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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 874: The Last Attack Bahasa Indonesia

Eran’s mind was in panic.

‘I’m going to die! I’m going to die! I’m going to die!’ he kept repeating to himself. He could barely form a coherent thought as fear took hold of him.

This was not a human!

This was not a beast!

This was a monster!

That was when he felt the Lightning Crescent closing in on him. He turned around, and his eyes widened in panic as he saw it.

‘I’m going to die! I’m going to die!’ he kept thinking as he looked at the Lightning Crescent with a stunned expression.

‘I need to leave!’


Suddenly, Space exploded around him, but wherever the shockwave passed, Space would calm down. It was like a singular wave in the lake of Space that calmed down everything.

Then, Eran used as much Energy as possible on his Law of Space and Time. If he had been able to make a rational decision, he would have simply stretched Space between him and the Lightning Crescent and would have attacked it from a distance.

Sadly, his mind was filled with panic, and he only wanted to escape.

Space warped around Eran.


The Lightning Crescent exploded as all the Space was thrown into chaos again. Everything for hundreds of kilometers was consumed by the explosion, but that didn’t matter. The fight had already destroyed everything for thousands of kilometers.

The explosion of Punishment Lightning dissipated, leaving only a small ball of lightning behind. The small ball of lightning shot at Gravis and got absorbed by him.

When Gravis felt the lightning entering his body, his eyes narrowed. ‘That’s not nearly enough Energy! I barely recovered 10%!’

‘Eran’s still alive!’

Gravis’ mind was going wild. Eran had managed to barely teleport away near the end. If his Law of Space hadn’t been pushed to such insane heights, he would have never had enough time to pull of a teleportation.

If Eran escaped now, the entire world would come after him! He had to find a solution!

Gravis also teleported into the direction Eran had vanished to, but his Spirit Sense just couldn’t pick him up.

‘I need to find him!’ Gravis thought with urgency.


However, something happened that Gravis hadn’t expected.

Eran had appeared in front of Gravis again with a steely and violent gaze in his eyes.

Eran’s Spirit Sense stretched far further than Gravis’, which meant that as soon as he had escaped from Gravis’ Spirit Sense, the Laws of Perceived Reality no longer affected him.

Clarity had immediately returned to his mind, and he realized that Gravis was on his last legs. Gravis had unleashed so much Energy that he had to be out.

However, Eran was also on his last leg. Nearly his entire back had vanished from the explosion of the Lightning Crescent, and if he hadn’t managed to teleport away at the last instant, he would have died to it.

His body started healing, but it wasn’t as fast as before. He was running low on Life Energy, but he wasn’t at the critical junction yet. He could still heal himself fully.

Eran’s Energy was running low, but he still had around 10% left.

Gravis had to be just as weak as him right now!

‘It’s him or me!’ Eran thought violently as his eyes became bloodshot. ‘It’s him or me!’ he repeated in his mind.

Gravis gritted his teeth. He had to finish this fight! If Eran decided to flee again, Gravis’ death would be certain! Eran knew all of his secrets!

However, if Gravis hadn’t unveiled all of his secrets, he would be dead right now. This fight had taken absolutely everything out of him.

Eran’s eyes became white again as he lifted his sword.

He was about to unleash that terrifying attack again!


Gravis pointed at Eran, and an insanely powerful beam of Brilliance shot at him.

Gravis had gathered the Brilliance Element for a long time now, and he unleashed it.

This was truly his very last attack, and everything hinged on it.

This beam would decide if Gravis died or survived.

The speed of the beam was unfathomably fast, and Eran almost couldn’t react to it.


Eran looked at Gravis.

Gravis looked at Eran.

The beam had punched through Eran’s chest.

At the last second, Eran had used nearly all of his Energy to compress Space and jump upward. He had not lost his rationality this time, even though Gravis had tried his best with his Laws of Perceived Reality.

At the moment of life and death, Eran’s mindset had been too powerful to be swayed.

Seconds passed.

The healing across Eran’s body stopped as some organs reappeared in the hole.

Then, the healing entirely stopped.

Why had it stopped?

Because Eran had healed himself enough that he would survive.

He had survived.

And then, his sword started shaking violently.

The last infusion of Space had pushed the accumulated Destruction Energy inside the sword past its limit. This sword had destroyed so many sabers, and the Law of Core’s Destruction was finally showing its effect.


Eran shouted in incredible pain as Gravis’ expression became fearful.

Eran had touched the blade of his sword and absorbed a large chunk of Destruction Energy into his Spirit.

His Spirit received a ton of cuts, but the sword stopped shaking.

In the end, only a slight crack appeared in the sword as blood flowed out of Eran’s eyes.

It was hard to think, but his Spirit was still powerful enough to remain stable.

Eran’s sword was safe.

Eran’s body was safe.

Eran’s Spirit was safe.

Eran had survived Gravis’ last attack.

Gravis felt the world crash around him.

He had truly unleashed everything!

He had absolutely no Energy left.

He had no more trump cards.

He was out.

He was done.

Eran realized that he had won, and his entire being calmed down.

His Energy started regenerating.

His Spirit started regenerating.

Eran would survive.

After some seconds, Eran opened his eyes, and they became white. He couldn’t allow Gravis to also regenerate! He had to end this fight, now!

Eran lifted his sword as he readied his terrifying Weapon Technique again.

Meanwhile, Gravis fell into panic.

Nothing could save him anymore.

He was done!

Gravis looked one last time at his surroundings.

He thought of his friends and family.

He thought of Stella.

Then, a bitter smile appeared on his face.

‘The future is now,’ Gravis thought. ‘What will happen in the end?’

‘I still don’t know.’

‘I thought I would know when the time arrives.’

‘Yet, I am still as clueless as when the problem first reigned its ugly head.’

Out of nowhere, an incredible amount of Energy was suddenly gathering inside Gravis’ body.

Eran slashed down.

Gravis’ eyes shone with whitish-silver lightning.

And then, the lightning became purely white.

Gravis opened his mouth as he unleashed the All-Out Attack that every beast above the Law Comprehension Realm could unleash.

This attack didn’t use the Energy storage but one’s Realm.

However, in front of such an impossibly powerful Weapon Technique, a normal All-Out Attack wouldn’t be enough.

So, in the end, Gravis transformed his body from Punishment Lightning into Divine Lightning.

Gravis’ All-Out Attack had a greater quantity of Energy, but its quality had been too low with Punishment Lightning.

However, now, this All-Out Attack worked with Divine Lightning.

This meant that the quantity of Gravis’ Energy was greater, and even its quality was greater.

The horizon behind Gravis split, but the powerful beam of lightning destroyed the attack in its way.

Eran’s eyes opened one last time in shock before a massive beam of white lightning swallowed him.

Eran vanished into nothingness.

Gravis had won.

Then, Gravis’ body began to seize violently as his Spirit was attacked from all sides.

His Realm dropped to the Peak Immortal Realm after the All-Out Attack, but that wasn’t the problem.

The will of Divine Lightning had been unleashed, and Gravis’ Spirit, with the help of the Law of Freedom, was fighting it.

However, the Law of Freedom only had the power of a level five Law, while the Divine Lightning was a level six Law.

They were not on the same level.

There was no running away anymore.

There was no future anymore.

The highest Heaven focused entirely on Gravis.

The Opposer focused entirely on Gravis.

The Black Magnate focused entirely on Gravis.

What decision would Gravis make?

What will happen to him?


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