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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 861: Hidden Power of the World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He was supposed to become a Major Circulation Immortal Emperor first? Wasn’t that overkill for only a level five Law? That’s the Cultivation Realm when one concentrated on level six Laws, not level five Laws.

Gravis’ brows furrowed as a gleam appeared in his eyes. ‘Could it be that the Major Law of Mixed Elements is a level six Law? Shouldn’t it be a level five Law by all intents and purposes?’

‘Also, if it is a level six Law, doesn’t this mean that this tree knows a level six Law? Shouldn’t that already be the criteria for ascending from this world?’

Gravis remained in front of the tree.

He had to know.


Suddenly, a root grabbed Gravis. It came so fast that Gravis couldn’t even react.


Gravis was violently picked up by the root and thrown to the ground outside of the central area of the Law Comprehension Areas. Several of Gravis’ bones broke as his body created a crater.

That was not a playful shove.

However, it also wasn’t an attack.

It was simply a very rough shove, similar to a reprimand.

“Count yourself lucky that you are still alive!” a voice appeared in Gravis’ mind.

Gravis looked over at the origin of that voice while he lay on the ground. It was a tree from the Magma Law Comprehension Area.

However, when Gravis inspected that tree more closely, he realized that he couldn’t feel its power. This meant that this was also an Immortal Emperor. Yet, the pressure of this tree wasn’t even close to the pressure of the central tree or the root network.

Gravis inspected all the other trees inconspicuously with his Spirit Sense and realized that nearly all trees in all the Law Comprehension Areas were Immortal Emperors.

‘How have I not noticed this previously?’ Gravis thought as he gritted his teeth. This was a mistake that he shouldn’t have made.

Gravis had assumed that the Major Law of the Mixed Elements was a level five Law, but that obviously wasn’t true. The only explanation was that the Major Law of Mixed Elements was a level six Law.

“Is the Law of the Mixed Elements a level five or level six Law?” Gravis asked the tree that had just gripped him.

“The individual Mixed Elements are level five Laws, and the combined Law is a level six Law,” the tree said. “You are lucky that you are still alive after disturbing our ancestor’s Cultivation as a mere Immortal King.”

Gravis frowned, but he also sighed. “I believed that I had enough level four Laws to trade. However, I had thought that the Mixed Elements Law is a level five Law.”

“That you are still alive is proof that you know the Major Law of the Elements,” the tree answered. “This means that our ancestor believes that you have a chance of comprehending this Law in the future.”

Gravis nodded. He had made a major blunder just now. However, this blunder didn’t come without its own rewards. Gravis had learned a lot about the beasts just by his short conversation just now.

Gravis had learned that the Major Law of the Mixed Elements is a level six Law, and he had also learned about the frightening power of beasts.

This central tree was probably one of the most powerful beings in this entire world. It knew a level six Law, which was necessary to ascend to the highest world. The only thing keeping it back was probably that it had to wait for longer to become powerful enough.

Gravis looked at the central tree with furrowed brows. ‘This single tree is already more powerful than probably any ancestor from any Peak Sect. Even worse, it could be that it cultivates just like Meadow. Maybe it already knows several level six Laws and is only waiting for its longevity to run out before it ascends.’

‘On top of that, there is also this root network that felt equally as powerful. I believed that there are several plants that keep watch over the underground, but that might actually not be the case.’

A cold shiver ran down Gravis’ spine. ‘This root network might actually be so powerful and huge that it encompasses the entire beast territory. It sounds ridiculous, but Meadow was also nearly as big as the entire world back then.’

‘No wonder no human has ever managed to infiltrate the beasts. They needed to get past the eyes of a Peak Immortal Emperor.’

“I have not been informed of this prior,” Gravis transmitted to the tree. “Where am I? I thought this was just a Law Comprehension Area for some level four Laws and one level five Law.”

Gravis had to phrase his question like this so that he didn’t appear like he knew nothing.

The tree scoffed with its transmitted voice. “Whoever told you that wants you to die. When you get back, kill that coward,” the tree said. The tree didn’t even think about the fact that Gravis had done all of this on purpose. After all, no sane beast would disturb the ancestor like this.

“So, where am I?” Gravis asked.

“This is the Law Comprehension Area for the level five Laws of Mixed Elements and the level six Law of Mixed Elements,” the tree transmitted. “As you know, these Law Comprehension Areas are under the supervision of the nine Ancestors. You have just disturbed one of the nine Ancestors in their Cultivation. So, be happy that you are still alive.”

“One of the nine Ancestors!?” Gravis asked in shock. This made it appear like he knew what the nine Ancestors were, but that was not the case.

However, Gravis didn’t need to play up his surprise since it was very genuine. Gravis was shocked when he heard that there were nine Ancestors.


Nine Peak Immortal Emperors!?

Even more, at least one of them already knew level six Laws!?

After some seconds, Gravis’ eyes narrowed. ‘The beasts are obviously not as disadvantaged as I believed,’ Gravis thought. ‘I thought that all of the beasts are on the defensive, but that might not be the case. Maybe it’s not that the beasts are helpless but that the beasts actually want to keep the current status quo.’

Suddenly, Gravis’ expression changed again. ‘Wait. I just made the same mistake again. I saw the power of one side and immediately assumed that they are the more powerful side. There is a very real possibility that the humans also have some hidden trump cards.’

‘What if potential Ascenders remained to safeguard their Peak Sect until their longevity is close to being used up? Humans are not like beasts, and humans value connections and relationships very highly. It’s very possible that someone that could ascend would remain in this world for a long time to protect their Sect from being extinguished.’

‘These hidden Ancestors are probably not involved in the daily affairs of their Sect, but as soon as their Sect is in danger, they would jump out. Maybe they concentrate on comprehending all the other level four and level five Laws that they can find. This would give them an insane foundation of Laws for when they arrive in the highest world.’

Gravis’ eyes gleamed. ‘Is this also one of the reasons why this world is so powerful? The Ascenders not only fulfill the criteria for ascending but concentrate on comprehending Laws for even longer. Like this, they would truly be the most powerful Ascenders possible.’

‘If that is true, then both sides have an insane amount of hidden power, far more than the land and sea beasts in the middle world in relation. There’s even a chance that the nine Ancestors all know level six Laws and that other Peak Immortal Emperors are known under a different title.’

‘This world is definitely not as simple as the last one,’ Gravis thought. ‘The last world wanted to keep the war going, but this one might actually want to end it.’

‘However, Arc wouldn’t allow for one side to win just like that. Yet, none of them know that. They believe that they can destroy the other side by accumulating more power than them and exploding.’

‘This is an arms race.’

Gravis sighed. ‘However, right now, all of this is only conjecture. I can’t be sure about any of this without some concrete information.’

Gravis’ eyes wandered to the tree that had thrown him away. ‘But my plan hasn’t changed. I still want to exchange for something.’

‘That tree might have shoved me with quite some aggression, but they have also talked to me after it. This one is much more approachable.’


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