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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 989: Nira Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was quite surprised.

Yes, that was a pretty big incident!

“How powerful was the Highest Commander of Humanity?” Gravis asked.

“He was the publicly acknowledged strongest human,” Siral answered. “He was a Peak Immortal Emperor that knew the level six Law of Blaze.”

Gravis nodded. That truly was quite powerful.

The Law of Blaze was the level six Law equivalent to the Law of Inferno. If the Highest Commander also had that Law as his Avatar, he would have had control over an offensive level seven Law. Even more, with Weapon Techniques, the power of Blaze might have even been pushed to the power of a level 7.5 Law.

Was it even possible for a human to withstand such an attack?

Even beasts would be burned into nothingness as soon as they came into contact with such a force.

Who could kill someone like that?

“Who killed him?” Gravis asked with interest.

Usually, the demise of the Highest Commander of Humanity wouldn’t interest him that much. After all, Gravis wasn’t really part of either camp in the war. The death of such a powerful figure wouldn’t be different to Gravis than the death of any normal Cultivator.

However, Arc had said that this incident could result in a nice tempering opportunity for Gravis.

This meant that the killer was most likely the intended target for Gravis’ tempering.

“It was a woman by the name of Nira Frostglacier,” Siral said.

‘Frostglacier?’ Gravis thought with furrowed brows. ‘I’ve heard that last name before.’

“You might know her as the previous Sect Master of the Nine Elements Sect.”

A woman with blue eyes and blue hair appeared in Gravis’ memory. Her eyes exuded a kind of feeling that showed that she had everything in the world under her control.

“It’s her?” Gravis asked with a cold gleam in his eyes.

This was the woman that had wanted to force Stella into a marriage with the All-Matter Sect that would have resulted in Stella’s death.

Obviously, Gravis didn’t have any good feelings for her.

Siral nodded. “Yes,” he confirmed.

“How is that possible?” Gravis asked with furrowed brows. “Wasn’t she under the effects of a Life Ring? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you, of all people, should know how difficult it is to break out of the effects of a Life Ring. It’s hard to believe something like that.”

Siral chuckled a bit. “Don’t worry, I know what you mean,” Siral said as he remembered the time he had been Gravis’ servant. “I also could scarcely believe it when I’ve heard of it. Breaking away from the effects of a Life Ring should be impossible. After all, you can’t even think of such thoughts while under control. How can you escape from something when you don’t even want to escape?”

“However,” Siral continued, taking a sip from a new cup of tea. “There were witnesses, and they had seen what happened. Apparently, during a gathering of the Commanders, Nira suddenly slashed at the highest Commander from behind him, killing him instantly.”

“The highest Commander hadn’t been prepared for such an attack. After all, the elite of humanity had been gathered in this hall, and no one would dare to unleash an attack in there. Additionally, Nira had been under his control for over 100,000 years. Even you would drop your guard after such a long time.”

Gravis nodded. After such a long time, he would have probably also dropped his guard.

“What happened afterward?” Gravis asked.

“The Commanders were shocked about what had happened, but all of them are experienced veterans. They immediately surrounded Nira and attacked her with the intention of killing her.”

Gravis noticed the peculiar tone Siral had used.

“But?” Gravis asked.

Siral smiled bitterly. “But they couldn’t kill her.”

“Why?” Gravis asked.

The Commanders had to be some of the most powerful humans in the world. They were probably all Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperors. Withstanding such an avalanche of attacks sounded nearly impossible.

“Nira’s Will-Aura suppressed all of the Commanders until they could only unleash 20% of their speed,” Siral explained.

Gravis’ brows furrowed. “Her Will-Aura was that much stronger?”

“That’s the thing,” Siral said with a sigh. “Her Will-Aura was only at the Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm, a bit below average for people with such power.”

“Yet, her Will-Aura still suppressed them to such a degree?” Gravis asked, a cold light appearing in his eyes.

Siral nodded. “You probably already know, but that was the power of the level six Law of Suppression.”

Gravis nodded.

The level six Law of Suppression, huh?

That also explained how Nira managed to break free from the Life Ring’s influence.

After all, after Suppression came Freedom.

This was the only explanation Gravis could come up with.

After years of being suppressed, Nira had subconsciously comprehended the level six Law of Suppression. Then, for some reason, she had also managed to comprehend the level six Law of Freedom.

The Life Ring suppressed thoughts of revolution and disobedience, but it didn’t stop servants from thinking about themselves and comprehending Laws.

Just an enlightening realization about oneself might already be enough to comprehend the level six Law of Freedom. At that point, the Cultivator would become immune to anything that wanted to suppress them as long as the force wasn’t on an entirely different magnitude of power.

Siral noticed Gravis’ eyes. “You seem to have realized something,” he said. “Do you know what Law Nira has used to escape from her suppression?”

Gravis nodded. “I do,” he answered. “Not many people in this world know about this Law, and even fewer have comprehended it. It’s one of the rarest Laws that exist.”

“What is it?” Siral asked.

Gravis had never talked about the Laws of Perceived Reality with Siral, which was why Siral didn’t know much about that set of Laws.

“I can tell you, but knowing about this Law will make it harder for you to comprehend it in the future, and, at some point, you need this Law to become more powerful,” Gravis said. “Are you sure you want to know?”

Siral became a bit nervous.

A Law he didn’t even know existed.

Even more, knowing about it would make it even harder to comprehend it?

Such a statement felt counterintuitive and unbelievable. After all, someone had to know that something existed so that they could look at it and learn it. Not knowing about it meant that one couldn’t learn it or look for it.

However, Siral didn’t doubt Gravis’ words.

When it came to Laws, Siral believed every word Gravis said.

“Then, no, thank you,” Siral said with a bitter smile.

“Anyway, what happened after that? Did she kill all of them?” Gravis asked.

“She fled,” Siral answered.

“She fled?” Gravis asked with a raised eyebrow. “Why?”

“Because the power of humanity isn’t that simple,” Siral answered. “Her victory wasn’t certain, and if she pushed everyone too much, the Peak Sects might empty their storages to push their most powerful Ascenders to the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm. At that point, Nira would need to resist the might of several other Peak immortal Emperors that know level six Laws. Something like that is not a joke.”

“Where is she currently?” Gravis asked.

“Nobody knows,” Siral asked. “Why? Do you want to have a go?”

Gravis smirked. “I’ve been looking for some tempering.”

Siral nodded.

He wasn’t really surprised or shocked. Siral knew that Gravis had a ridiculous amount of money, and if he wanted, Gravis could probably become a Peak Immortal Emperor before the day was over.

This was also one of the reasons why Siral went to Gravis.

Siral was now fully integrated into Underworld, and he wanted to protect his organization.

Maybe Gravis would become interested enough to resolve this issue?

Of course, Siral never kept his intentions hidden. Both of them knew that Siral had come personally to Gravis to gauge his reaction to that incident.

Gravis had no obligation to help. He would only help if he truly wanted to.

Was Gravis interested?

Of course!

“She is probably already a Peak Immortal Emperor by now, right? After all, she should have absorbed enough Energy to passively make the breakthrough,” Gravis asked.

Siral nodded. “Probably. We’re not sure, though.”

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘Peak Immortal Emperor minus six Battle-Levels is Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.’

Gravis nodded.

“I’ll deal with her.”


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