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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 873: Magma Bahasa Indonesia


The slash had been halted.

An arm made out of Magma appeared above Gravis, and it was nearly cut in half. The sword stopped just centimeters above Gravis’ head.

Eran’s eyes narrowed as he realized that Gravis had comprehended a level five Law.

An Early Minor Circulation Immortal King with a level five Law. How long had it been since the last one had appeared?


The Magma became harder and more massive as it hardened around Eran’s sword. Gravis had used his Laws of Graphite’s Manipulation, Graphite’s Efficiency, Graphite’s Creation, Graphite’s Gravity, and Graphite’s Mass to clamp down on the sword.

Eran’s eyes turned white as the Space around his sword shook.


The last remaining part of Magma was cut apart as his sword slashed down, but Gravis had already evaded to the side.

“The real fight starts now!” Gravis shouted.


Four arms of violently burning Magma grew out of him. He remembered Morus’ usage of the Law of Fire’s Manipulation in the middle world. Back then, Morus had created several copies made out of fire and had been connected with them via his tail.


Gravis exploded upwards with his lightning, and all four of his new arms attacked Eran.

Eran tried to destroy the will upon them, but he couldn’t. They were still connected to Gravis’ body.


Space constricted below Eran, and he evaded downward as the fiercely burning arms of Magma passed over him. Eran angled his sword upward and slashed.


Gravis also angled his body downward and blocked with his sabers. Two of them were broken apart, but the third one survived without a problem. By slashing upward, Eran couldn’t unleash his full power.

Sacrificing two sabers was worth it right now.

Gravis’ arms closed in on Eran again while Gravis used two normal arms to stab forward with his spears.

Eran had to deal with six different attacks at the same time.

Eran manipulated Space in an impressive fashion as everything morphed around him. His two legs punched the spears to the side, making the attack miss. His elbow suddenly warped as he infused it with Space too and blocked two arms on his side.

His sword destroyed another arm at the other side, but his sword missed the second one. For whatever reason, that arm had moved in an unpredictable fashion. It was almost like it was moving at random. There was no rhyme or reason to the movement, and Eran hadn’t had enough time to analyze its movement.

What he didn’t know was that Gravis had infused souls into all four of his arms. It cost a lot of Energy, but if the arms had their own will, they would also attack on their own. This meant that his arms were basically controlled by strangers, making it difficult to foresee their movement.


The remaining arm grabbed Eran’s wrist.

Searing pain!

The arm had forsaken the Battle Laws for the Core Element and unleashed the Battle Laws for the Inferno Element. The Laws of Inferno’s Heat, Inferno’s Decomposition, Inferno’s Efficiency, and Inferno’s Concentration were unleashed as the temperature of the Magma rose to insane levels.


Eran’s eyes turned white as he cut his own arm off with his Spirit. The insane temperatures would quickly travel along his body, just like the Law of Shadow’s Poisoning if he didn’t stop them.

Eran took a step back but traveled many kilometers with this one step.


The arm that had just unleashed the Laws of Inferno turned into dust and vanished. It had used up all the saved Energy inside itself with this move.

However, in return, Eran had lost one of his arms again, and that wasn’t even everything.

His other elbow was injured severely, and he was barely able to hold his sword with it. He had blocked two arms with his elbow, and his elbow had nearly been destroyed during them. If these two arms had also decided to unleash the Laws of Inferno instead of the Laws of Graphite, he would have lost his sword, and with it, his Avatar.

Inserting Souls into attacks had its strengths and weaknesses. Gravis would have used the Laws of Inferno with his arms but communicating with their will took some time. Because of that, they hadn’t acted perfectly.


Another arm was summoned, and the Energy in the remaining arms was filled up again by Gravis. These Magma arms were his strongest weapon right now.

However, everything came at a cost. Gravis’ Energy was dangerously low right now.


This time, it was Eran who initiated an attack. Space compressed, and he moved forward as he stabbed at Gravis with his sword.


All four arms of Magma gathered together and similarly shot forward. The four of them fused together and met the sword.


The sword was cutting through the arms as Eran’s eyes changed colors multiple times in an instant. He was skillfully manipulating his Weapon Technique to use as little Energy as possible. The sword cut through the wave of Magma and closed in on Gravis. The arms started to harden to stop the sword, and eventually, they succeeded.

Suddenly, Eran’s eyes turned white.


Eran used his Spirit to cut apart the last part of the Magma wave, and the attack closed in on Gravis’ body.

However, a saber was unveiled beneath the Magma. It was the half-destroyed saber that had blocked the earlier attack from Eran’s Spirit.


The saber was now entirely destroyed, and a fountain of blood came out of Gravis’ body. However, the Magma and Gravis’ saber managed to block the majority of the attack, allowing him to survive with only a large cut on his torso.

“Argh!” Eran grunted in pain as his Spirit was injured again.

At the same time, he suddenly couldn’t think anymore.

Eran hadn’t noticed it, but Gravis’ saber had shone with a white flame, the Element of Deep Wood. A human’s Spirit was far more powerful than the Soul of a beast, and Gravis didn’t even attempt to destroy Eran’s Spirit.

His only goal had been to temporarily stun Eran, and he had succeeded.

The will on the four arms had been destroyed, and they became lifeless objects again. Both, Eran and Gravis, touched these arms currently, and they could both manipulate them.

However, Eran’s Spirit was stunned right now, which gave Gravis complete control over them.


The front of the arms heated up violently as Gravis used the remaining amount of Energy inside them to activate the Laws of Inferno’s Heat, Decomposition, Efficiency, and lastly, Explosion.


The arms exploded, and a wave of fire Inferno hit both Gravis and Eran.

Gravis used the Law of Inferno’s and Magma’s Composition to weaken the force that attacked him, and he managed to escape unscathed.


Space shook again as Eran shouted in pain. The explosion was destroyed and pushed away from his body, but he had been severely injured.

Eran’s entire body was filled with burns, and nearly his entire skin had vanished as burned flesh was left behind. However, he had survived.

Eran shot into the distance again while his body healed with a lot of speed.

At the same time, Gravis’ eyes shone.

Eran’s mindset was in chaos right now, making him very susceptible to the Laws of Perceived Reality.

Gravis intensified Eran’s feelings of danger and loss of control.

Then, he used his last Energy to unleash a last Lightning Crescent.


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