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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 979: Sect Master Bahasa Indonesia


Nearly a hundred people teleported to the training area of the Purist Sect.

All of them gathered in the sky as they looked at the cut that Gravis had created with shining eyes.

All of them were Immortal Emperors.

They looked at the cut like it had something of incredible worth inside of it.

Gravis only stood there with an awkward smile.

‘I might have overdone it a little bit,’ he thought.

The area was only filled with silence for several seconds.

“Please,” one young woman from the new arrivals said with respect. “Please show us once again.”

Gravis scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Okay,” he said.

All the different Immortal Emperors made space for Gravis as they watched with concentration.

On the side, Stella looked with a warm smile at Gravis. Sure enough, nothing that Gravis did was simple.

Gravis took out his saber again.

Then, he swung towards the horizon once again.

However, this time, the power of Gravis’ Form Law immediately showed itself. Back then, Gravis wanted to act cool, which was why he had suppressed the destructive effect of his slash until he snapped his fingers.

Now, he didn’t need to do that anymore.

The wave of Gravis’ saber traveled towards the horizon with incomparable speeds as it created another cut in the world. The sheer power of the Law demanded respect from everyone that watched.

The Immortal Emperors watched with spellbound expressions at the cut.

Then, they closed their eyes to analyze what they had just seen.

Yet, they only became more shocked when they analyzed the slash.

It was made out of level five Battle Laws!

Then, how was it a level six Form Law?

None of the Immortal Emperors recognized all the insights of Gravis’ Form Law, but they recognized some of them.

The Immortal Emperors immediately talked to each other and shared their insights, and in the end, they managed to create a picture of Gravis’ Form Law.

14 different level five Laws!

This was unreal!

Who would do something like that!?

Who had the time for something like that!?

Even their Ancestors and Ascenders didn’t bother comprehending something like that. After all, these were only level five Laws. As soon as someone had created a level five Form Law, they would immediately look towards the level six Laws. Creating a level six Form Law was the next goal.

So, the Immortal Emperors focused on comprehending level six element-specific Battle Laws. With those, they would be one step closer to comprehending a level six Form Law. Even more, as soon as they understood just one component, they could directly ascend to the next world.

Because of that, level six Form Laws were nonexistent in this world.

Had Exar known a level six Form Law?


Not even Exar had known one.


Because he had been fully focused on the Major Law of the Dead World. Exar was powerful, but he “only” had 350,000 years to comprehend Laws. The Major Law of the Dead World already demanded a ridiculous amount of level five Laws and five level six Laws. Condensing a level six Form Law would need another four level six Laws.

Exar barely managed to comprehend the Major Law of the Dead World before ascending. This meant that he simply hadn’t had enough time to condense a level six Form Law.

So, if not even Exar had comprehended a level six Form Law, who had?

No one.

Even the best Ascender had only comprehended two level six Laws. They still needed one more to condense a level six Form Law.

The Immortal Emperors talked to each other with shock, and when they finally uncovered the number of level five Laws that went into Gravis’ Form Law, they all looked at him with burning eyes.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. ‘They wouldn’t do something stupid, right?’ Gravis thought.

The Immortal Emperors all landed in front of Gravis and looked at him.

Then, something shocking happened.

They all kneeled down!

“Sect Master,” they said deferentially in unison.

Gravis was taken aback.

Then, he looked around himself.

Yet, he didn’t see the Sect Master anywhere.

Gravis turned back to the bowing Immortal Emperors and pointed at himself in confusion. “Do you mean me?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, Sect Master,” the young lady from earlier said to Gravis. She had been the one that had requested another performance of Gravis’ Form Law. Obviously, she held quite an important position in the Purist Sect since everyone else was behind her.

Gravis couldn’t process what was happening.


Suddenly, the sound of someone suppressing a laugh could be heard, and Gravis looked over.

It was Stella.

Right now, Stella was suppressing her laughter as she looked at Gravis.

“What’s going on?” Gravis asked Stella.

