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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 947: Token Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had finished comprehending the level three Body Battle Laws. They weren’t of much use, but they at least gave him a basis for the more powerful ones.

One had to remember that the level three Laws were tailored for Cultivators in a middle world. As soon as someone became an Immortal, the level three Laws became weaker in relation to the higher power, and this weakness only further solidified when one became an Immortal King.

Now, it was time for the level four variants of these Laws.

Gravis went further into the beast territory since the more valuable Laws were more likely to be there. After asking around for a bit, Gravis got some directions under the confused eyes of the beasts.

Why did that Black Demon ask for the way?

Shouldn’t his Wave Leader have told him where to find one?

After teleporting around for a bit, Gravis arrived at the Law Comprehension Area for the Major Law of Strength, a level four Law.

Just like the previous Law Comprehension Areas, this one also wasn’t very impressive or anything. It was simply a big clearing with two beasts in it.

“Do you have a token?” someone asked from below Gravis.

Gravis looked down and saw a lion resting near the edge of the clearing. This lion was in the Late Minor Circulation Immortal King Realm.

‘Just as I’ve thought,’ Gravis thought. ‘The level four Laws are under strict supervision, and comprehending them isn’t free.’

Gravis pulled one of his scales out and retrieved a small, black object.

This was Narcissus’ token.

Gravis threw it over to the lion. “Here,” he said.

The lion caught the token and looked at it for a bit. Slowly, his brows furrowed.

He couldn’t understand this token.

Usually, a lot of information was stored in these tokens, which were created out of the body parts of the Wave Leaders. By feeling their aura and looking at them, a guard would be able to see which Wave Leader had granted access to this Law Comprehension Area.

The intensity of the aura told the guard how long the beast would be allowed to stay here.

If a Wave Leader wanted to give someone a lot of access to Law Comprehension Areas, they would have to cut off their Realm alongside their body part. This was the same method of cutting one’s body parts off as Gravis had used when he had purchased his Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the level five Law of Magma.

In short, their Realm might even drop.

Because of that, granting beasts access to Law Comprehension Areas could even come at a cost to the Wave Leader.

A Peak Immortal King Wave Leader could grant indefinite access to a level four Law Comprehension Area without much problem. After all, with their power, it wasn’t hard to create a token with the relevant power. They wouldn’t even need to cut off part of their Realm.

However, when it came to level five Laws, everything was different.

Different levels of Law Comprehension Areas required different levels of power. A Peak Immortal King Wave Leader would have to reduce their Realm by a bit to grant access to a level five Law Comprehension Area to someone else.

Usually, it wasn’t hard for a guard to check how much access a token could grant someone.

They only had to infuse their own aura into the token. This would result in the destruction of the previous owner’s will, essentially making the token useless after that.

However, there were standards that the guards had to follow.

According to which Law Comprehension Area they were defending, the guards were required to attack the will of the token with corresponding intensity.

A level four Law, for example, wouldn’t require a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King to attack the token with their full power.

No, they would only put a part of their will into the token. The two wills would cancel each other out to a certain degree, but depending on the power of the token, the will wouldn’t completely vanish.

Explaining this concept would be easier with a comparison. Imagine there was a fire, and one bucket of water would extinguish the fire perfectly. The fire represented the token, while the water represented how much force it would take to destroy the token.

One could say that being given unlimited time in a level four Law Comprehension Area would require a token that was able to cancel out one bucket of water. If the infused will of the guard perfectly canceled out the will in the token, it would mean that one could stay here until one fully understood the Law in that case.

However, if the will of the token was destroyed before resisting the guard’s will, the owner of the token would only get a limited amount of time, depending on how long the token resisted.

If the will of the token still existed after resisting the will of the guard, the owner of the token could use the remaining will on the token to exchange for more time in a different Law Comprehension Area.

The stronger the fire, the more buckets of water it could resist.

The lion looked at the black root before him, not knowing what kind of token it was.

This simply didn’t look like any token the guard had ever seen before.

However, it obviously was a token since there were some carvings on the root that complied with the code of creating authentic tokens.

After some seconds, the guard put one claw on the token and infused his will.


The guard’s eyes widened in shock.

The small part of his will, which he had infused into the token, had immediately been destroyed!

It was like a mortal person had rammed into a steel wall at ultrasonic speeds!

Immediate destruction!

The guard looked at the small black root in shock.

‘How powerful does the owner have to be to create such a powerful object!?’ he thought in shock. ‘This can only come from an Immortal Emperor!’

‘How much access could such a ridiculous token grant?’ the guard thought.

Gravis looked at the guard. “Everything alright?” he asked.

The lion looked back at Gravis with furrowed brows.


Then, he threw the token back to Gravis, who quickly caught it.

“You can stay here until you comprehend the Law,” the lion said, “but you already knew that, didn’t you?” he asked.

Gravis chuckled a bit. “Yes,” he said.

After that, Gravis nodded and entered the Law Comprehension Area.

Meanwhile, the lion sighed again. He also wanted to have such a token.

This was the difference between humans and beasts.

A human might have tried a way to get the token, like saying that it’s a fake and confiscating it or just directly killing the owner of it.

Yet, beasts were more united than humans.

It didn’t even cross the beast’s mind to steal that token from Gravis.

After all, a very powerful being had given Gravis that token.

More powerful beings were worthy of respect, and weaker beasts would follow their orders. So, even if the lion had never seen the powerful being that had granted Gravis this token, coveting the token would be going against his own leadership, which he acknowledged with his full heart.

They were one tribe, one organization, one territory.

One front.


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