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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 977: Vice-Sect Masters’ Doubts Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis continued to wait in the queue, and the more Gravis waited in the queue, the more skeptical the two Vice-Sect Masters became.

Gravis was not acting like a person that could cause a great calamity.

He was sometimes making faces at Stella or poking a person in the queue on the shoulder with his Spirit and then looking away innocently.

He was acting like a kid.

When they had heard the words of the previous Keeper, they had imagined some cruel and bloodthirsty beast.

Yet, Gravis only appeared like a kid that took nothing seriously.

Of course, it was only natural that Gravis acted like this.

After all, he was currently having the best time of his life.

He was not chased by anything.

He was rapidly gaining new Laws.

He had found true love with Stella, and he would be spending the next couple of years with her.

And on top of that, Gravis was near the end of this higher world. Just a little bit more, and he would be able to return home and stay there forever.

He wouldn’t have to leave for another world again.

Everything was going swimmingly for Gravis, which made him relax quite a bit.

So, he was simply having some fun by teasing Stella a bit, who also enjoyed it.

In essence, Gravis was simply having fun with Stella and acted like nobody else was around.

After all, the opinions of others didn’t have anything to do with him. Gravis simply did whatever he wanted, and right now, he wanted to have some fun.

Of course, his entire demeanor could change in a heartbeat if someone tried to go against him or Stella.

“Are you sure that’s the one the previous Keeper warned us about?” one of the Vice-Sect Masters asked the Sect Master.

The Sect Master’s expression remained stalwart, but deep inside, she was also harboring some doubts.

“I’m pretty sure it’s him,” she said. “The previous Keeper told us of the three powerful, unaffiliated Immortal Kings. Additionally, I also remembered hearing about their shocking actions many years ago. Back then, I was only in the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.”

“The tournament for Holy Maiden’s hand in the Nine Elements Sect, right?” one of the Vice-Sect Masters asked.

The Sect Master nodded.

“As you are all aware, the previous Holy Maiden of the Nine Elements Sect is the Core Elder Stella. Gravis took her away back then, which shook the entire world. On top of that, this Gravis that is currently standing in the queue has a beast body. So, it must be him,” the Sect Master explained.

One of the Vice-Sect Masters sighed. “It’s actually impressive that not even we can see his true body,” he said.

As long as someone’s Will-Aura was at the same level or weaker than Gravis’ Will-Aura, the Law of Perceived Reality couldn’t be broken. Because of that, even though the two Vice-Sect Masters knew that Gravis had a beast body, they couldn’t see it, no matter how hard they looked.

“He has a Will-Aura on the level of a Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor,” the Sect Master said. “Having such an insanely powerful Will-Aura at his level is actually surreal. It’s eight levels of Battle-Strength above himself.”

“In order to create such a powerful Will-Aura, he must have the ability to fight, at least, four levels above himself, which also seems like an impossibility,” the Sect Master said.

“So, it has to be him,” she added, “no matter how innocent or childish he’s acting.”


The two Vice-Sect Masters only looked with uncertain expressions at each other.

After all, this was hard to believe without seeing it with one’s own eyes.

Right now, they could only believe the words of the Sect Master.

To their eyes, Gravis appeared like a normal Peak Immortal King.

To their eyes, nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

The three of them only looked towards the north of the Sect, waiting for Gravis’ turn.

Two days of waiting later, it was nearly Gravis’ turn.

Standing in a queue for two days was something insane for mortals, but for Immortal Kings, two days was basically nothing. Just a single distracting thought about Laws would take weeks.

“Next!” the old man beside the stone ordered.

“Wish me luck, Senior,” the young guy in front of Gravis said to him.

“You will pass,” Gravis answered casually.

“Thank you, Senior,” he said with a bow.

Then, he walked forward and stopped ten meters in front of the stone as he took out a gigantic hammer.

‘Hammers are rare,’ Gravis thought.

“You can begin. Unleash the full power of your Form Law,” the old man said with practiced ease.

The young man took a deep breath and pulled his hammer back.


Then, the hammer swung in a gigantic arc over the young man’s head. However, it didn’t strike down but pulled the young man with it.

The hammer passed over the young man and then passed the young man again below him.

The young man did a flip and put more power into the swing, making the hammer go even faster.

All of this had only taken an instant.

Then, he struck down.


The stone vibrated, and a bit of dirt jumped up from the ground.

However, nothing was destroyed. After all, the stone also absorbed all the power of the attack. It would be a hassle if the Purist Sect had to repair their Sect after every swing.

The stone shone in a bright yellow light, signifying that the Form Law of the attacker was an above-average level three Form Law.

The stone gave its evaluation with the color and intensity of the light. From level one to level five laws, the colors were red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

The brightness of the stone showed how good the Law was at its level.

The people in the queue nodded with praise.

Not only did that Law Comprehension Realm Cultivator know a level three Form Law, but his Law was also pretty good. He probably had a bright future ahead of him in the Purist Sect.

“Medium-High Grade level three Form Law of the Hammer,” the old man said with a nod.

Then, he looked at the young man. “Do you want to join the Immortality-Preparation Disciples?” he asked.

The young man’s eyes shone with exhilaration. “Yes! YES! I want to! Thank you so much!” he shouted.

Joining the Immortality-Preparation Disciples had been his highest goal, and he had achieved it!

What were the Immortality-Preparation Disciples?

They were the group of the most talented Law Comprehension Realm Cultivators. Just as the name implied, the Immortality-Preparation Disciples’ jobs were to prepare for Immortality.

This meant that the Purist Sect would do its best to help the disciple condense a powerful Law for their future Avatar.

“Good,” the old man said. “Go to the east and ask for Elder Capricorn. He will introduce the Sect to you.”

The young man bowed and thanked the person in front of him.

Then, he bowed once more to Gravis and left.

“Next!” the old man shouted after the young man left.

Gravis stepped forward.

And when the old man noticed Gravis, his eyes widened in shock.

‘A Peak Immortal King!’

‘Why is a Peak Immortal King here!?’


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