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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 860: Tree Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis spent the next 200 years just being underground. He still had over 150 years left until Siral’s tribulation, which was more than enough to make his way back.

Why did Gravis wait for so long?

It was important that Gravis faded from everyone’s memory. Yes, they might still remember him, but inside their mind, they would have already accepted that they would never see Gravis again.

During these 200 years, Gravis experimented on his own body. Comprehending the Composition of his body was unnecessary since his body was composed of Punishment Lightning. However, he could still learn some general processes that would also be in place for a body that was not composed of Punishment Lightning.

Gravis had also been slowly moving away from his previous location in these 200 years. By now, he was nowhere near his old location anymore.


Gravis came out of the ground for the first time in 200 years and looked around.


Who would have thought?

Gravis had already gotten all the tempering he wanted, and his Will-Aura was now on the level of a Peak Immortal King. His next tempering would be when Siral underwent his tribulation.

However, Gravis was still interested in the beast territory. The effect of the Law Comprehension Fruits was something that intrigued him. There had to be something that was useful for him.

Gravis aimlessly traveled through the Great Forest until he met a beast. Then, just like last time, Gravis went up the chain of command until he was before another Minor Circulation Immortal King.

“Are there any Law Comprehension Areas for level five Laws in the surroundings?” Gravis asked. His posture was not subservient but also not aggressive. It was just like he would speak with someone that was equal.

The rhinoceros in front of him was a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King, but it didn’t mind Gravis’ posture. Gravis was a Black Demon, and these beasts were always powerful. It preferred that Gravis didn’t have an aggressive posture right now.

“There are a couple,” the rhinoceros answered.

When Gravis heard that, his interest increased. He had come to the right place.

“What about the Mixed Elements Law?” Gravis asked.

The rhinoceros looked with skepticism at Gravis. “There is one, but going there will be meaningless for you.”

“Why?” Gravis asked.

“The level of power of the trees there is too high for you,” he said. “They are not interested in Minor Circulation Immortal Kings. They are not even interested in the majority of Major Circulation Immortal Kings.”

Yet, Gravis didn’t give up. He had remembered something, and he was sure that there was a second way to pay the trees. “You said most,” Gravis said. “Which means that these trees are interested in more than just power. They are also interested in Laws, right?”

Gravis had been very careful with his phrasing. If he appeared like someone with no idea how these trees conducted their traits, beasts might suspect him of being a human.

“Of course they do,” the rhinoceros said as if it was something obvious, “but they are only interested if you have level five Laws of your own.”

“Tell me where I can find them,” Gravis said.

The rhinoceros scoffed. Gravis was obviously too weak for something like this, but the rhinoceros didn’t care.

Gravis received some directions and left. The Law Comprehension Area was not close, and Gravis had to travel for nearly a day to arrive at his destination.

When Gravis saw the Law Comprehension Area, his mouth opened wide in shock.


Everything was in chaos!

There were mud plains for the Major Law of Mud, magma pits, freezing water filled with lightning, burning lightning storms, and much more. It was a miracle that this entire thing still existed. All these different plains should have long annihilated each other. According to logic, this Law Comprehension Area shouldn’t exist.

However, Gravis soon found an answer.

Trees of different sizes and levels were growing all along the Law Comprehension Area. The mud pit was filled with gigantic trees that had brown fruits growing on them, for example. There were so many trees that it was nearly impossible to find a spot without one of them.

There were even trees growing upside down, their roots stuck in the burning storm clouds.

‘This is probably an artificial Law Comprehension Area. The trees know these Laws and keep them going with their own Energy. That’s how something this chaotic can exist.’

Even the Law Comprehension Areas were forests. ‘Sure enough, I can find some interesting fruits here.’

“Trade or comprehension?” a voice suddenly appeared in Gravis’ mind. Gravis looked over and saw a brown snake on a rock at the edge of the Law Comprehension Area.

This was a Peak Immortal King.

“Trade,” Gravis said.

“You can enter for one week,” the snake answered directly.

“How much for comprehension?” Gravis asked.

“Soldier or Wave Leader?” the snake asked.

“Soldier,” Gravis answered.

“Ask your Wave Leader,” the snake answered.

‘Great, thanks,’ Gravis thought sarcastically. However, Gravis still received some interesting information. The snake didn’t say Lord. It said to ask his Wave Leader.

‘This means that there are different superiors. As far as I can tell, the Lord is probably the superior in terms of territory, while the Wave Leader is like an officer for the beast territory’s military.’

‘Additionally, the snake said that I should ask them, which probably means that they are not super powerful Immortal Emperors or something. It even asked me if I was a Wave Leader. Different beasts are probably assigned to differently powerful Wave Leaders. It’s probably a kind of centralized power that represents all beasts.’

‘On top of that, only Wave Leaders can grant someone access to Law Comprehension Areas. I’m not sure if the weaker Law Comprehension Areas are also under this restriction, but level five Laws probably all are. This means that no beast can effectively learn powerful Laws in the beast territory as long as they don’t help the beast territory against the humans.’

‘Lastly, the snake didn’t ask which power I belong to, which means that the beasts are not divided by different powers. Instead of having five Peak Sects, the beasts mainly follow the orders of one greater collective. They are probably also the ones that create all these rules. I’m certain that there is even a rule for fighting another beast while surrounded by plants. If there wasn’t, the forest wouldn’t be so thick.’

Gravis extrapolated a lot of information from just these few words from the snake, and it helped him paint a picture of the beast territory.

Gravis bowed slightly to the snake and entered the Law Comprehension Area. It was important to show respect towards powerful beasts with one’s gestures.

Gravis quickly went past all the individual trees in the Law Comprehension Areas and directly went for the center.

In the center of all the Law Comprehension Areas was a hill. However, this hill was seemingly painted with all the different colors. The air, ground, and water shimmered in plenty of colors. This demonstrated that all the different Mixed Elements were gathered there.

In the middle of the hill stood a lone tree. It was only around 20 meters tall, which was absolutely tiny compared to all the other trees Gravis had seen in this world.

However, this sole tree hogged the entire center of the Law Comprehension Areas.

On the tree were tiny, colorful berries. Every individual berry had so many different colors that it was hard to differentiate all of them.

‘Just as I’ve thought,’ Gravis thought. ‘All the trees in the Law Comprehension Areas only have the fruit of their own Law Comprehension Area, but this central tree has the fruits for the Major Law of the Mixed Elements. That’s probably one of the most powerful level five Laws that exist.’

When Gravis left the outer Law Comprehension Areas, he landed and walked to the tree. This was a sign of respect, and it was important.

As far as Gravis could tell, this tree was definitely an Immortal Emperor. It felt just as overwhelmingly powerful as that root network that stopped him when he wanted to enter the beast territory.

Gravis walked closer, but the closer he got, the bigger the tree seemed. It was only 20 meters tall, but Gravis felt like it was gigantic.

“I want to trade for your fruits,” Gravis said.

Gravis felt the tree’s senses lock onto him.

“Learn the individual Mixed Elements first and become a Major Circulation Immortal Emperor.”

That was everything that the tree said.

Meanwhile, Gravis’ eyes widened.

‘Major Circulation Immortal EMPEROR!?’


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