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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 843: Too Much Time Bahasa Indonesia

‘Let’s see. I need the Medium Pure Law, the Soft Pure Law, all the Mixed Elements, the Body Growth Laws, the Body Composition Laws, and the element-neutral Major Laws of Heat and Cold,’ Gravis thought.

‘The Mixed Elements should be my lowest priority. All these Battle Laws for my Elements only work with the pure forms of the Elements. If I want to boost my Mixed Elements as well, I would need to comprehend the Mixed Elemental Battle Laws. However, Mixed Elements are already pretty rare. There are barely any Law Comprehension Areas for these Battle Laws.’

‘Sure, understanding the Composition Laws of the Mixed Elements is not hard, and I can do that myself, but extrapolating all these Battle Laws would take forever.’

‘Of course, if I could understand all the Mixed Elements and then understand the Mixed Elemental Law, my Battle-Strength would become insane. The Mixed Elemental Law is a level five Law that would passively boost the power of all my Elements to the power of a level five Law. That’s insane.’

‘However, that’s exactly the problem. It’s a level five Law. I haven’t comprehended one of those, and I’m absolutely certain that I need some severe tempering to comprehend it. Comprehending the Major Law of the Elements has already taken me three tempering experiences. This one will probably take just as long.’

‘Lastly, I would need to focus all my remaining time on these Mixed Elements. This means that I wouldn’t be able to boost my Battle-Strength even more in the next 12,000 years or so.’

Gravis narrowed his eyes. ‘Siral’s eventual opponent is far too powerful. I absolutely need to increase my strength as much as possible until then.’

‘So, Mixed Elements are a no-go,’ Gravis thought.

‘The Soft Pure and Medium Pure Laws would increase my Battle-Strength a little bit since I would be able to create even better armor. Against my eventual opponent, I need to go all out, which means that I will also create shields and armor, even though it’s far too expensive. These Laws would help me in that, but I’m uncertain if that’s the best way to proceed.’

‘The Major Laws of Heat and Cold are pretty powerful, but the Laws of Inferno’s Heat and Frost’s Cold are just as powerful and cost the same amount of Energy normally. The only advantage that the element-neutral Laws of Heat and Cold have is that they don’t need any specific Element to work.’

‘Sadly, this advantage is useless to me since I can use all the Elements anyway.’

‘So, the Major Laws of Cold and Heat won’t increase my Battle-Strength at all.’

‘That leaves the Body Laws,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin. ‘If I heal myself with Brilliance, I am using up my Energy. I convert my Energy into Life Energy, which then regrows my body.’

‘However, healing myself with the Laws of Body Growth would use up my inherent Life Energy. This means that the healing capabilities of Brilliance and the Laws of Body Growth are not mutually exclusive. I can use both of them for a more efficient way of healing myself.’

Gravis nodded. ‘Alright, Body Growth Laws it is!’

Gravis didn’t have any significant insights into the Major Laws of Body Growth. Immortal bodies were very different from mortal bodies. It was like their entire Composition was different, which was actually the case since there were higher grade Body Composition Laws.

When someone became an Immortal, their entire body would be reborn. The outside of the body appeared the same as before, but the inside was vastly different. The Laws and Energy moved around in very different ways. The only way to describe the change would be to call it purer.

The weaker Life Laws still worked somewhat on these Immortal bodies, but not nearly as well as in the past. When someone used these lower grade Laws to heal themselves when they were already in the Immortal Realm, it would be like repairing a powerful weapon with mortal tools and methods. Sure, the broken parts could be mended, but it obviously wasn’t as effective as it should be.

Gravis took out his saber and began to cut away. Watching a body regenerate and grow was the best way to comprehend the Laws of Body Growth.

Gravis had long since stopped seeing his body as a true part of himself. That notion had died when Gravis had left his old body behind to inhabit a beast body.

When Gravis referred to himself, he was referring to his personality, Spirit, and mind. His body was only a vehicle, tool, and weapon for his mind and Spirit.

The addition of the Lightning Fork also didn’t help with that. Gravis could transform into lightning and recreate his body. Wasn’t this like creating an entirely new body? After all, Gravis broke down his body into the most essential components and simply made a new one.

On top of that, Gravis theoretically had an infinite number of bodies. He could create new bodies for himself with the Lightning Fork all he wanted, as long as he had enough Energy.

Because of all these reasons, cutting away at his own body wasn’t different from dismantling a weapon. So what if it got injured? He could just repair it or make a new one.

Gravis slowly separated different parts of his body depending on what Law he was currently looking at. After that, he let it regrow on its own as he simply watched and analyzed.

Of course, Gravis’ Spirit was powerful, and he could keep track of many things at once, which was why he continued creating injuries. Gravis’ Spirit was powerful enough to keep watch over all the different injuries on his body.

This continued on in a perpetual cycle since Gravis’ Spirit was powerful enough to keep track of so many different things that he didn’t need to interrupt the process. Gravis could keep track of all the injuries he could produce in the timeframe between the first injury’s creation and regeneration.

Like this, many years passed.

Comprehending these five Laws of Body Growth took far longer than one would anticipate.

Why was that?

Because Gravis didn’t know the Major Laws of Body Composition.

Understanding the Composition Laws meant that someone knew the basics of how something worked. If one didn’t know the Composition Laws, one could only look at the process without knowing what exactly was happening on a fundamental level.

So, why hadn’t Gravis just decided to comprehend the Major Body Composition Laws?

People who had paid attention in the past would know the reason.

The Composition of Gravis’ body was very different from the Composition of normal bodies. Normal bodies were made out of Energy, while Gravis’ body was made out of lightning.

This meant that destroying and regrowing his own body would only help partially in understanding the Composition Laws. If Gravis wanted to understand the Major Laws of Body Composition without wasting a ridiculous amount of time, he would need to look at someone else’s body all the time.

Getting someone else to do that voluntarily was difficult. Additionally, it would throw up a lot of questions about why Gravis couldn’t just look at his own body.

Sure, Gravis could use Siral, but the Body Composition Laws were still not his main focus right now. They wouldn’t increase his Battle Strength at all. Any dangerous opponent would have a Will-Aura so far above the power of Gravis’ Will-Aura due to the level suppression that the Body Composition Laws would become useless to Gravis.

Comprehending the Body Composition Laws with Siral’s assistance would help with comprehending the Body Growth Laws but understanding all ten of them would still take longer than just comprehending the Body Growth Laws without the support of the Body Composition Laws.

Gravis’ goal was to increase his Battle-Strength as much as possible before his eventual battle. The Body Composition Laws didn’t help, which made comprehending them irrelevant for now.

How long did it take Gravis to comprehend all five Major Laws of Body Growth?



‘And that’s the last one,’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘Finally done!’

‘So, how long did it take?’ Gravis thought as he checked the timer.

Then, he took a deep breath.

‘7,940 years!?’ Gravis thought with shock. ‘Comprehending these five Laws took nearly as long as comprehending the Battle Laws of Graphite? Man, not knowing the Composition Laws is really putting a damper on things. With the Composition Laws, I would have probably only taken around 4,000 years or so. However, the Composition Laws would have probably also taken around 6,000 years or so.’

‘And like that, around 70% of my time has already vanished. It’s ridiculous how fast time is passing by now.’

Gravis looked at a random tree with a complex expression.

‘This means I’m over 40,000 years old by now.’

‘I nearly reached my longevity limit.’


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