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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 857: A Different Tortoise Fight Bahasa Indonesia

Before Gravis knew it, the four hours were up. Gravis’ Energy had fully regenerated, and Spear Mountain had also fully regenerated.

Gravis had also gotten some very interesting information about Spear Mountain. The two of them hadn’t exchanged a word in these four hours, but Gravis had still been able to see a part of Spear Mountain’s power.

What was it that Gravis had noticed?

Spear Mountain’s wounds had healed with incredible speed, and as they did, Gravis had felt Law fluctuations. These were the Law Fluctuations of the level four Law of Skin Growth. However, that wasn’t everything.

These fluctuations had been far more powerful than they should be. Gravis was confident that Spear Mountain didn’t know a level five Law, but these fluctuations were definitely on the power of a level five Law.

This meant that Spear Mountain had the Growth Laws of the Body as his Avatar. This meant that this was Spear Mountains greatest power. Additionally, having these Laws as one’s Avatar was a great choice.

As soon as Spear Mountain comprehended the other Growth Laws, he could easily upgrade his Avatar to the level five Law of Body Growth. At that point, as long as he didn’t die in one attack, he would be able to regenerate every wound.

However, even now, his regeneration was terrifying. Gravis’ most efficient and effective method of healing was the Brilliance Element with the Laws of Brilliance’s Healing and Efficiency. Sadly, these two Laws only raised the healing capabilities of his Brilliance to a power of about a level 4.5 Law. It was stronger than a normal level four Law but weaker than a level five Law.

This meant that Gravis was fighting someone with greater regenerative power than himself, which was rare. Gravis had always prided himself in his healing capabilities.

However, this wasn’t everything that Gravis had noticed.

Gravis had also felt the Law fluctuations coming from inside Spear Mountain’s body. Yet, according to all logic, these Law fluctuations should have originated from Spear Mountain’s Avatar.

However, Spear Mountain hadn’t summoned his Avatar.

What did this mean?

This meant that Spear Mountain’s Avatar was somewhere inside his body, but was that even possible? Gravis had never seen anyone that had their Avatar inside their body. The Avatars had always only been on the outside or in weapons. Was it possible to also put these Avatars inside one’s body, or was Spear Mountain simply storing his Avatar in some empty space in his body?

Gravis wasn’t sure, but he decided to experiment a bit after the fight. Right now was not the time.

Spear Mountain slowly stood up as he glared at Gravis.

The atmosphere changed from cold desolation to a burning bloodlust.

Gravis readied his weapons.


However, it was Spear Mountain that initiated the fight. Tortoises normally fought passively, but Spear Mountain approached this fight very aggressively. The ground below him exploded as his entire body transformed into the Core Element.

Spear Mountain was obviously a beast with a metal affinity, the element that gave someone the greatest boost in close combat power. It severely increased one’s defense and attack in close combat.

Just as expected, Spear Mountain’s speed was incredible. One had to remember that one of the biggest reasons why Gravis had been so fast in his previous fights was that his body was so powerful. Sadly, that advantage no longer existed when fighting a beast.

Tortoises were slow beasts, but this one most definitely wasn’t slow. Gravis would need to use all of his speed-related Laws to become as fast as Spear Mountain’s jump forward.


Gravis’ eyes widened.

He had just used his old and familiar ability of pre-dodging, but the snap of Spear Mountain’s head was far faster than he had expected.

In an instant, the left half of Gravis’ body had vanished.

Spear Mountain had swallowed nearly half of Gravis’ body in a single attack!

However, Spear Mountain started to grunt and then quickly crunched several times. At the same time, some blood was flowing out of his mouth.

What had happened?

Gravis had already infused his weapons with souls for any attack he wanted to unleash, and these living weapons had entered the mouth of Spear Mountain. These weapons immediately started going crazy in its mouth, stabbing everywhere. Yet, they were quickly crushed into nothingness by Spear Mountain’s crunching. He destroyed such powerful weapons like they were twigs.

Of course, Gravis wouldn’t let such an opportunity slide. White light was already shining on the left half of his body to regenerate him, but at the same time, Gravis was slashing forward with his Frost-infused spear.


The spear hit Spear Mountain’s shell, but Spear Mountain angled his body so that the spear slipped off, leaving behind a shallow, frozen cut on the shell.


But that was when Gravis’ saber hit the same spot. Slight cracks appeared on the shell, but Spear Mountain was not injured by this attack.

“AARRGGHH!” Spear Mountain suddenly shouted in pain as he jumped away with incredible speed, leaving a crater behind.

What had happened?

Well, Gravis’ attack had never targeted Spear Mountain’s body. In fact, Gravis had infused his saber with Deep Wood. With a powerful enough impact, the Deep Wood Element bore into Spear Mountain’s body and directly targeted his soul.

The soul was the weakness of beasts. After all, they didn’t have powerful Spirits.

The Deep Wood Element hit Spear Mountain’s soul, tearing at him as he felt incredible pain.


