’ Battle-Strength was insane, but this was ridiculous, even for Gravis’ standards!

“She’s the perfect opponent,” Gravis said. “Jumping six levels is still something that counts as nearly suicidal. Any level six Law would be my death.”

“However, the two level six Laws that Nira comprehended are exactly two level six Laws that are useless against me. This means that I can be assured of her only knowing relevant level five laws.”

“She’s the weakest possible opponent in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm in this world. Every other Peak Immortal Emperor either knows a useful level six Law or knows far more level five Laws.”

“I’ve already beaten one of the most powerful opponents five levels above myself, and now, it’s time for one of the weakest opponents six levels above myself.”

“The jump in power is perfect.”

Siral couldn’t keep up with Gravis’ ridiculous words.

Jumping six levels?

That was impossible!

However, Siral had known Gravis for long enough that he immediately stopped that train of thought.

He couldn’t comprehend Gravis’ Battle-Strength.

“Then, I will wait here for your return,” Siral said with a sigh.

Gravis nodded.


Then, he teleported away.

In the underground, away from any prying eyes, Gravis took out a ton of Immortal Stones and started to consume them rapidly.

“Mortis, it is time,” Gravis said.

“The tempering Arc promised has arrived?” Mortis asked.

“Yes,” Gravis answered.

After that, he informed Mortis of everything that he and Siral had talked about.

“Finally! A truly powerful opponent!” Mortis answered with a cold, shaking voice.

Mortis had only had a single truly dangerous fight in his life, which had been against the Black Demon.

Now, it was time to take on the next, true challenge.

While Gravis felt the pressure of hurting Stella by dying on his shoulders, Mortis only felt the exciting pressure of a life-and-death battle.

Gravis wanted to get the fight over with as quickly as possible so that he could get clarity about his survival.

Mortis wanted to get to the fight as quickly as possible since he was excited.

Both of them had the same goal, but for different reasons.

Mortis dropped the Law he had just been comprehending and traveled to the eastern continent.

Two hours later, Mortis arrived beside Gravis, who was currently a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor.

The spiritual change between Immortal King and Immortal Emperor wasn’t very pronounced. Gravis simply felt his mind become a bit clearer.

The real change would come when he became a Star God.

As soon as Mortis appeared, Gravis dropped down to the Early Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm, while Mortis’ Realm rose to match Gravis.

The two of them consumed more Immortal Stones, and in another two hours, they had both become Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperors.

Right now, Gravis had the power to fight Ancestors.

Gravis was now one of the strongest beings in this world.

There were maybe only ten beings left in this world that could rival him, including Narcissus.

Gravis stood up, and Mortis entered Gravis’ Life Ring.

After that, Gravis returned to the Purist Sect and searched for Stella.

By now, Gravis’ Spirit Sense was millions of kilometers wide.

“Stella,” Gravis transmitted with a serious tone.

Stella, who was currently comprehending a Law, noticed Gravis’ tone, and she became nervous.

She had heard about Arc’s words, and judging by Gravis’ tone, it was time.

The news of Nira killing the Highest Commander was still incredibly new, and the Purist Sect hadn’t been officially informed yet. Because of that, Stella didn’t know whom Gravis was about to fight.

Yet, when she felt Gravis’ new power, she knew how powerful his opponent had to be.

Stella knew that Gravis wanted to jump six levels, which seemed suicidal to her.

So, if Gravis was a Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor, his opponent had to be a Peak Immortal Emperor.

Peak Immortal Emperor.

This had been such a distant concept to Stella for her entire life.

Her dead teacher had been on that level.

Yet, now, Gravis was about to fight someone that was as powerful as her teacher had been.

It was terrifying.

Stella became nervous and fearful.

She didn’t want to see Gravis die!

However, she also didn’t want to stop Gravis’ dream of gaining true freedom. She knew how important that dream was for Gravis.

Just like Gravis had his internal conflicts about freedom and Stella, Stella had internal conflicts about Gravis and his goal.

Yet, Stella couldn’t stop Gravis.

She had also put her life on the line many times since they had become lovers, and Gravis had never stopped her.

Hadn’t Stella been in just as much danger?

Gravis had supported Stella through her Cultivation, and Stella knew that she had to do the same.

“Who is it?” She asked, trying not to sound nervous.

“Your old Sect Master. She comprehended the level six Law of Suppression and the level six Law of Freedom. She broke free from the Life Ring and killed the Highest Commander.”

Stella took a deep breath as all her emotions mixed together.

Gravis was about to fight her ex-aunt.

She didn’t know how she should feel about it.

“Please come back safe,” Stella transmitted with a soft tone, trying not to sound worried.

Gravis’ body shook when he heard Stella’s words.

He knew exactly how Stella felt, which made him feel guilty.

Yet, Gravis couldn’t let something like this stop him.

He had to go!

“I’ll be back by tomorrow,” Gravis told her.

“Yes, take care,” Stella said softly.

Gravis immediately teleported away.

Why hadn’t he embraced Stella one last time?

Because, in his mind, this wouldn’t be the last time.

Saying goodbye now meant that Gravis had a chance of dying.

However, Gravis wouldn’t die!

He refused to die!

After Gravis left, tears appeared in Stella’s eyes as she broke down with a shivering body.

“Please come back! Please come back!” she whispered to herself.

“I don’t want to lose you!”


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