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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 954: Ready Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to a secluded place deep underground to comprehend the Hard Complex Material Law.

However, for quite some time, Gravis couldn’t calm down.

A hard fight was on the horizon.

Gravis knew that this fight wouldn’t be as dangerous as his fight against Eran, but there was still a good chance that Gravis might die. If Gravis were to fight alone, this fight would probably be even more dangerous than his fight against Eran, but he was fighting with Mortis.

Together with Mortis, it should be possible to win the fight.

‘It’s been over 11,000 years since my last tempering,’ Gravis thought. ‘Far shorter than the break I had before that, but it feels even longer. However, that’s understandable since I’ve done a lot of memorable things since then.’

Gravis took out the four fruits and looked at them. ‘Three should be enough with my experience in the Material Laws. I also don’t need tempering for level five Laws anymore, which should make this far easier.’

‘It’s all thanks to my affinity with lightning, actually,’ Gravis thought with furrowed brows. ‘Usually, Cultivators need to comprehend about three level five Laws before they can comprehend another one without tempering. Yet, thanks to my affinity towards lightning, I can look at the Lightning Laws first, allowing me to gather enough experience.’

‘Anyway, I should eat the fruit first.’

Gravis threw the fruit into his maw and closed his eyes.

As soon as the fruit reached his stomach, Gravis felt a ton of materials being created in his stomach. Yet, these materials didn’t just stay there but quickly dispersed again.

In just the blink of an eye, so many materials had materialized and dematerialized. These materials existed, but they also kind of didn’t exist. Their Energy didn’t settle down, after all. If the Energy settled down, the materials would actually manifest, and they wouldn’t vanish anymore.

However, that would mean that the Energy would also be used up.

There wasn’t so much Energy in the Life Fruits to create many materials, but that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that the Energy was almost ethereal as it manifested into materials and then transformed into Energy again.

As Gravis concentrated on all these materials, something suddenly shocked him so hard that his focus was broken.

‘What was that just now!?’ Gravis thought. ‘Did I see that correctly!?’

Gravis continued looking at the manifesting materials but no longer cared about the Law for now. Right now, he was only focusing on categorizing the materials.


Something appeared for a short moment just to vanish again, but Gravis’ Spirit was fast enough to look at it in detail.

Gravis took a deep breath.

‘Sure enough,’ Gravis thought. ‘Who would have thought?’

What did Gravis see?

A Middle World Core!

The Hard Complex Material Law could create Middle World Cores!

No wonder there were so few in an entire middle world. They were created by the level five Hard Complex Material Law!

‘But then, how can these Middle World Cores appear in a middle world? The amount of Energy required to create them is far more than the Energy an entire middle world should have.’

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘This can only mean that they were placed there deliberately by something that’s not from a middle world, a higher Heaven probably.’

Gravis’ brows furrowed.

‘Are the Middle World Cores actually really the core of a middle world? Do they have some kind of function that allows a world to be a world?’

Gravis tried to find the way a Heaven would use a World Core to structure the world, but Gravis’ knowledge wasn’t deep enough to make a concrete conclusion. He had a couple of suspicions, but he couldn’t be sure.

After the shock subsided, Gravis went back to concentrating on the Law. The Life Fruit only held for a limited amount of time, and Gravis couldn’t waste it.

After ten years, the forces in the Life Fruit vanished, and Gravis spent the next 50 years consolidating his new understanding.

Then, he ate the second fruit, and the same process repeated.


And 140 years after ingesting the first fruit, Gravis comprehended the Major Law of Complex Materials!

Gravis took a deep breath.


Gravis summoned several different kinds of ores and mixed them together with his lightning.

After a couple of seconds, Gravis created a ton of weapons. All of them were created with Hard Complex Materials at the level of an Early Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor. Together with the level four Battle Laws for Core, Gravis made the weapons powerful enough to resist someone five levels above himself.

The most powerful attacks of his opponent might still break Gravis’ weapons, but just a random attack wouldn’t be enough.

‘This is a fight against a beast five levels higher than me, which means that its body is insanely powerful. Winning against a human would already be easier since my Law of Freedom counters their Will-Aura. A human might be able to unleash more powerful attacks with a higher frequency thanks to their superior Energy storage and Spirit, but their speed and defense are lacking.’

‘Even with our newly comprehended level five Law of Lightning’s Supreme Speed, we will certainly still be slower than our opponent. After all, our opponent’s body is simply far too overpowering.’

‘I can still imagine winning against a beast five levels higher than me, but this enemy is a Black Demon. Honestly, if Mortis didn’t fight with me, I wouldn’t dare to fight someone like that. It would be suicide.’

After finishing his equipment, Gravis contacted Mortis.

“I’m done. I’m now coming to your location,” he transmitted.

“I finished comprehending the level five Law of Lightning’s Supreme Power some years ago, too,” Mortis answered. “With that, our attacking power should be enough to get through our opponent’s defense. If I hadn’t had confidence that I could comprehend this Law in such a short amount of time, I wouldn’t have challenged him. This Law is imperative if we want to actually win.”

Gravis nodded.


After that, Gravis shot towards the northwest, the place where Mortis was currently.

After a couple hours, Gravis arrived.

It was a massive mountain range that went high into the sky, each mountain being thousands of kilometers tall. At the top of the mountains, Gravis could feel powerful bolts of lightning clashing against each other.

The tops of these mountains were obviously a Law Comprehension Area for a lightning-related Battle Law.

The lightning bolts were illuminating the clouds in a seizure-inducing display of blinding light.

Gravis quickly found Mortis and appeared beside him.

They weren’t standing close to the mountains currently, but in a gigantic wasteland to the east of them.

The opponent was also already present.

It was a Black Demon standing on two human legs. He had four arms, which ended in four sharp claws. His head looked similar to the head a dragon would have, filled with violent, black scales and terrifying fangs. He even had a zagged, long, black horn, which he probably used to defend his head from any attacks.

Mortis stood beside Gravis, also in his beast form.

In front of the Black Demon stood two other Black Demons now, one of them black, the other white.

Mortis had only two arms, while Gravis had six.


Mortis took out his saber. He had already created a couple of new ones with the Law of Hard Complex Materials.

Gravis also took out some sabers.

The Black Demon took out two spears and two swords.

No introduction was necessary.

When beasts fought, they didn’t need to talk much.

Fighting came naturally.


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