Gravis took the initiative and used all his Lightning Laws to increase his speed. In an instant, Gravis was in front of Spear Mountain.


Spear Mountain’s head snapped at Gravis, but Gravis had seemingly vanished.

At the same time, Gravis appeared under Spear Mountain. He had used the Law of Shadow Movement to escape into Spear Mountain’s shadow. When Gravis appeared, he shot a spear with white flames at Spear Mountain’s belly.


However, just as Gravis attacked, black spears shot out of Spear Mountain’s belly. These spears were so fast that Gravis couldn’t even evade them, and in an instant, Gravis had been pierced at several places. At the same time, the spears were growing longer and wider, pushing Gravis deeper into the earth.

Gravis’ spear would not reach Spear Mountain’s body this way, but that was not an issue.


Gravis’ arm became bigger to get more reach, and his spear hit Spear Mountain’s belly with white flames.

“AAARGGHH!” Spear Mountain shouted in pain as his soul was attacked again.

Then, all his limbs vanished into his body as his belly became as round as his shell.


Then, he began spinning at incredible speeds. The spears that had stabbed into Gravis left behind crevices as they left Gravis’ body. Meanwhile, due to the rotation, new spears cut through him.


Suddenly, a gigantic storm appeared that threw Spear Mountain into the sky, away from Gravis. Gravis had used the Laws of Storm’s Power, Storm’s Efficiency, and Storm’s Mass to create a violent explosion of wind. This attack was not meant to injure Spear Mountain but to push him away from Gravis.

Gravis quickly used one of his intact arms to throw himself out of the new crater.

Gravis’ body was ravaged beyond belief. Gigantic crevices cut through the front side of his body, and even several organs had been sliced apart. The tips of Spear Mountain’s spears were colored red by Gravis’ blood.

More white light appeared as Gravis intensified his healing.

Two intense healings and two brutal attacks with the Element of Deep Wood.

Gravis had already used nearly 50% of his Energy reserves, but Spear Mountain could still fight with his full power.

Spear Mountain was currently hundreds of kilometers in the sky. Gravis’ attack with the Storm Element had pushed him incredibly far away.

Gravis pointed with his fingers at Spear Mountain.


Gravis’ Law of Graphite’s Gravity was activated with as much power as Gravis could muster. In an instant, Spear Mountain stopped accelerating into the sky and began to be pulled towards the earth.

The power of the Law of Graphite’s Gravity was insane, and the longer it could work on someone, the better. In less than a second, Spear Mountain became even faster than when he had been shot into the sky.

However, he remained inside his shell. It was impossible to evade such an attack. His body had already become far too fast.

Additionally, Gravis couldn’t possibly attack him in such a state. The sheer force of Spear Mountain’s momentum would tear Gravis’ body apart if he touched him. Lastly, the ground was hard, but not so hard that it could even shake Spear Mountain’s body. It wouldn’t be different than landing on snow.

Spear Mountain’s body became insanely fast under the power of Gravis’ Laws and hit the ground in an instant.


A gigantic crater, over a hundred kilometers wide, was created as a storm of dust was thrown towards the horizon, blanketing the world in a grey mist of sand and earth.


Gravis charged forward towards the location where Spear Mountain had landed. The surroundings were still in turmoil due to the impact, making Gravis’ Spirit Sense useless. Additionally, he could barely see anything in this storm of dirt.

When Gravis felt that he was close to Spear Mountain’s location, he activated a smaller version of his Storm attack.


The cloud of dust and earth vanished as Gravis’ Element of Storm cleared the surroundings. He had to see Spear Mountain for his attack.


However, Gravis immediately exploded to the side with his lightning acceleration because Spear Mountain was rolling towards him like a spiked ball. The spears that came out of his body were like a grinder, and if Gravis got hit even once, he would be shredded.

As Gravis evaded, he saw a crack on Spear Mountain’s body regenerating with insane speeds, and in an instant, it was completely gone.

However, this crack hadn’t been simple.

One had to remember that Gravis hadn’t arrived instantaneously at this location. The fact that the crack was still healing at this point demonstrated how devastating it had been previously. After all, one shouldn’t forget Spear Mountain’s insane regenerative powers.


What had happened?

Well, Gravis had used his Law of Graphite’s Gravity to pull Spear Mountain to a specific location.

Which location?

His ore rock!

The ore rock was insanely hard, and when Spear Mountain hit it with such force, his entire shell had probably cracked apart. Gravis quickly scanned the area and saw a ton of bloody pieces lying at the center of the crater, all surrounding a bloody rock with entrails sprawled all over it.

Spear Mountain’s body was fully regenerated now, but it had cost him a ton of Life Energy. Gravis couldn’t fully rely on his soul attacks. After all, he had no idea how resilient Spear Mountain’s soul was.

Spear Mountain immediately turned around and shot at Gravis again.


However, before he even came close to Gravis, several spears exploded off him and shot at Gravis.


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