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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 871: Power of Space Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had barely seen the attack coming. He had seen how the man slashed forward, but the attack had already arrived as the man finished his slash. The speed of the attack was absolutely insane.

Gravis’ arm quickly regrew as he finished his dodge to the side.

“Do you believe Space is weak?” Eran asked. “Do you believe just because Space is the most common Avatar that it is weak?”

“That may be true for new Immortals,” Eran said calmly, “but as soon as you comprehend the Battle Laws for Space, everything changes. From a purely auxiliary Law, it transforms into a Law with the greatest offense.”

“Separating Space is nothing but a cut, just like a slash with a sword,” Eran said. “Distance becomes irrelevant. Defense becomes irrelevant. In front of the true power of Space, everything but absolute power becomes irrelevant.”

“Someone that concentrates on all different kinds of Laws won’t be able to contend with me,” Eran declared.

Gravis had to agree to some degree. He didn’t know the Battle Laws for Space, but with Eran’s explanation, Gravis managed to glean several things.

The attack had arrived immediately because Space had been compressed between them. It was just like the man stood directly in front of Gravis. A ranged attack had transformed into a melee attack just like that.

Gravis narrowed his eyes and charged forward with his full speed.


Lightning exploded behind Gravis as he accelerated his own time as much as possible.

Gravis’ speed was insane as he closed in on Eran.


However, Gravis’ attack missed as Eran moved back a single step, but this single step carried him several kilometers into the distance.


Eran lifted his sword to block, and the sound of a parry could be heard. When Gravis heard the parry, his eyes shone. ‘He can shrink Space, but that doesn’t only count for him. The shrinkage of Space also affects me and the surroundings. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to parry the shockwaves of my attack from such a vast distance.’

“Law of Time, huh?” Eran commented. “Let me accompany you.”


The time around Eran also accelerated, taking away a huge speed advantage from Gravis. Without his Law of Time, Gravis couldn’t even attempt to contend with Eran in speed.


Gravis exploded forward again, but another slash from Eran’s sword cut off Gravis’ left arm again, exhausting his Life Energy.

Eran stepped backward again.


His body hit something solid, but it was quickly destroyed. However, his retreat had been halted slightly.

A wall of Graphite had appeared behind him, and he had just backed through it.

Gravis was now directly in front of Eran and unleashed a Lightning Crescent.


The man lifted his other arm, and Gravis’ Lightning Crescent seemed to slow down to an insane degree. Eran had used his Law of Time to slow Gravis’ Lightning Crescent, but that was not all. He also expanded the Space between them. A single meter had become many kilometers.

Eran sidestepped easily.

However, Eran’s eyes widened for the first time when he saw that the Lightning Crescent followed his movements. ‘How?’ Eran thought.

Eran stretched the Space more and slashed several times with his sword from a distance. This attack felt incredibly dangerous to Eran, and he had to weaken it from a distance with multiple attacks.


However, all three of his attacks missed as the Lightning Crescent suddenly stopped. Eran’s eyes widened again as he saw how the Lightning Crescent turned around and entered Gravis’ saber again.

Yet another thing had appeared that Eran couldn’t explain. How was it possible to control an attack from a distance while Eran used his Spirit to destroy any kind of will on the attack?

Obviously, the Lightning Crescent had been infused with a Soul by Gravis.

Gravis had not wasted any Energy with this attack since the Lightning Crescent simply returned.

Meanwhile, Eran had wasted some Energy. After all, the compression and stretching of Space needed Energy, as did the Law of Time.

Eran looked at Gravis, but for some reason, he still couldn’t take Gravis seriously. He had unleashed two attacks on Gravis’ arm to intimidate him, but none of his attacks had been launched with an intention to kill.

However, Eran saw nothing wrong with that. He simply felt like he was in total control and that he couldn’t possibly lose this fight. Gravis had shown remarkable power, but he simply felt no danger.

