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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 955: Three Black Demons Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis looked at the Black Demon as they readied themselves for battle.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” the Black Demon asked coldly. “I’ve believed that the friend you were going to call would be more powerful than you, but it turns out that he is also just a Late Major Circulation Immortal King. I told you that you should respect your higher-ups so that you don’t accidentally get killed by someone that’s not as mildly tempered as I am.”

Gravis wasn’t there when the two of them talked previously, but he could already picture it very well.

The Black Demon probably thought that Mortis was relying on someone else to become powerful. In the Black Demon’s perspective, this was akin to throwing away one’s future prospects. He probably honestly only wanted to give Mortis some good advice.

Sadly, the Black Demon talked to Mortis like he was better than him, even though he was in a Realm that Mortis could still fight against.

Mortis probably said something along the lines that this didn’t have anything to do with him and that the Black Demon should mind his own business.

Of course, the Black Demon took this as disrespectful behavior from a young beast that he perceived to be spoiled.

And that’s how everything escalated.

Sometimes, a “misunderstanding” would result in the death of someone.


While Gravis was still thinking about the situation, Mortis already shot forward with his full speed. Divine Lightning exploded beneath Mortis’ feet, enhanced by the Laws of Lightning’s Supreme Speed, Lightning’s Manipulation, and Lightning’s Supreme Power. Simultaneously, Mortis was also using the level three Law of Time to boost his speed.

In short, Mortis was using one level six Law, three level five Laws, and one level three Law solely to increase his speed.

Mortis’ speed was ridiculous for his Realm.

However, the Black Demon was five levels above them as a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor.

This meant that the physical power of the Black Demon was a whopping 1,024 times as powerful as Mortis’ physical power!

Just this advantage alone already gave him an insane amount of speed!

The Black Demon was stunned.

How was that Immortal King so fast!?

Additionally, was that Divine Lightning!?

Yet, the Black Demon was a veteran in combat, and his stunned surprise didn’t stop him from reacting.

The Black Demon stabbed forward with two spears while keeping his swords close to himself.

Gravis saw this and narrowed his eyes.

If Mortis continued like this, he would get impaled by the spears. Sure, he would still be able to unleash a powerful Lightning Crescent, but it was too dangerous.

Mortis also had to know that his opponent wouldn’t make such a rookie mistake where they didn’t realize what it meant to trade injuries for death.

In short, the chances of success that Mortis’ assault would win the fight was minuscule, and Mortis should know that.

This only left one possibility.

Mortis was entrusting his life to Gravis.

Gravis wouldn’t disappoint Mortis. After all, Gravis saw Mortis as a younger, less experienced version of himself. Even if Gravis didn’t want to admit it, he was looking at Mortis like Mortis was a younger brother.

He had to protect his younger brother.

Gravis’ claws extended forward, and he moved them in peculiar ways to manipulate reality.

Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality activated, and with Mortis present, its power was boosted to the power of a level six Law.

At the same time, Gravis was hiding something else he was preparing.


One of the spears missed completely while the other one grazed Mortis. However, as soon as it touched Mortis, a violent explosion of Frostinferno appeared. Just like the name implied, this was the Mixed Element of Inferno and Frost.

Mortis was thrown to the left side of the Black Demon as parts of his body started freezing solid while other parts turned to ash.

The power of Frostinferno was that the powers of Frost and Inferno were mixed together without being canceled out. It was like taking a bucket filled half with water and half with oil, stirring it violently so that both liquids didn’t have time to settle in their respective places, and then throwing the bucket at an opponent.

They would be splattered by drops of water and oil in random places.

As Mortis flew to the side, the Black Demon readied his swords and also slashed to the side.

Mortis was stunned for a second since the Frostinferno was making it hard for him to evade.


However, the two strikes hit the Black Demon’s right side, while Mortis was thrown to his left side!

This was the doing of Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality.

As long as something looked believable in the eyes of someone, they wouldn’t question their perception. The Black Demon saw and heard the explosion, which meant that he knew that his Frostinferno had hit.

However, the Black Demon didn’t feel which spear touched Mortis since the spear was just too sharp. Hitting Mortis felt no different from hitting air.

So, Gravis changed the perception of the Black Demon.

The Black Demon noticed that the Mortis he had just struck seemingly vanished into nothingness, and his mind became filled with fear.

Mortis recovered instantly thanks to the level five Law of Body Growth and summoned a second saber, which was also filled with a Lightning Crescent.

Then, Mortis struck with both sabers at once.

Both of them hit the right shoulder of the Black Demon.


Over ten thousand kilometers were turned into nothingness as the ground and sky vanished, leaving behind a humongous crater.

The explosion immediately vanished.


Mortis was out of Energy and accelerated again, but without his lightning. Instead, he was only using his body.

However, Mortis was not charging into the crater, but into the distance.

Gravis noticed what Mortis was doing and immediately knew why he was doing it.

‘Fine!’ Gravis thought.


A violent explosion of dirt occurred in the crater.

The Black Demon was charging out of the crater, and he was multiple times faster than Mortis when he had used his full speed!

The Black Demon had just eaten two Lightning Crescents from a point-blank distance.

However, he had only lost his right arm, and the right side of his body only lost some skin and muscles.

Such an injury was not deadly for an Immortal Emperor.

In fact, it wasn’t even debilitating since his body was healing with quite some speed.

The Black Demon’s defense was ridiculously powerful!

Yet, Gravis noticed that his body wasn’t healing as quickly as anticipated.

‘He probably knows several level four Body Growth Laws, but not the level five variant. Even the level four Body Growth Laws need some time to heal the body of a beast in the Immortal Emperor Realm,’ Gravis thought.

The Black Demon was charging after Mortis with insane speeds, quickly gaining ground. None of the two could teleport since the Lightning Crescents had thrown space into chaos.

Suddenly, Mortis looked back and noticed the Black Demon charging after him.


Then, lightning exploded out of him as he took a sharp turn.

He was now charging at Gravis.

The Black Demon saw this and thought that Mortis was probably seeking help from Gravis to recover some Energy and also charged at Gravis.

This white Black Demon was insanely powerful, and he definitely couldn’t take him lightly. However, there was also that other Black Demon that was his opponent.

It was impossible that the other Black Demon was just as ridiculously powerful as the white one, right?

So, as long as he took out the other Black Demon first, he would fight Mortis in a one-versus-one.

As Mortis charged at Gravis, the Black Demon was also charging at him.

However, due to the speed difference, the Black Demon arrived at Gravis’ location far earlier than Mortis.

The Black Demon readied his spears and stabbed them at Gravis.

What the Black Demon didn’t notice was that Mortis had seemingly vanished.

Mortis had never changed his direction.

In reality, he had been charging into the distance without pause.

Gravis had manipulated reality so that the Black Demon thought that Mortis would charge towards Gravis. After all, it was normal to seek the help of a teammate when an overpowering enemy was attacking them.

The Black Demon hadn’t questioned his perception at all.

Gravis smirked as he saw the two spears coming towards him.

Gravis lifted his right index claw and pointed it at the Black Demon.

Gravis winked with a smile.



Out of nowhere, a spear suddenly shot at the Black Demon’s torso with ridiculous speeds.

This was the other thing that Gravis had kept hidden with his Law of Perceived Reality.



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