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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 948: Life Enlightenment Bahasa Indonesia

After getting his token back, Gravis entered the clearing. In front of him were two beasts. One was a black civet, while the other one was a brown bear.

According to what they were doing, the brown bear was probably the one teaching the Major Law of Strength.

Just like the previous Law Comprehension Areas, this one was simply a beast teaching the others. After all, it was hard to find an application of the Major Law of Strength naturally. It was something that inherently lived inside a being’s body.

The bear looked at Gravis after throwing the civet away and nodded. “Wait for your turn,” he said.

Gravis only nodded back.

After half an hour, the bear was done with the civet and turned to Gravis. “We clash against each other with pure power, and I will activate and deactivate the Major Law of Strength,” he said. “With your power, you should be able to resist me even when I activate the Law. Simply try to see the difference in the applications.”

Gravis hadn’t reduced his Realm this time, and the bear was only in the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King Realm. Of course, the bear knew that he couldn’t resist Gravis if he actually used his full power.

The bear walked forward and lifted his paw.

Gravis lifted his right claw, and their appendages locked together.

“Rah!” the bear shouted as he used his physical power. Of course, it wasn’t difficult for Gravis to hold against that.

“I will now activate the Major Law of Strength,” the bear said. “Watch closely.”

Gravis nodded.


The sound of a tremor could be heard as the power of the bear multiplied. His physical power had increased by a whole level.

Gravis felt the difference in power and watched how the Law revolved inside the bear’s body. Of course, Gravis couldn’t really look into the bear’s body since there was a will inhabiting it, but he could extrapolate some clues based on what he felt.

This clash of power continued for a year until the bear stopped.

“Think about what you have seen,” the bear said. “Also, you can still watch my display with the other candidate to further your understanding.”

Gravis nodded, and the bear turned to the civet.

Then, he spent the next year pushing the civet around the clearing since it couldn’t resist the bear’s power, unlike Gravis.

Gravis watched with interest, but the more he watched, the more he realized that the level three Law of Supreme Strength was very different from the level four Law of Major Strength.

‘I should have seen that coming,’ Gravis thought. ‘After all, the body changes severely as soon as it reaches the Immortal Realm. At that point, all the old concepts become redundant and inefficient. It’s actually obvious that a Law that can influence the power of an Immortal body to such a degree would work very differently.’

‘However, comprehending the Law of Supreme Strength still comes with some advantages. After all, not the entire application changes, only a major part of it.’

Gravis spent the next years practicing with the bear.

100 years later.

‘It’s actually interesting how different the Laws work,’ Gravis thought. ‘By now, I have quite a bit of insight into the Law, and I can see that it allows for an integration of Energy into the physical body in a far more fundamental manner.’

‘The Law of Supreme Strength only puts the Energy into the body, but the Major Law of Strength directly adds the Energy to the Composition of the body, which is also Energy.’

Gravis scratched his chin as he watched the civet and the bear clash.

‘Immortal bodies work very differently from weaker bodies. Normal bodies are not as freely manipulatable as the bodies of Immortals. Even if I knew this Major Law of Strength, I wouldn’t even be able to use it without a body at the Immortal Realm. The concept simply wouldn’t be applicable since a normal body can’t be manipulated this freely.’

‘I know the level three Law of Life Composition, which allows me to see what’s possible to do with a body and what not. Something like this would definitely be impossible with what I know of the weaker Composition Laws.’

‘I don’t fully know the level four Body Composition Laws yet, but I also have some insights into them. I’m not entirely sure how this Law can be integrated into an Immortal body fully, but it obviously works.’

‘Comprehending this Law should help me in comprehending the level four Body Composition Laws, which I need desperately. After all, I can’t learn the Composition Laws of my own body since my body is simply composed of Void Lightning. I already know its Composition.’

‘Luckily, my Void Lightning can accommodate just as many different concepts as Energy. Otherwise, I might not be able to use these physical Battle Laws. I would still have the ability to use the ones below level four, but not the ones at level four or above. They simply wouldn’t work with normal lightning.’

