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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 833: Different Suppression Bahasa Indonesia

The first Law that Gravis decided to comprehend was the Law of Frost’s Cold. Just like the Law of Inferno’s Heat, the Law of Frost’s Cold was an element-specific temperature Law.

This was exactly the Law that Samantha had used back when Gravis fought her. She had been able to unleash the Law as a domain, but with her Weapon Techniques, she had also been able to concentrate the power of this Law into her rapier.

Gravis had decided to understand this Law in case he fought someone with the Inferno Element. The Law of Inferno’s Heat would obviously not be as effective against such an opponent. Additionally, the Law of Frost’s Cold had a different secondary effect, which was very important to Gravis.

The Law of Inferno’s Heat would damage an opponent and force them to use more Energy to protect themselves. One could say that the Law of Inferno’s Heat had greater destructive power than the Law of Frost’s Cold.

However, the Law of Frost’s Cold made it harder for the opponent to move. It didn’t only affect the Cultivator, but also the area around them. The stiffness of the cold would slow down their movements by quite a bit.

Gravis quickly informed the disciples and went on to comprehend the Law, and just like always, he managed to comprehend it after nearly no time.

Every time Gravis comprehended another Law, it felt like a piece of time had been cut out from his life. It was like he time traveled into the future since it felt like no time had actually passed. It was a weird feeling, but Gravis had become somewhat used to it by now.

Gravis’ next stop was the Law of Frost’s Penetration.

The Element of Brilliance had the magical attribute that it seemingly penetrated the body’s defense and attacked everything simultaneously. The Law of Frost’s Penetration would allow Gravis’ Element of Frost to do something similar.

The cold temperature would enter the body of the opponent, freezing over their joints and muscles. Sadly, since the cold temperature would be spread over a bigger volume, its attacking power would be reduced.

However, this was not the reason why Gravis wanted this Law. He wanted this Law to slow down the opponent even more. With this Law, he wouldn’t need to freeze their body from outside to inside. He could directly affect their muscles and joints now.

If Gravis wanted to unleash a wide-area attack with a lot of damage, he would simply use the Law of Inferno’s Heat.

Gravis still remembered how useful his Laws of Heat and Cold had been in his fight against the Tornado Emperor. Back then, he had continually switched between hot and cold to disorient his opponent.

Sadly, Gravis couldn’t use his new Laws continually anymore. His level three Law of Temperatures had made it so that the Laws of Heat and Cold didn’t need any Energy anymore.

However, this was no longer the case. The Laws of Inferno’s Heat and Frost’s Cold were level four Laws, while the Law of Temperatures was a level three Law. It only had a mediocre effect on these two Laws due to the power difference.

This meant that Gravis had to be more careful with his usage, at least until he comprehended the level five Law of Temperatures. Of course, this Law would only become relevant in the future.

The third Battle Law of Frost was the Law of Frost’s Concentration. With this Law, Gravis could also infuse his weapon with the element, similar to what Samantha had done. However, instead of using a Weapon Technique, Gravis would directly use another Law to accomplish this. The effect wasn’t as good, but it was a suitable replacement.

The fourth Battle Law of Frost was the Law of Efficiency. Using the Law of Frost’s Cold had a significant Energy requirement, and Gravis needed to reduce it. The less Energy it cost, the better.

The last Battle Law of Frost was the Law of Frost’s Power. It simply increased the power of the Frost Element.

By looking at these five Laws, one would be able to see what Gravis had planned.

The Law of Frost’s Cold gave Gravis a powerful area attack, which also slowed down the enemy’s movements.

The Law of Frost’s Penetration allowed Gravis to directly affect the inner parts of the enemy’s body, reducing its attacking power but increasing the slowing effect.

The Law of Frost’s Efficiency allowed Gravis to keep this effect up for much longer.

The last Law, the Law of Frost’s Power, seemed to only increase the attacking power, but that was not the case. The Law could be used in different ways. Sure, by making the Law of Frost’s Cold even colder, the attacking power would logically increase, but that was not Gravis’ primary goal.

