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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 838: Deep Wood Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went on to teach the new students. The old ones were either dead or grown-up again. The cycle of young Cultivators and beasts moved far too quickly for Gravis.

To Gravis, it felt like after just looking away for a moment, all his old students had already grown up.

According to Gravis’ perception, no time had passed, but thousands of years had passed in reality.

The life of young beings went over so quickly.

After Gravis received a break from teaching, he went over to the current visitors.

However, this time, Gravis had more to talk about than just unimportant stuff. This time, he was informing others of his grand plans.

Initially, everyone was skeptical of Gravis’ success. After all, what he was planning was just too difficult to achieve. However, if he managed to succeed, they would all be happy to cooperate.

In the next century, Gravis had gathered many agreements from Immortals, Immortal Kings, and even two Immortal Emperors. As long as Gravis managed to pull it off, they would be happy to support him.

After all, they would also get something in return.

Of course, none of them would have agreed if Gravis hadn’t already gotten permission from Arc. Arc’s permission was integral to Gravis’ plan.

The breaks always felt far longer than the many times longer Law Comprehension sessions.

However, even long times passed eventually. The century-long break was up, and it was time to return to comprehending Laws.

Gravis returned to the Sect Alliance’s territory and went to the next Law Comprehension Area.

It was time to learn the Battle-Laws of Deep Wood!

This was the last Element that Gravis had a good affinity for. Normally, the Wood Element wouldn’t count as an element with a lot of affinity for Gravis, but thanks to his knowledge regarding the Soul Laws, Gravis had quite a good affinity for it.

The first Law Gravis comprehended was the Law of Deep Wood’s Rejuvenation.

This was simply an element-based Law that worked the same way as the level two Law of Soul Regeneration. If anyone attacked Gravis’ Spirit, he would be able to recover quickly. Gravis hadn’t fought against someone that used soul-based attacks yet, but that didn’t mean that he would never have such an opponent. It was important to be prepared for any eventuality.

The second Law was the Law of Deep Wood’s Connection.

With this Law, Gravis could create a partial connection to his opponent’s Soul without directly hitting their body. The Element of Deep Wood only attacked the enemy’s Soul when it managed to touch their body. Against beasts, this was more than enough, but against humans, this wasn’t as easy. After all, humans liked to use weapons.

However, even with this Law of Deep Wood’s Connection, only a part of Gravis’ power would be able to attack the enemy’s Spirit as long as it hit a weapon, but it was better than nothing. The Deep Wood Element became especially useful against opponents with the Earth Element. After all, they were all fighting like turtles. Using this Law multiple times against them would force them to attack Gravis, destroying their biggest advantage.

The third Law was the Law of Deep Wood’s Destruction.

Just like the first Law, this Law was an element-based version of the level two Law of Soul Dispersal. It would strengthen the destruction of the enemy’s Soul and Spirit.

The fourth Law was something that Gravis initially had had no interest in. However, with the advent of his new grand plan, this Law became relevant.

The fourth Law was the Law of Deep Wood’s Transfer.

This Law allowed Gravis to heal the Souls and Spirits of other beings by using up his own Soul.

Back then, when Gravis had kept Surem alive, he had used an unreal amount of Energy to keep Surem’s Spirit from being destroyed. However, in comparison, the person from the Life Sect easily healed Surem’s Spirit.

The main reason was that healing one’s own Spirit was far easier than healing another one’s Spirit. The person from the Life Sect had infused Surem with his own Spirit by using exactly this Law. After that, he had only needed to quickly heal his own Spirit, which wasn’t difficult at all.

So, with this Law, Gravis could now also heal even the most severe Soul-based injuries that anyone around him might receive.

Having someone that was able to heal others was integral for an organization’s survival. Oftentimes, when someone tempered themselves against a powerful opponent, they were close to death themselves. That last, tiny flame of life might be snuffed out even when the opponent had already died.

If one was in such a situation, they would die even though they had won their fight. This was such a huge waste.

Additionally, since the fight had already been won, saving their life after that wouldn’t interrupt their Will-Aura’s growth.

The last Law Gravis comprehended was the Law of Deep Wood’s Protection.

As the name implied, it was a Law that created element-based protection around one’s Soul or Spirit. Just as mentioned previously, it was important to be prepared for anything.

With that, Gravis was done with the Battle Laws for Deep Wood.

Obviously, this Element would be used for healing and for everything Soul and Spirit related.

‘2,765 years,’ Gravis thought. ‘Faster than the Shadow Element, but still quite slow.’

Gravis also quickly checked his answers and noticed that everything was basically fine. He hadn’t really changed at all.

Then, Gravis sighed.

‘Man, I’m not looking forward to the last two,’ Gravis thought. ‘I have a weak affinity for metal, and it is even worse for earth. These two will probably take longer than all previous Elements.’

Gravis looked at his timer absentmindedly. ‘I already passed the age of 20,000 years. I’m basically ancient at this point. However, I somehow still feel quite young. It’s like I’m only 5,000 years old or so.’

Gravis sighed again. ‘Time continues to pass, and I get older and older.’

Then, Gravis shook his head. ‘Who cares!? I will get older regardless! I should just continue. As soon as I come into contact with others more, time will go back to passing very slowly.’


Gravis teleported away and went towards the next Law Comprehension Area.

Next stop: Core, the level three Law version of the Metal Element!


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