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Gravis didn’t answer Eran as he shot forward again with all his speed. Both of them were using the Law of Time to accelerate their speed, but Gravis had a slight Energy advantage in relation to their respective Energy storages. Eran had wasted more Energy than Gravis up to now. Gravis needed to press this advantage and force Eran to use up more of his Energy.

Gravis closed in again, but Space compressed again.

Yes, compressed, not stretched.

Eran slashed down as Gravis activated all his Laws that would slow his movement.

However, that was not all.


Suddenly, a wave of darkness appeared between them, and both of them were swallowed. At the same time, Eran also felt several Gravises with his Spirit Sense in the darkness.

Gravis had unleashed his Law of Shadow’s Darkness and Shadow’s Illusion.


Eran heard that something of Gravis’ body was cut off by his attack, but he couldn’t be sure that Gravis died. Right now, he couldn’t see anything, and his Spirit Sense was confused by all the different auras he felt.


Eran unleashed several more cuts in the direction the sound originated from. The darkness in front of Eran was cut apart as he saw the horizon behind it.

However, he couldn’t feel Gravis.

At the same time, all the different auras closed in on him simultaneously. Eran’s feelings of control and safety were toppled over as he felt like he was about to die.


Space started to shake violently around him as all the different auras scattered, leaving behind only one. This was another method of utilizing Space. This was an area attack, which released powerful shockwaves into his surroundings.

The darkness was scattered around him as it couldn’t contend with such power.

Then, Eran turned around. He wasn’t sure how, but Gravis had managed to appear behind him, and he was very close. This was Gravis’ Law of Shadow Movement. Gravis had also used the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety, but the destruction of Space around him had acted like a sonar for Eran.


Another wave of darkness appeared as Gravis unleashed a Lightning Crescent.

Like a bright moon in the night, it created the only light in the darkness.


Eran unleashed several strikes, and the Lightning Crescent was cut apart, but the three pieces didn’t explode. Instead, they flew around Eran as they tried to avoid him.

Eran narrowed his eyes as Space shook again.

The darkness vanished, but as the darkness scattered, a terrifying threat was unveiled.


A spear filled with lightning shot with insane speeds at Eran from behind.

Gravis had used the Lightning Crescent as a distraction to unleash Mortality.

‘Too fast!’ Eran thought. He couldn’t evade Mortality.


Suddenly, Space shook, but it wasn’t because of the Law of Space Manipulation.

Eran’s sword started to release an apocalyptic might as his eyes turned white.


The sword moved slowly, but for some reason, it also moved at incredible speeds. Space bent as Eran’s sword moved.


Eran slashed down, and the world was seemingly cut in two.

Gravis’ Law of Danger immediately screamed at him as soon as Eran had readied his attack, and he had evaded to the side.

Space was cut in half.

A vertical line cut across the horizon as everything in its path for thousands of kilometers was split in two. A cut went through the earth, through mountains, through houses, through forests, through clouds, through the air, through everything.

The sun behind it seemingly fell into two pieces, but that was only an illusion due to the separation of Space.

Mortality was no exception. The entire spear was cut in two from its tip to its handle. Mortality had split in two, and two explosions occurred.

This was a Weapon Technique that unleashed all of Eran’s power.

In front of this apocalyptic might, not even the mighty spear that Gravis had forged could resist. It was like the spear didn’t even exist.

Luckily, Gravis had felt the attack coming. If he hadn’t, he would have been cut apart just like everything else in the world.

Gravis’ mind was going wild as he felt the power of a level six Law for the first time. The Law of Primordial Force increased Space’s power to the level of a level four Law, and since it was also used as an Avatar, Eran’s power of Space reached the strength of a level five Law.

Together with the level five Law of Space Manipulation and the Weapon Technique, the power of a level six Law had been unleashed.

The attack had been impossibly fast and powerful.

This attack reminded Gravis of the time the middle Heaven had shown him the power of a level five Law.

It was impossible to resist such an attack.

Gravis’ advantage of Energy had vanished. He had unleashed a real Mortality. The threat had to be authentic to unveil the opponent’s true power.