“You have the most powerful Form Law,” Stella said with a grin. “Therefore, you have the highest position in the Purist Sect. This means that you are the Sect Master of the Purist Sect now.”

Gravis’ brain stopped working for a moment.

Sect Master?

He was supposed to be the Sect Master of the most powerful Peak Sect of this world?

“She’s right.”

A new voice appeared as three new people arrived between Gravis and the bowing Immortal Emperors.

The woman in the center had been the one that had just spoken. Her hair was silver, and she was exuding a sharp aura of a sword.

Two middle-aged men stood behind her.

The woman in the center was the Sect Master of the Purist Sect, while the other two were the Vice-Sect Masters.

Then, these three also bowed.

“I hereby abdicate my position as Sect Master,” the woman in the center said. “May the new Sect Master show us the path to the future!”

Her voice sounded calm, but deep inside, she was shocked beyond belief.

She had looked at Gravis carefully the entire time, not knowing how she should approach him.

Yet, Gravis had unveiled the only level six Form Law in this world.

Just like the other people in her Sect, the Sect Master also followed the principles of the Purist Sect.

Gravis’ Form Law was much more powerful than her own, which meant that Gravis had the right to become the Purist Sect’s Sect Master.

His Realm didn’t matter.

Only the Form Law was important.

While Gravis was still trying to get to terms with his new situation, the Sect Master shot a look at Stella and Liam. Usually, she would have already reprimanded them since they were not bowing, but she knew that these were Gravis’ friends.

She didn’t have the right to admonish the friends of the new Sect Master.

“Hey, I think you’ve got something wrong here,” Gravis said quickly, waving his hands. “I don’t want to be part of the Purist Sect.”

The eyes of everyone widened in shock.

When Gravis had said that he didn’t want to be part of the Purist Sect earlier, they all believed him to be some arrogant youngster.

However, his words had a very different meaning now.

Gravis really wasn’t interested in joining, even as a Sect Master.

Why not!?

Who would decline to become the Sect Master of the most powerful Peak Sect!?

The Sect Master released a sigh of relief.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t because of the fact that she got to keep her position, but because Gravis’ refusal to accept the position of Sect Master had shown his personality.

Exar had told them that as long as they didn’t offend Gravis, everything would be fine.

He never said that they had to become friends or allies.

He also never said that they had to bow before him out of fear.

He had only said that they shouldn’t go against him.

This meant neutrality was an option.

And sure enough, Exar had been right. Gravis had simply politely declined the position of Sect Master.

He wasn’t some kind of power-hungry overlord.

Even more, this proved that Gravis genuinely wasn’t on the side of the beasts.

After all, as far as Gravis knew, no one in the Purist Sect knew that he had a beast body. If Gravis were part of the beast camp, he could have rightfully claimed the position of Sect Master and then slowly steer the Purist Sect towards destruction.

Yet, Gravis simply didn’t care.

“May I ask why you are declining?” the Sect Master asked, still bowing. “Is the Purist Sect not up to your standards?”

“No! No!” Gravis quickly answered. “I just don’t want to deal with organization, leadership, looking after a Sect, and all that stuff. I just want to comprehend my Laws, temper myself, and that’s it. I’m not interested in any kind of respect or societal power.”

Some of the Immortal Emperors frowned.

They had just seen the person with the most powerful Form Law in the world.

Sadly, he was not interested in becoming a Sect Master.

Unfortunately, this was not surprising.

After all, many Cultivators only wanted to become stronger themselves. Being a Sect Master put a lot of responsibility on a person, and it would also be harder for that person to cultivate since the Sect Master needed to make a call whenever something of relevance happened.

“Then, do you wish to become an Ascender?” the Sect Master asked, standing up. Gravis had declined the position of Sect Master, which meant that she no longer had to bow in front of him.

Gravis knew what the Purist Sect meant with Ascender.

When Peak Sects talked about Ascenders, they were talking about members of their Sect that already knew a level six Law.

They only had a single job.

Defend the Sect if something is threatening it, just like the Ancestor.

“Eh,” Gravis uttered as he scratched the back of his head again.

That actually wasn’t such a bad position.


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