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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 858: Using Everything Bahasa Indonesia


Two of the spears hit Gravis’ torso, but no vital areas were hit. However, these spears were not meant to kill Gravis but to stop him from evading due to their impact.


Lightning exploded on Gravis’ right foot, and his body slightly leaned towards the left in an attempt to dodge. Spear Mountain noticed this and slightly changed his angle.

However, instead of evading, Gravis simply let himself fall to the ground. His upper body violently changed its rotation as he now lay with his head towards the right. Gravis hadn’t used his lightning to rotate his body counter-clockwise to evade but rotated it clockwise. It was like using one’s right foot to jump to the left while moving one’s upper body to the right. This resulted in someone falling with their head pointed to the right.


Spear Mountain rolled over Gravis’ body, but his spears didn’t touch Gravis’ head. Protecting the head was the most important thing in a fight. This was where the Spirit resided, and without it, one would immediately die.

Gravis’ body was impaled by the spears, and his body was pulled along the rolling ball.


A bit of lightning appeared, but nothing happened. At the same time, Gravis extended his spear away from Spear Mountain’s body.


Suddenly, all the spears on Spear Mountain’s body exploded in size, but Gravis had already vanished. If he hadn’t, his entire body would have been scattered into the surroundings.

How had Gravis escaped?

He had extended his spear away from Spear Mountain to create a shadow. Then, he used his Law of Shadow Movement to move towards his spear’s shadow. One of the expanding spears hit him on the side, but the impact wasn’t very powerful.

There was still no weakness in Spear Mountain’s body, and Gravis was certain now that Spear Mountain knew more Body Growth Laws than just the Growth Law for skin. He might not know the level five Law of Body Growth, but he was probably close to comprehending it.

Spear Mountain’s regenerative powers were insane.

Additionally, Spear Mountain’s judgment was still swift and decisive, which meant that his soul was nowhere near the breaking point.

By now, Gravis only had 20% of his Energy remaining. He was running low!

Spear Mountain turned around and rolled towards Gravis again.


Several spears shot at Gravis again, but this time, Gravis reacted differently.


Gravis’ body became huge in an instant, and the spears only punched through his leg. The compression of Gravis’ body was no longer as powerful due to his size increase, which meant that the spears cleanly shot through his leg without even being stopped, leaving behind gigantic holes due to their force.


Gravis’ huge hand hit the top of Spear Mountain, and Gravis pushed himself up. Gravis’ hand was mutilated, but he managed to evade the roll by pushing himself over it.

Spear Mountain had not been prepared for this move, which was why he hadn’t been able to react appropriately, but this wouldn’t happen a second time. Spear Mountain increased his size until he was slightly bigger than Gravis, and if Gravis decided to enlarge or shrink himself, Spear Mountain would immediately follow suit. This technique only worked once.

Gravis became small again, and Spear Mountain immediately followed. He was charging at Gravis again.

He came closer and closer, and Gravis didn’t evade. At this point, it was impossible to avoid Spear Mountain.

Gravis lifted one free hand and snapped his fingers.


All the spears on Spear Mountain’s body suddenly fell off!


Back when Gravis had been impaled as Spear Mountain rolled over him, he had used his lightning to carve Formation Arrays into Spear Mountain’s body. Spear Mountain’s body was currently entirely made out of metal, and Gravis was very good at carving Formation Arrays into metal.

The Formation Array he had carved into Spear Mountain allowed Gravis to remotely disconnect these spears as long as Spear Mountain didn’t create new ones.

Spear Mountain hadn’t been prepared for this move at all, and he couldn’t react appropriately before Gravis attacked.

Gravis concentrated his entire physical power on his saber and chopped!


The saber hit the spinning ball as violent fire burned the surroundings. The friction between Gravis’ saber and Spear Mountain’s body was insane. Gravis’ saber was incredibly hard while Spear Mountain ground on the saber’s edge like a saw. The fire was simply an insane amount of burning sparks created by friction.

The surroundings were illuminated, but Gravis’ body remained just as black as always. It was like his scales were absorbing the light.

In an instant, a gigantic crevice was created along Spear Mountain’s body as Gravis was pushed into the distance. Gravis’ bones were breaking, and his muscles were tearing by the sheer force, but he kept pushing.

After just the blink of an eye, blood was drawn as Gravis’ saber had created a deep crevice on Spear Mountain’s body.

However, at the same time, Gravis’ saber had vanished.

It had been ground into nothingness.

Gravis let Spear Mountain roll over him just before Spear Mountain summoned new spears. Gravis came out of this confrontation with only a couple of broken bones, which were quickly fixed by his Brilliance Element.

Spear Mountain rolled for a bit and stopped. A burning trail of destruction and blood was left behind by him.

Spear Mountain’s head reappeared with an enraged look, and his shell started to regenerate with insane speeds.