However, Eran had also used a lot of Energy with that terrifying attack.


But instead of being shocked by the attack’s might, Gravis shot at his opponent again. This was the perfect opportunity!

Gravis closed in again.

Eran’s white eyes looked at Gravis, and Gravis felt a terrifying feeling of danger.


The Space in front of Gravis was cut apart as a terrifying attack hit Gravis’ blocking saber. A crack appeared in his saber, but it luckily hadn’t been broken. If it hadn’t been for the several Core Laws it had been forged with, Gravis’ body would have been separated.

This had only been a glance from Eran!

‘However, using one’s Spirit as a medium for such a physical attack must be extremely Energy consuming!’ Gravis thought.

“Argh!” Suddenly, Eran grimaced.

He had used his Spirit to unleash an attack, but this meant that his Spirit had come into contact with Gravis’ saber. One shouldn’t forget that Gravis’ saber was also forged with the Law of Core’s Destruction. The mysterious force of destruction needed a long time and several clashes to affect anything physical, but a Spirit was far more fragile. Even a single clash had slightly injured Eran’s Spirit.


Gravis had been pushed away, but he shot forward again.

Eran’s eyes returned to normal. He couldn’t risk attacking Gravis’ saber again while using his Spirit as a medium. Being hit once wasn’t an issue, but more hits would be a problem.

Eran slashed with his sword again while Energy exploded around him.


Gravis used all of his Laws with a slowing effect again.


However, Eran had anticipated this and had used all his power with this slash as Space compressed. The slowing effect barely slowed him down as he broke his way through the obstructions with brute force.

Gravis realized that his tactic didn’t work any longer and summoned several sabers.


Gravis held four sabers above him to block the slash. Two of them were cut apart, and the third one was chipped. However, the attack had been halted. Gravis’ last two arms stabbed forward with spears.

Sadly, the force of Eran’s attack pushed Gravis downward too much. His spears would miss.


Or would they? Gravis summoned some lightning above the spears, and the Law of Punishment Lightning’s Magnetism pulled the spears upward.


Eran activated the Law of Gravity, and the spears were pulled down again. They would miss.


Gravis activated the Law of Graphite’s Gravity on Eran, and he was also pulled down.


Time slowed even more as Eran used even more power with his Law of Time. He hadn’t unleashed all of it since he wanted to save Energy. Space also compressed, and Eran managed to jump over the spears. He had successfully evaded the attack.


Gravis summoned another saber, which was already crackling with Punishment Lightning.

Then, he unleashed his pre-loaded Lightning Crescent at Eran.


Eran’s eyes became white again as the Lightning Crescent was cut in two by his Spirit with the Law of Space Manipulation. As long as Eran didn’t touch Gravis’ actual saber with his Spirit, he wouldn’t be injured.


The Lightning Crescent exploded in front of him, and Eran’s skin became seared. However, something like this could be healed quickly.


Space cracked again as Eran unleashed his area attack.


The three pieces of Lightning Crescent Eran had cut way earlier had just charged at him. They had been flying around him all this time, just waiting for an opening. The Space destroyed all three of them.

Gravis had unleashed everything he had, and all of it failed.

Space compressed between them again, and Eran slashed at Gravis with his sword.

Gravis was not in a position to defend himself right now. He was still shooting towards the ground due to the force of Eran’s attack, which made it impossible for him to dodge.

Blocking the attack with his sabers would destroy another set of them. Gravis had forged a lot of sabers, but not an insane amount. He had to be careful with them. Additionally, this attack would push Gravis down even more, making it even harder to evade. Eran could simply unleash more attacks, and eventually, Gravis would run out of sabers.

Gravis’ mind was going wild as everything slowed down.

It was now or never!

While standing in front of death’s door, Gravis stopped focusing on the fight and looked at the streams of Energy in his stomach.

Comprehend or die!

There was no in-between!

The attack came closer, but the closer it came, the calmer Gravis became.

He immediately lost himself in an instant, and he felt like the streams of Magma embraced him.


And Gravis managed to comprehend the Law of Magma!

He just comprehended his first level five Law!


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