This, obviously, was the work of Gravis’ Laws of Perceived Reality.

Gravis heightened the feeling of safety and control in Eran’s perception. Like this, Gravis didn’t feel like a threat to Eran.


Gravis charged forward again as the stretching of Space vanished. In an instant, he arrived in front of Eran again.

However, instead of retreating, Eran slashed at Gravis with this sword.

Gravis’ eyes widened as a sea of Laws appeared inside them.


For the first time, Gravis activated his Will-Aura with his Law of Major Suppression, Death, Apathy, and the Dead World. Eran wasn’t prepared and felt a slight shock to his Will-Aura, but it wasn’t anything major. Something like this wasn’t even close to breaking his Will-Aura.

However, that was not all.

Eran’s sword became slower as Eran felt like he was cutting through steel.

This was the combination of the Laws of Storm’s Pressure, Storm’s Power, Storm’s Efficiency, and Storm’s Mass.

Additionally, Eran felt like his bones were freezing over.

This was the combination of the Laws of Frost’s Cold, Frost’s Penetration, Frost’s Efficiency, and Frost’s Power.

Lastly, Eran’s sword sharply angled downward as gravity seemingly multiplied.

This was the effect of Gravis’ Laws of Graphite’s Gravity, Graphite’s Mass, Graphite’s Manipulation, and Graphite’s Efficiency.

In an instant, Gravis had unleashed 16 different Laws to affect Eran’s speed while keeping several other Laws on himself active.

And it was barely enough to allow Gravis to jump over Eran’s slash. Even with all of these Laws combined, Eran’s speed was still terrifying.

Right now, Gravis was above Eran’s arm.


Gravis transformed into his beast form as his legs slashed at Eran’s arms below him.


Gravis’ claws barely penetrated Eran’s skin, but it was enough. Gravis immediately unloaded the Law of Shadow’s Poisoning into Eran’s arms.

At the same time, Gravis’ six arms all shot forward at Eran’s body with spears in their hands.

However, Gravis’ spears never reached Eran as Space was stretched again.

Then, Eran did a front flip.


The Space above Gravis’ head was compressed as Eran’s right foot kicked Gravis on top of his head. The Space between Gravis and Eran had been stretched, but the Space above them had been compressed. Like this, Eran’s attack had landed before Gravis’ attacks could land.

Gravis’ body was violently pulled down as Eran’s Law of Gravity, strengthened by the Law of Primordial Force, affected him.


Gravis’ body created a gigantic crater, but just before Gravis hit a vein of powerful ore, he used his Law of Graphite’s Movement to bypass it.

Gravis had barely been able to react since his skull had nearly been broken from the impact. If it hadn’t been for Gravis’ scales, he would have died from the kick.

A human four levels above Gravis already had a body that was just as powerful as him. However, the body of someone five levels above him was even more powerful. This kick had had a ton of power behind it, and one couldn’t underestimate it.

Gravis immediately charged out again but saw two hands falling down.

Eran had used the time until Gravis recovered to separate his hands from his body. The Law of Shadow’s Poisoning was terrifying, and he had to stop it before it reached his torso. The best way was to cut off the hands.

During this, Eran held his sword in his mouth, but not for long.

The bones and muscles of his hands quickly recovered. Apparently, he knew the Laws of Muscle and Bone Growth. The skin was still in the process of healing, but that wouldn’t take long.


Eran grabbed his sword with his bloody hands and glared at Gravis.


Gravis unleashed some lightning, but the lightning didn’t fly at Eran but at his severed hands. The hands were quickly consumed, and the lightning bolt entered Gravis’ body.

Gravis had now unveiled basically all his battle-related secrets. He had shown his ability to absorb lightning and his beast body.

When Eran saw his arms being absorbed by Gravis, his eyes narrowed in hatred.

“A beast through and through,” he said through gritted teeth. “That you are willing to eat other humans shows that your humanity is beyond saving.”


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