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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 980: Samantha Bahasa Indonesia

“As long as I am not bound by much, I wouldn’t have anything against becoming an Ascender,” Gravis said.

The Sect Master nodded with a rarely seen smile. “Then, welcome to the Purist Sect, Gravis.”

Gravis raised an eyebrow. “You know my name?”

The Sect Master nodded. “Our previous Ancestor has informed us about you and your secrets. However, you do not need to fear us. We do not covet your secrets.”

‘Secrets?’ Gravis thought.

Gravis had an inkling of what the Sect Master meant and decided to test it. After all, he already had a clone in a safe place in case something went wrong.

Gravis deactivated the Law of Perceived Reality for the Sect Master. He still kept it activated for everyone else.

The Sect Master didn’t notice any difference. After all, the Law of Perceived Reality didn’t work on her since she already knew the truth about Gravis. Therefore, she also didn’t notice that it had been deactivated.

Because of that, the Sect Master didn’t react at all. To her, nothing had changed.

And that was exactly what confirmed Gravis’ suspicions.

If the Sect Master hadn’t known about Gravis’ beast body, she would have become shocked as Gravis would suddenly have the image of a Black Demon superimposed over himself.

Yet, she didn’t react at all.

This meant that she knew that Gravis had a beast body.

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought. ‘Then, that means that she was willing to hand the position of Sect Master over to me, even though she already knew that I have a beast body. Sure enough, the Purist Sect is very different from the Nine Elements Sect. Probably mainly thanks to Exar.’

This relieved Gravis quite a bit.

Constantly keeping his true form hidden put a bit of pressure on him. Additionally, Gravis felt a slight bit bad for deceiving everyone. Sure, if they were enemies, he wouldn’t care, but the Purist Sect had been rather accommodating.

‘I can actually truly be myself here,’ Gravis thought.

“You mean Exar with previous Ancestor, right?” Gravis asked.

Some of the present people felt a bit uncomfortable. Yes, Gravis was powerful, but he had also referred to their previous Ancestor by name, which was a bit disrespectful.

However, they didn’t disagree. Who knew, maybe Gravis had known their previous Ancestor?

“Yes,” the Sect Master answered. “As you are probably aware, he has already departed to the next world.”

Gravis nodded. “Yes, I saw him leave back then.”

Before the Sect Master continued speaking, she turned to the Immortal Emperors.

“You can all scatter,” the Sect Master said. It was a bit awkward to talk to Gravis while all these Immortal Emperors were bowing around her.

The Immortal Emperors stood up and focused on Gravis.

Then, Gravis was assaulted.

Not with attacks but with voice transmissions.

Nearly all of the gathered Immortal Emperors introduced themselves and asked Gravis if he wanted to talk with them. All of them were interested in Gravis’ Form Law and in his life. Someone that had managed to create such a powerful Form Law must have gone through incredible experiences.

What did Gravis do?

He basically accepted all the invitations.

Why not? Gravis was a social person, and he enjoyed getting to know new people, especially when they were all powerful Immortal Emperors. Additionally, Gravis would probably spend a lot of time with Stella again, and he needed something to do as a change of pace.

Why not meet new people and get to know them?

The Immortal Emperors were surprised that Gravis had agreed this readily.

Apparently, he wasn’t as prideful as his previous boasts made him appear to be.

“The Ancestor would like to meet you, Gravis,” the Sect Master said.

Gravis looked at the Sect Master and nodded. “Sure.”

Then, the Sect Master turned to that one young woman that had spoken to Gravis before, the one with the seemingly high status. “Samantha, please lead our new Ascender to the Ancestor’s residence.”

‘Samantha?’ Gravis thought as he looked at the woman.

“Yes, please follow me,” Samantha said as she gestured for Gravis to follow her.

Gravis simply followed her as they were making their way to the east of the Purist Sect.

Gravis waved to Stella and Liam, telling them that he would be back soon.

Gravis and Samantha walked for a couple of seconds in silence.

“Does this remind you of something?” Gravis suddenly asked Samantha.

Samantha’s eyes widened in surprise. Then, she turned to Gravis and looked at him with a smirk. “Yes, it does. Around 170,000 years ago, I led a young Immortal to my teacher.”

Gravis only smiled. “You think I forgot?” he asked.

“Honestly? Yes,” Samantha answered with a smile. “We have only met once, and that was when you arrived at my teacher’s clearing. I didn’t expect you to still remember me.”

Gravis only smiled.

Gravis had met two people with the name Samantha in his life. One had been killed by Gravis as tempering in the Sect Alliance’s territory, while the other one had been an Immortal King in Arc’s clearing.

Back when Gravis had just arrived in this world, Exar had given him Arc’s emblem. When Gravis had crushed that emblem, he had been teleported to Arc’s clearing. Back then, it was Samantha that had led Gravis to Arc.

It had been a short meeting, but Gravis had remembered her.

Well, he hadn’t really consciously thought of her in forever, but he got reminded of her when he heard her name again just now.

Gravis had also inspected Samantha’s Cultivation Realm just now, and it was quite impressive.

Early Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.

Cultivators in that Realm counted as the most powerful Cultivators that could be deployed. After all, only Ascenders, Ancestors, Sect Masters, and Vice-Sect Masters were more powerful, and they couldn’t be deployed easily.

No wonder her status was so high.

She was above Core Elders but below Vice-Sect Masters.

After some minutes, Gravis and Samantha arrived in a solitary, wooden hut at the eastern edge of the Purist Sect. This wooden hut was located even further east than the palace with the Purist Sect’s leadership.

Gravis had already expected something like this.

‘I wonder what person the Ancestor of the Purist Sect is.’ Gravis thought. ‘After all, they should also be the new Keeper for Underworld.’

Gravis and Samantha arrived before the door of the hut.

Then, Samantha simply opened the door without knocking and entered, making Gravis raise one of his eyebrows.

However, Gravis simply followed inside.

Inside the hut, Gravis could see a table with two cushions beside it and some very basic amenities.

Gravis looked around for the Ancestor but didn’t find them.

And then Samantha sat down in one of the cushions and gestured for Gravis to also sit down.

Gravis blinked a couple of times in surprise.

“Surprised?” Samantha asked with a smirk.


And that’s when Samantha released her power.

Her power climbed from the Early Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm to a level Gravis couldn’t feel.

And there was only a single level Cultivators could reach in this world that Gravis couldn’t feel.

Peak Immortal Emperor.

Gravis was beyond surprised.

He had inspected Samantha’s Realm thoroughly, but he had only seen that she was an Early Major Circulation Immortal Emperor.

One had to know that it was very, very difficult to hide one’s Realm in front of Gravis.

However, there was one way.

“Law of Humility, huh?” Gravis asked.

Samantha only smiled widely.


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