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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 844: Time’s Up Bahasa Indonesia

‘I have less than 3,000 years left until Siral goes through his tribulation,’ Gravis thought. ‘I should be something like 43,350 years old right now, give or take a couple of years. I stopped keeping track of the small years long ago.’

‘It’s actually unreal. I entered this world when I was just 4,000 years old, but I’m now over ten times as old. It really feels like someone just cut out like 35,000 years of my life or something like that. One second I was young, and the next, I’m super old. I’m even closing in on Meadow’s age when I first met her.’

‘Additionally, the time dilation between worlds isn’t as insane anymore. Over 4,000 years have already passed in the highest world, which means that I have been gone from Yersi’s life longer than she has known me.’

‘Aris and Cera should already be Immortal Kings. I don’t think that they will wait until their tribulation happens to comprehend more Laws. They have always been rather impatient.’

‘Actually, there’s a very high chance that every single person I know has already become an Immortal King by now, except Yersi due to the time dilation.’

Gravis chuckled a bit. ‘However, it’s actually a bit funny. All these geniuses from all these stories and legends shoot through their Cultivation like meteors. They become supremely powerful in much less time than anyone else. Meanwhile, in comparison, I take longer than basically everyone else.’

Gravis smirked. ‘But it’s worth it! I’m not even sure if there’s an Immortal King in this world that knows as many Laws as I do. Sure, they might know their level five Laws, but level four Laws? No chance!’

Gravis counted all the level four Laws he knew. ‘I know 56 level four Laws! That’s insane!’ Gravis thought with surprise. ‘I entered this world with only five of them! I knew the Hard Pure Law, the Major Law of Suppression, the Major Law of Freedom, the Major Law of Control, and the Law of the Dead World.’

‘Ever since then, I comprehended 45 level four Battle Laws, the Major Law of the Elements, and the five Laws of Body Growth.’

‘I comprehended 51 level four Laws ever since I arrived here.’

Suddenly, Gravis frowned.

‘Is that too much? I mean, one can’t have too many Laws, right?’

Gravis scratched the back of his head with a complex expression. ‘I mean, it feels a bit like overkill, but how else am I supposed to fight someone five levels above myself? It’s only logical.’

‘My lightning, Will-Aura, and body already allow me to fight anyone two levels above myself. For three levels, I need some techniques and extra Laws. For four levels, I need to know far more level four Laws than my opponent. Back when I fought Samantha, she had known one, while I had known five. Additionally, I also know a terrifying amount of level three Laws.’

‘So, to fight someone five levels above myself, I need to know several level five Laws. I don’t know a single one, but I know so many level four Laws that I have nine different elements with the power of level five Laws. I basically already have reached the Law levels of an Immortal Emperor in that sense.’

‘Quantity is also a form of quality, right?’ Gravis thought as he stopped rubbing the back of his head.

Then, Gravis shrugged. ‘Well, it doesn’t really matter right now. I should get on to comprehending my next Laws. Let’s see. I don’t have much time left, which means I can’t comprehend so many more Laws. I should learn something small that quickly increases my Battle-Strength.’

‘The decision is obvious,’ Gravis thought. ‘I need the Medium Pure and Soft Pure Laws for some armor. Thanks to the Laws of Graphite’s Creation, Manipulation, and Efficiency, I can create a ton of materials for experimentation. This should take care of nearly all the necessary materials for the Medium Pure Law. I might need to experiment with the Plant Growth Laws and the Body Growth Laws to create the remainder, but that’s also doable.’

‘Lastly, I only need different gasses created from different Elements interacting with each other for the Soft Pure Law. The Medium Pure Law won’t take much time, but the Soft Pure Law won’t be as easy since there are simply too many combinations.’

‘Well, no time to waste! Let’s begin!’


Gravis used his Spirit to create a gigantic opening in the ground. After all, one shouldn’t forget that Gravis was 20,000 kilometers deep in the ground right now. Everything was just filled with magma and stone.

After a bit of time, Gravis had created a humongous cave, which suited his purposes just fine.

A grey ball appeared on Gravis’ palm, and he hit the ground below him with it.