However, Spear Mountain’s expression suddenly turned to shock as his shell stopped healing.

He was out of Life Energy!?

That’s not possible!

He had at least 50% left!

Spear Mountain checked his body, and he suddenly felt terrified.

The metal on his body was absorbing his Life Energy!

How did something like that even work!?

Remember when Gravis put Formation Arrays on Spear Mountain’s body?

He had put several Formation Arrays on it, and one of them was a Formation Array that was used for the infusion of the Shadow Element into a weapon.

When Gravis had carved these Formation Arrays into Spear Mountain’s body, he had also infused just enough Shadow Element into him to absorb Life Energy without it being noticed. Spear Mountain was clutching the edge of a Shadow-infused weapon without noticing it.


Suddenly, a spear hit Spear Mountain’s shell. He didn’t get injured, but his soul shook violently.

Gravis had infused this spear with the Deep Wood Element and had used all his remaining Energy on it.

Spear Mountain’s soul shook, and he couldn’t think for a second.

And when he recovered, he saw a shining crescent made out of lightning before him.


When Spear Mountain had been stunned, Gravis had unleashed his pre-loaded Lightning Crescent.


The force of the lightning broke Spear Mountain’s entire shell off. Normally, Gravis’ Lightning Crescent wouldn’t have been enough to achieve something like this, even when Spear Mountain was injured. After all, his body was insanely powerful.

However, Gravis’ weapons had been forged with the Laws of Core Sharpness, Core Hardness, and Core Destruction. The most important Law was the Element of Core Destruction. The subtle destructive power of the Core Element had accumulated in Spear Mountain’s body when he had ground an entire saber into nothingness. When the lightning hit Spear Mountain, this destructive power exploded forward.

Spear Mountain’s entire body bled profusely and shook.

Spear Mountain was still alive and could still move.

He still had a ton of Energy left.

Gravis was out of Energy, and he had even used his pre-loaded Lightning Crescent. This meant that he was out of attacks…

If that had happened before his last Law Comprehension Session, at least.

Now, things were different.

Gravis pointed one of his index fingers at Spear Mountain.

Was Gravis’ Energy storage truly so small that these couple of attacks would consume 100% of his Energy?


So, where had all the Energy gone to?


A ray of intense, white light shot out of Gravis’ finger and punched through Spear Mountain’s body.

Gravis had been loading his Element of Brilliance for the entirety of the fight.

Spear Mountain was out of Life Energy, but with his Laws of Body Growth, he could have still recovered given time.

However, this last beam of Brilliance had punched a hole through Spear Mountain’s body.

Recovering was very difficult now, if not impossible.

Yet, Spear Mountain was still alive. He glared at Gravis, but his vision was foggy at best. He was quickly losing consciousness.

However, Spear Mountain could still charge forward with the last flicker of his life and kill Gravis.

Gravis was out of Energy and out of attacks. Spear Mountain’s body was far more powerful, even in this injured state. Maybe he could kill Gravis.

However, Spear Mountain’s mind calmed down as the reality of his situation set in.

Even if he killed Gravis, he wouldn’t survive.

It was only a matter of time until he died.

Spear Mountain thought of the beasts and released a bloody sigh.

“Well fought,” he transmitted with the last of his soul.


And then, his body fell to the ground, dead.

He had lost, and there was no reason to fight anymore. He had lost fair and square.

Gravis also released a deep sigh as his Spirit shook. He had used up everything he had.

‘If only I could have used my Spirit and Will-Aura,’ Gravis thought. ‘However, if I used my Laws of Perceived Reality with my Spirit or my Will-Aura, some beast would have picked it up. Using either of the two would have immediately killed me.’

There was a high possibility that at least several other Immortal Kings watched the fight. If they saw Gravis using his Will-Aura or Spirit, they would have killed him.

Gravis had been forced to fight without some of his most powerful weapons.

Gravis was also unable to use his Frost Laws that slowed the opponent since he would have needed to activate them remotely, which required a Spirit. Using the Law of Storm’s Pressure would have needed to compress all of Gravis’ surroundings, which would have also affected his own speed. When Gravis used the Law of Storm’s Pressure, he only activated it around the opponent’s body, but that would have also needed a Spirit.

These limitations were the reason why this fight had been so difficult to win.

‘However, this was still excellent tempering. I nearly died several times, and I used everything I could.’

Gravis slowly walked over to Spear Mountain’s body.


Suddenly, something exploded near Gravis, and Gravis looked over with narrowed eyes.

A new beast had arrived.

In front of Gravis stood a biped with black scales. Its head was that of a snake, and its claws were similar to raptor claws but with thumbs. Its legs were filled with explosive power.

Gravis narrowed his eyes at the new arrival.

Another Black Demon had appeared, and it looked with fiery eyes at Gravis.


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