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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 834: Shadow Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to the next Law Comprehension Area, which was the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety.

The Element of Shadow was already supreme when it came to hiding oneself, and the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety pushed that advantage even further.

The Law of Shadow would shroud someone in deep darkness, hiding them from the Spirit Sense of someone else, but the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety would even disperse this darkness. This meant that the enemy couldn’t even see the Cultivator.

Cultivators used their Spirit Sense to perceive their surroundings, but they still had eyes and ears. The chances of being seen were not high, but they were still there. However, the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety would even destroy that disadvantage.

When one comprehended this Law, they would be truly hidden from everything.

That one spy from Underworld that Stella had killed had also used that Law. He had been invisible to Spirit Sense and also to sight. The only reason why Stella had been able to notice the spy was because she could also use the Shadow Element due to her Major Law of the Elements.

The spy had been sent by Underworld to keep watch over Gravis, not Stella. Because of that, he had only gotten information about Gravis. This had been enough. After all, he hadn’t been noticed by Gravis.

Sadly, Stella had been there, and he had no idea who Stella was. He only knew that Stella and Gravis were talking to each other. Additionally, Stella was dressed in red armor and had red hair. Together with a saber as the choice of her weapon, it was basically impossible for her to be a darkness Cultivator. This meant that she would also not notice him.

Even though the spy had died miserably, he had still been able to hide from Gravis. This showed how effective the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety was. After all, how difficult was it to hide from someone like Gravis?

Gravis had seen the effect of this Law for himself and decided that he needed it. Sometimes, he needed to remain hidden.

What if some powerful enemies chased him?

What if these enemies were beyond the current him?

In that situation, Gravis would need to increase his Realm by absorbing Immortal Stones, but that would take about an hour.

So, in short, the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety was there to ensure Gravis’ life if something didn’t go according to plan.

After seemingly no time, Gravis had comprehended the Law and directly went to the next Law Comprehension Area, the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Shadow’s Poisoning.

Gravis’ level one Law of Darkness’ Poisoning had saved his life against Stella. Because of that, Gravis decided to upgrade it. After all, what if he reached a deadlock like this again? In that case, Gravis would only have his beast body as an advantage but killing someone in such a deadlock was difficult. The best Gravis could do was to draw blood from his opponent.

Luckily, drawing blood was all it needed to make use of the Law of Shadow’s Poisoning.

Therefore, Gravis decided to comprehend this Law.

After Gravis was done with this one, he went to the next Law Comprehension Area, the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Shadow’s Movement.

The Shadow Element wasn’t fast at all. So, why comprehend the Movement Law of such a slow Element?

The reason for that was that the movement of this Law was different.

It was a kind of teleportation without using the Law of Space. Whenever two enemies fought, they froze space around them, making it impossible to teleport. However, the Law of Shadow’s Movement would circumvent this restriction.

By using the Law of Shadow’s Movement, one would be able to teleport to any shadow in the surroundings. If one fought in the night, this would allow them to teleport anywhere, but during the day, they could only teleport to the shadows of trees, animals, rocks, and so on.

However, this Law would still be very useful in taking the enemy by surprise. If Gravis fought a very fast enemy, he could use this Law to take them by surprise. After all, one had to remember that Gravis’ main advantage was his speed, and if someone was superior to him in that regard, it would be difficult to close in on the enemy or gain distance.

Additionally, Gravis could use the Law of Shadow Movement to teleport to an unknown place and then directly use the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety to flee from a powerful enemy. The enemy would have no idea from where Gravis vanished, making it far harder to find him.

These three Laws already showed what Gravis had planned for the Battle Laws of Shadow.

He would use the Shadow Element for hiding and confusion. Successfully hiding from an opponent would not only secure Gravis’ life when something went wrong but would also give him the initiative when attacking. The enemy wouldn’t know where Gravis was, and with Gravis’ speed, the effect of such a surprise would be maximized.

After comprehending this Law, Gravis went to the next Law Comprehension Area, the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Shadow’s Darkness.

Shadow’s Darkness? What use was that?

Gravis had already come into contact with someone that used this Law.

Back when Gravis had fought the several Immortal Kings above the Unrestrained Sect, they had employed a Formation Array that emulated this Law. Everything around Gravis was dark, making it difficult for him to see anything.

The same thing would be true for Gravis’ enemies. This Law would cloud everything in darkness, making it harder to discern anything with one’s Spirit Sense or eyes.

Additionally, it had a wonderful synergy with the Laws of Shadow’s Subtlety and Shadow’s Movement.

Gravis could cloud an area in shadow, teleport to any random location inside the darkness and vanish into nothingness.

Gravis went through his routine and lost himself in Law Comp-



An attack!

Gravis had seemingly just lost himself in the darkness when his Law of Safety had vanished.

However, his Law of Danger hadn’t been activated at all!

This was absolutely abnormal to Gravis!

On top of that, Gravis’ Law of Safety had vanished in an instant. It wasn’t like back when the attackers had appeared in the Unrestrained Sect. Back then, Gravis’ Law of Safety had vanished only slowly.

However, just now, Gravis’ Law of Safety had vanished in an instant!

This directly pulled Gravis out of his Law Comprehension, and he exploded with lightning. Gravis had no time to use any Laws since the attack had been so incredibly fast. On top of that, it came out of nowhere!

Gravis had been forced to detonate his own body with lightning, destroying the Law Comprehension Area and illuminating everything.

Gravis hadn’t felt a thing!

His Spirit Sense hadn’t cried out.

He hadn’t heard the enemy.

His Law of Danger hadn’t even been triggered!

If Gravis hadn’t known the Law of Safety, he would have died just now!

The explosion of lightning illuminated the surroundings, revealing a young, black-haired man with two black daggers.

Gravis’ body absorbed some of his lightning back, but he had already lost 50% of his entire Energy reserves just to survive this attack. Without this explosion, the enemy would have hit him.

And by the looks of it, that would have been the end of Gravis.


Because that attack had unveiled more power than any Sect Master should be able to unleash.

This meant that Gravis’ enemy was probably a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King.

However, something else surprised Gravis even more.

When he looked at the attacker, Gravis couldn’t tell their strength. It was like they were just a normal mortal without any power whatsoever.

No Law of the Shadow Element could accomplish something like that. This was a Law from a different kind of category, and Gravis already had a solid guess.

‘The Law of Humility, one of the Emotional Laws,’ Gravis thought. ‘So, that’s why I haven’t noticed him, even though I can also use the Shadow Element.’

‘Additionally, he probably also knows the level three Law of Danger, which allowed him to cancel out my Law of Danger.’

‘This guy is a perfect assassin!’

The cave in which Gravis had been just now had vanished. It had been transformed into a crater by the violent explosion of lightning.

However, nearly no light entered the crater as it was a moonless and cloudy night.

Gravis looked at his assassin, and the assassin looked at Gravis.

Lightning still floated around Gravis, and the assassin felt a terrifying feeling of danger as Gravis’ eyes looked into his.

This was not someone he could beat in a fight!

His assassination attempt had failed, and he needed to flee!


The assassin used the Law of Shadow Movement and vanished into nothingness.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Gravis shouted, his feelings of shock transforming into rage as lightning exploded around him.


Lightning violently exploded behind Gravis as he used his Law of Time to accelerate his own time.

With an explosion, a shining and violent lightning bolt shot forward with an unreal amount of speed, leaving behind a trail of destruction.


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