‘What’s also interesting, actually, is that the soul is in no way involved in the weaker Body Battle Laws, but very involved in the stronger Body Battle Laws.’

‘The inclusion of a soul and a will is apparently significant when someone uses an Immortal body.’

‘The entire Composition is different,’ Gravis thought.

As Gravis continued watching, he was thinking more about the difference between the powers of a body.

‘What is the difference that requires an Immortal body to build a connection with a soul when a normal living body doesn’t need it? Theoretically, a normal living body could survive without a soul. The organs would still produce Life Energy, after all.’

‘Yet, theoretically, an Immortal body without a soul wouldn’t produce any Life Energy anymore. This means that Life Energy at the Immortal Realm or higher must be connected to a soul.’

‘Doesn’t that mean that Life Energy would undergo a fundamental change too?’ Gravis thought as he looked towards the sky. ‘The body itself changes dramatically. So, the Life Energy might also change dramatically.’

‘How exactly do my Body Growth Laws work? What am I creating to regrow my body?’ Gravis thought.

Gravis closed his eyes and focused on his Body Growth Laws.

He knew how he could use his power to regrow his body, but he didn’t know what exactly he was producing that created this effect.


Gravis tore one of his fingers off and analyzed how his body healed the injury.

‘I already know how all of this works, but exactly what is it that regrows my body?’ Gravis thought as he analyzed the Life Energy rushing to the injury.

‘It just looks like normal Life Energy, but it has to be different,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis’ finger regrew quickly, but Gravis hadn’t learned anything new.

‘It simply regrew, just like a normal body. However, my soul must be connected to my body. So, how did my soul also regain connection with that new part even though my Life Energy only added more physical body? There has to be a soul component to it.’

Gravis did the same thing again and watched his connection with his body more closely.

The connection regrew without any issues.

‘It’s weird,’ Gravis thought as he rubbed his chin. ‘It’s like any part of my body is also part of my soul. It’s almost like my body has its own soul.’

Gravis furrowed his brows.

‘I mean, why not? A body could totally have its own soul. It would have a soul but no will. That would be exactly like a person that lost themselves in my Samsara, assuming I didn’t include the Law of Deep Wood’s Destruction. They would simply be a soul without a will and a body. Everything would still work, but they just wouldn’t think anymore. It would be like a deactivated Formation Array.’

‘Normal Life Energy are just tiny microorganisms. I learned that in the middle world. Yet, these microorganisms have no souls. That’s also why it’s so surprising that they can also repair the inherent soul of a body.’

‘I mean, theoretically, if there were a way to grant the microorganisms souls without wills, it would give them the power to also repair souls to a certain degree.’

Gravis scratched the back of his long neck.

‘Why not, actually?’ Gravis thought. ‘Since my body has a soul, why can’t it also create things that have souls? Isn’t procreation basically exactly that? We are creating completely new souls, after all.’

‘Usually, there would need to be a certain accumulation of microorganisms to reach the threshold of soul creation, but if the microorganisms are powerful enough, why can’t they have souls on their own? After all, one microorganism from an Immortal’s body is even more powerful than an entire mortal life.’

‘I guess that’s the difference between normal bodies and Immortal bodies.’

‘It’s actually kinda logical.’

This realization came easily.

Gravis hadn’t even set out to think more about Composition and Life Energy, but just a random thought could have terrifying effects.

There were mythical stories of Cultivators that just walked around, stared at a flower for a couple of minutes, and then comprehended terrifyingly powerful Laws.

Sometimes, one only needed a certain spark of inspiration to connect a ton of different concepts.

Sadly, finding this spark of inspiration was difficult, and searching for it was impossible. Something like this could only happen by chance.

Cultivators called such a spark of inspiration Sudden Enlightenment.

It was something very simple, but it could have terrifying effects.

And, just now, Gravis had had his first encounter with Sudden Enlightenment.

As soon as Gravis had finished that thought, a ton of concepts suddenly clicked into place.





The Laws just didn’t stop coming!


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