The Graphite interacted with its surroundings and started creating a confusing mass of different materials.

Sadly, a ton of them were for the Hard Pure Law.

However, Gravis had to take a deep breath. He was absolutely exhausted. ‘Even with the Laws of Graphite’s Manipulation and Efficiency, it still takes that much Energy? I barely filled 0.1% of the cave!’

Gravis looked around, and it looked like some pebbles had appeared on the ground in his cave.

It was barely anything!

‘No wonder everyone only uses natural ore veins. If I were to do this for a thousand years, I would probably barely earn 200,000 Immortal Stones, and that’s with all my supporting Laws! That would be a thousand years of tough work!’

Gravis looked around and directly pocketed the Hard Pure Materials, leaving behind about 20% of the materials.

These were materials for the Medium Pure Law.

And thus, began Gravis’ long journey of creating stone and looking at stone.

Every hour, Gravis used more of his Energy to create more materials, but it was barely enough to keep up with his progress.

Even worse, about 300 years later, Gravis already knew so many materials that he had to actively wait for his Energy to recharge.

After around 500 years, Gravis basically saw no other new materials, and he frowned.

‘I’m pretty sure that I need to change location,’ Gravis thought. ‘My Graphite interacts with the surroundings, and I probably already know 99% of all the materials I can gather here. This obviously isn’t enough to comprehend the Medium Pure Law. I should go somewhere else.’

So, for the first time in forever, Gravis left this place and returned to the surface.

While on the surface, Gravis repeated his procedure and noted that a lot of new elements had appeared.

‘Sure enough, the surroundings were at fault. I should travel around some more,’ Gravis thought.

For the next millennium, Gravis stayed in one spot after the other. He searched for different environments with different weather, climate, and materials.

Fortunately, it wasn’t boring. Gravis saw a lot of new things and also saw many people. However, he used his Law of Shadow’s Subtlety to remain hidden since he didn’t want to be disturbed.

Gravis even saw some minor Sects warring with each other, but that had nothing to do with him.

All of this continued until finally, one day…


‘Holy shit! This took forever,’ Gravis thought. ‘According to my perception, this Law took the most time out of any other Law I have ever comprehended. However, I kept checking the time, and it actually didn’t take that long. Barely 2,300 years passed. Sure, that’s still a lot of time, but it feels longer than the last 30,000 years combined, which is weird.’

‘I think it’s because I looked at so much stuff,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin.

‘This Law actually isn’t so hard to comprehend. It took that long because I just randomly created materials all over the place without knowing where to go next. If I had a Virtualization Array, this would have barely taken me 400 years or so.’

‘Sadly, there are no fitting Law Comprehension Areas for the Medium Pure Law in the Sect Alliance’s territory. The materials needed are just too diverse to occur naturally in one place. This was basically the only way I could have comprehended the Law in this world.’

Then, Gravis wildly shook his head. ‘Don’t get distracted now! Siral already contacted you a couple centuries ago. I barely have 350 years left before his tribulation! I don’t have time for any other Laws, and I also don’t know how long it will take to find a suitable opponent.’

Gravis took a deep breath and looked at his surroundings.

‘It’s over, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘My long Law Comprehension Session is over. I’ve comprehended all the Laws I could in this time, and now there’s nothing left but tempering. My Will-Aura is currently on the level of a Late Major Circulation Immortal King’s, barely a level higher than the Cultivation Realm of my future opponent.’

‘I need to increase it so that my Laws of Perceived Reality have an increased effect on my enemy.’

Then, Gravis turned towards the north with a glow in his eyes. ‘I need to go to the Core Regions and directly head to the gigantic forest. After that, I need to dig deep into the ground and enter the forest from there.’

‘I should also get a map somewhere. I’ll just look for one when I arrive in the Core Regions.’

‘Right now, it’s go time!’

Gravis retrieved his Life Ring.

“Siral, it’s time! Come to my location,” Gravis ordered.

“Yes, Master!”

Gravis looked one last time at his surroundings.

“Goodbye, Sect Alliance,” Gravis said to himself.


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