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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 976: Queuing Up Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “I don’t want to put on a big show,” Gravis said.

Stella only smirked as she looked at him. “But I want you to put on a show.”

‘Huh,’ Gravis thought, not expecting that answer.

“Why?” Gravis asked.

Stella came a bit closer to Gravis, her head just centimeters in front of his own. “Because I want to show everyone how powerful my man is,” she said.

Gravis was captivated by Stella’s eyes.

‘I mean, why not?’ Gravis thought. ‘I’m no longer at a level where I need to keep my power a secret. Additionally, the Purist Sect is not like the Nine Elements Sect. Exar has led this Sect for hundreds of thousands of years.’

“Well, if you want me to, sure,” Gravis agreed.

Stella smiled happily. “Thanks, Gravy,” she said, giving him a little kiss.

Gravis’ insides trembled a bit.

Stella only called him Gravy when they were intimate.

She had even said one time that she would only eat sausages with Gravy.

After hearing that, Gravis couldn’t wait until they were by themselves again.

However, Gravis didn’t lose his rationality. Even if the chances of someone too powerful attacking him was low, Gravis still consumed some Immortal Stones.

After that, Gravis created another body and sent it away.

It was important to have a fail-safe.

After doing that, Stella led Gravis to the northern side of the Purist Sect. The entrance to the Purist Sect was at the west while the leaders were on the east.

In the south were all the important buildings like the trading hub, exchange hall, mission hall, and so on.

The north was for disciples to cultivate and fight. It was the general training area for the Purist Sect.

Gravis and Stella quickly arrived at the place and looked at it. Stella didn’t show any reaction, but Gravis was quite surprised.

There were so many people!

There were not many people in the surrounding areas, but the center was completely filled with people of different strengths.

Even more, the people stood in a long queue that snaked its way through the training area.

Apparently, all of them were queuing up in front of a jade-like stone that had the symbol of the Purist Sect on it. The stone was three meters tall and one meter wide.

An old man with white hair stood beside the stone with a serious expression.

He was a Peak Immortal King.

Quite powerful.

“These are all people that want to join the Purist Sect,” Stella said from beside Gravis.

“That’s a lot of people,” Gravis said. “I take it that stone is for testing the Form Laws?”

Stella nodded. “Yes. This stone is for people that want to join the Purist Sect. We have several more such stones in the Sect, but only this one can be used by outsiders.”

“And you want me to hit that one?” Gravis asked as he scratched the side of his head.

Stella nodded with a smile.

Gravis looked at the stone and nodded. Then, he turned to Stella with a smirk and winked at her. “Alright! Just wait for me! I’m going to put up an awesome show for you!”

“I can barely wait!” Stella said with a wide smile.

Then, he walked over to the back of the queue and started waiting.

He wondered how long it would take.

As Gravis arrived at the back of the queue, the person in front of him looked back at Gravis.

Then, the eyes of the person widened, and he bowed.

“Please, you can take my spot, Senior,” he said.

Why was this person so polite?

Because he couldn’t feel Gravis’ Cultivation.

One had to remember that Gravis was a Peak Immortal King, which was the level of a Sect Master of a High-Rank Sect.

Unaffiliated Peak Immortal Kings basically didn’t exist. They were all either leaders of High-Rank Sects or were part of the Purist Sect.

It was incredibly rare to see a Peak Immortal King in this queue.

Of course, the person in front of Gravis didn’t know about Gravis’ true power. After all, he was only in the Law Comprehension Realm.

“It’s fine,” Gravis said with a dismissive wave. “I have time.”

“Senior sure is old and wise. Even the passage of several days is nothing but the blink of an eye in Senior’s eyes,” the young man said respectfully. “I thank Senior for allowing this one to stay in the queue.”

Obviously, the guy was only bootlicking, which was why Gravis just dismissed him.

While Gravis waited, he was throwing looks at the distant Stella, who had to laugh at Gravis standing in a queue.

“Hey, Liam,” Stella transmitted.

“Yes?” Liam asked.

“You have to take a look at this!” Stella said with mirth.

Liam stretched out his Spirit Sense but didn’t see anything peculiar.

“See what?” Liam asked.

Stella giggled a bit. “Look at the last person in line,” she answered.

Liam didn’t know what could be so interesting here. These were all newcomers. Sure, there might be some talented people, but nothing that would warrant Stella calling him.

However, when Liam saw the last person in the queue, his mind stopped working.


What was he doing here!?

And… was he lining up for the Form Law Stone? Did he even know a Form Law?

“Does he know a Form Law?” Liam asked.

Stella had to chuckle a bit again. “Yes,” she answered.

Liam knew about Gravis’ power, and he also knew that anything involving Gravis was world-toppling.

How powerful was his Form Law?

Liam became interested and teleported to Stella, also looking.

Gravis noticed Liam and waved at him.

Liam had become a Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor.

Liam had a complex expression on his face.

Yet, in the end, he waved back.

All the things Gravis did were so far in the past that Liam wasn’t even resentful anymore.

Stella was happy, and that was the only important thing.

Sadly, Liam still felt a bit awkward interacting with Gravis.

The old man beside the stone had noticed that two Core Elders had come to watch, and he became nervous.

Why were two Core Elders here!?

Did he do something wrong!?

The participants didn’t notice anything peculiar.

Everyone they met in the Purist Sect had power beyond anything they could comprehend. So, in their eyes, Immortal Emperors didn’t look any different from Immortals.

Gravis talked with Stella and Liam as he waited in the queue.

Meanwhile, in the castle in the east of the Purist Sect.

A silver-haired woman was watching the north of her Sect.

Her Sect?

Yes, this Sect belonged to her.

This was the current Sect Master of the Purist Sect.

Behind the silver-haired woman were two black-clothed men.

Everything about them was hidden, and no one could even feel their aura.

These were two Elders of the Underworld, who also were the two Vice-Sect Masters of the Purist Sect.

This room was the only room that had Formation Arrays on it.

After all, Underworld had to be kept hidden.

“He’s queuing up for the Form Law Stone,” the Sect Master said.

“How powerful do you think his Form Laws are?” one of the Vice-Sect Masters asked.

“It’s, at the very least, an above-average level five Form Law,” the Sect Master said.

The two Vice-Sect Masters were skeptical. “Are you sure? He’s only a Peak Immortal King.”

“Have you forgotten what our previous Keeper said?” the Sect Master asked.

“We didn’t forget,” a Vice-Sect Master said. “However, he couldn’t have grown that much in just a couple ten thousand years. He still needs time to develop.”

“I think you are not taking the words of our previous Keeper seriously,” the Sect Master said with a frown. “He said that this Gravis lives in a completely different world from us. He told us that we can’t even judge him by the standards of the Cultivators of legends. He told us that everything about him is filled with impossibility.”

“He probably even knows a level six Law already,” the Sect Master said.

The two Vice-Sect Masters weren’t so sure if they should believe that.

Not even their Sect Master knew a level six Law.

How could an Immortal King know a level six Law?

“Never forget what our previous Keeper has warned us about,” the Sect Master said.

“Never anger Gravis.”

“Angering Gravis is worse than angering all the other four Peak Sects at once.”

“Just let him do whatever he wants, and everything will be fine.”

The Sect Master looked with a warning tone at her two Vice-Sect Masters.

“Never forget that.”


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