The Law of Frost’s Power also increased the slowing effect.

So, by adding these four Laws together, one would be able to see what Gravis had in mind.

Gravis used the Frost Element solely to slow the enemy.

That was all.


Didn’t Gravis already have his Will-Aura and the Law of Storm’s Pressure for that?

Yes, but this one would help even more.


The Will-Aura slowed the enemy by suppressing their Spirit, being, and mind.

The Law of Storm’s Pressure slowed the enemy by increasing the density of the enemy’s surroundings. The Will-Aura already slowed the enemy, and then they would also have to move through a seemingly solid block of metal created by pressure.

Now, the Law of Frost’s Cold would normally only slow down the enemy by affecting the surroundings, just like the Law of Storm’s Pressure. However, by combining it with the Law of Frost’s Penetration, one could also use it on the enemy’s body.

This was an entirely different kind of suppression.

The Will-Aura was a form of spiritual suppression.

The Law of Storm’s Pressure was a form of outside suppression.

The Law of Frost’s Cold with the Law of Frost’s Penetration was a form of inside suppression.

All three things worked on different parts of the enemy, making them not interfere with each other and allowing them to still unleash their full power.

If Gravis would use the normal Law of Frost’s Cold together with the Law of Storm’s Pressure, the surroundings would only become a little bit harder to navigate through. After all, the surrounding air would already be as hard as metal. Freezing it on top of that would only make it slightly harder.

However, by affecting the inner workings of the enemy’s body directly, it could unleash everything.

With everything added together, the enemy would be slowed to an incredible degree.

However, as everyone knows, advantages and disadvantages, right?

The disadvantage was that Gravis would have to keep two powerful level four Laws going simultaneously. This would cost him an incredible amount of Energy.

This was also the reason why Gravis had decided to comprehend the Efficiency Laws of both Storm and Frost. He had to keep these two Laws going while still fighting with his Punishment Lightning.

One had to remember that these two Laws would be activated on top of Gravis’ usual Laws. They wouldn’t replace Gravis’s current Laws but be added to them, forcing Gravis to use far more Energy than normal.

With this new addition, Gravis now had to do a lot of different things while fighting.

Gravis would need to have his Will-Aura active.

Gravis would need to have his Law of Storm’s Pressure and its supporting Laws active.

Gravis would need to have his Law of Frost’s Cold and its supporting Laws active.

Gravis would need to have his Laws of Perceived Reality active.

Gravis would need to keep juggling his Laws of Time and Gravity.

Gravis would have to handle his equipment and reforge it when necessary in the battle.

And then, Gravis would still need to battle his enemy.

This was an incredible amount of multitasking that Gravis had to do. However, this was exactly why his Battle-Strength was so powerful. He was using all of his powers in very different ways to supplement each other.

What did an average enemy do?

They used their Will-Aura and unleashed their Weapon Techniques.

That was about it.

Gravis sighed when he finished comprehending his Frost Laws. ‘Fighting becomes more and more complex the more powerful I become. It would be so much easier if I could just unleash a Lightning Crescent and be done with it.’

‘Anyway, comprehending these Frost Laws took me about 3,051 years. Sure enough, the lower my affinity towards something, the longer it takes to comprehend it, even with my increased experience. I still have one Element left in which I’m kind of good at, but the other three will probably take even longer.’

‘By now, I’m far older than any Law Comprehension Realm Cultivator or beast. I’m over 14,400 years old now. Back when I met Ferris, I felt like he had been ancient when he told me that he was like 3,000 years old.’

‘Time just becomes faster and faster the more powerful I become. I wonder, is this also a facet of time? I think so. After all, I haven’t specifically targeted the Law of Time back then. I simply comprehended it in my battle against the Tornado Emperor.’

‘The perception of time is already a learning experience in and of itself. The more I feel the effects of time, the closer I get to learning the level six Law of Time.’

Gravis chuckled bitterly. ‘However, that is far in the future.’

‘Right now, I should continue.’


Gravis teleported away as he went to his next Law Comprehension Area.

Next Stop: Shadow!


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