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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 837: Big Plans Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis quickly found another Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Shadow’s Darkness and went about comprehending his Law.

However, he quickly got interrupted by a Sect Master that appeared. This Sect Master wanted to know what had happened to the other Law Comprehension Area. After all, Gravis had never destroyed a Law Comprehension Area before. Their “cooperation” was solely based on the fact that Gravis didn’t destroy the Sect Alliance’s property.

Gravis informed the Sect Master that an assassin had attacked him and that it had been the Sect Master of the Sect that had owned the Law Comprehension Area.

After a lot of back and forth, the Sect Master decided to talk it over with the other Sect Masters. After all, one of them had become a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King without their knowledge. Additionally, the Sect Master Gravis was talking about had the Brilliance Element, not the Shadow Element.

Finally, one of the Sect Masters told them that he had known about it. Siral had been his friend.

With the addition of that Sect Master’s testimony, the Sect Alliance decided to believe Gravis.

However, their shock only increased when they realized that Gravis had been able to survive an assassination attempt from such a powerful and skilled assassin.

Over the last 13,000 years or so, new Sect Masters had come, and old ones had left. After not seeing Gravis fight for so long, a lot of them had built up feelings of indignation towards Gravis. Why was some Peak Immortal allowed to enter their property!?

However, this display of power had quietened these Sect Masters. Gravis had become far too dangerous.

It was best not to disturb the ogre.

Gravis was quickly informed of the fact that nothing would happen to him. They wanted to make sure that Gravis knew that they didn’t try to kill him.

Gravis waved the Sect Master off dismissively. He would just continue comprehending Laws and would leave at some point. The Sect Masters felt relieved when they heard Gravis’ words.

With that said, Gravis went back to comprehending Laws, and this time, no one interrupted him.


After some time, Gravis comprehended the Law of Shadow’s Darkness and quickly left for the next one.

The next Law was the Law of Shadow’s Illusion.

After spending some time in that Law Comprehension Area, Gravis comprehended this Law too.


And when Gravis comprehended it, he finally knew how Siral had been able to create these illusions of his Law of Shadow’s Movement going off when he wasn’t there.

The Law of Shadow’s Illusion allowed someone to create short-lived fake bodies, which could also use the Shadow Laws.

This shocked Gravis quite a lot.

After all, this meant that Siral knew at least three level four Laws!

Was Siral truly as weak as he told Gravis he was?

“Siral, how confident would you be with your tribulation if you were to face it alone?” Gravis asked through the Life Ring inside his Spirit Space.

“0%, Master,” Siral answered.

“That low?” Gravis asked in shock. It was impossible for Siral to lie to Gravis while under the effect of the Life Ring. “Why is it that low? You already know at least three level four Laws!”

“Four, Master,” Siral answered. “My Law of Humility has also reached the level of a level four Law.”

‘Four level four Laws is quite impressive,’ Gravis thought.

“And I’m not confident because every Major Circulation Immortal King would be from the Core Regions. They all know far more Laws than me and are more powerful. Even if they were on the same level as me, I would only have a 10% chance of victory.”

Gravis scratched his chin. The Core Region sure was powerful.

“What if you could take them by surprise with an assassination attempt?” Gravis asked.

“It depends on the Sect of the enemy, Master,” Siral said. “I have assassinated several Cultivators two levels above me, and I have quite a lot of confidence. However, I would fear assassinating someone from the Nine Elements Sect or the Purist Sect. The All-Matter Sect would also be a threat, but not as much as the first two.”

Gravis nodded. “That’s all,” he said.

“Yes, Master,” Siral answered as the connection between them was cut off again.

‘He only named Peak Sects as dangers,’ Gravis thought. ‘This means that he has a lot of confidence when assassinating people from normal Sects. I’ve really managed to turn my luck around with Siral.’

Was being the target of such a powerful assassin good luck?

Of course not!

Being targeted by a perfect assassin four levels above oneself was about as unlucky as it could get. This was definitely the work of Gravis’ Karmic Luck, or lack thereof.

However, not only had Gravis’ Will-Aura been strengthened a little bit under this assassination, but he had also gained an incredible servant.

After Gravis dealt with Siral’s tribulation, Siral would be an Early Major Circulation Immortal King. At that point, Siral could probably deal with nearly every Major Circulation Immortal King. If someone was opposed to Gravis’ plan, he could send Siral to deal with them.

‘Anyway, I’m done with the Shadow Element for now,’ Gravis thought. Then, he checked the timer again.

‘3,327 years,’ Gravis thought. ‘It’s getting quite long with these Elements that I have nearly no affinity for.’

Gravis also checked his answer sheets and noticed that they had not become as cruel as before. He could probably get another set done before it became dangerous, but that wouldn’t matter. Three sets were remaining, and he wouldn’t be able to get through all of them without taking a break.

The only difference was if he comprehended two or three of them after his break.

Might as well take a break now.

Gravis took out Arc’s emblem and broke it.


Gravis appeared in front of Arc.

“Back already?” Arc asked without turning to Gravis. He was drawing lines in the dirt once again.

“Yep,” Gravis said. “Hey Arc, there’s something I want to ask you. You can call it a business proposal.”

“Oh?” Arc asked with a smile as he turned to Gravis. “Is this related to that assassin?”

“Kind of,” Gravis said. “Allowing Siral to survive has something to do with it.”

“Now I’m interested,” Arc said as he sat down on a tree stump. “Tell me more.”

Gravis sat down near Arc and told him about his plan.

After Gravis was done, Arc scratched his chin in thought. “It’s a good idea,” Arc said. “I agree, but only if you manage to succeed. You know why I can’t agree otherwise.”

Gravis nodded. “I do,” he said. “I’ll do my best, and I have some confidence.”

“Which Sect is your target?” Arc asked.

“The All-Matter Sect,” Gravis answered.

“Hmm,” Arc hummed. “Yes, I think your chances of success are the highest with them. However, it will still be really difficult. What’s your offer?”

“Future,” Gravis said with a smirk.

Arc also smirked when he heard Gravis. “If it weren’t you, no one would accept. You are probably the only being in this world that can use the future as a bargaining chip.”

Gravis only smirked.

He had big plans!

“Wait, what’s that?” Arc suddenly said with shock as he pointed to Gravis’ side.

Gravis turned to his side but saw nothing but forest. Then, he turned back.

“What are you-“

However, in front of Gravis was not Arc, but a class of beasts that looked at him with interest.

Gravis was perplexed for a moment but then laughed.

Arc had teleported Gravis to his class when he had been distracted.

‘Well, let’s get back to teaching, I guess,’ Gravis thought.


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