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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 82: Jaimy Bahasa Indonesia

It had been a couple of weeks since Aion came to visit Gravis. In that time, Gravis managed to reduce the affected area of his Will-Aura to a cone of only 60°. If he compressed it, it would be six times as strong as when he just released it. Gravis was sure that even someone in the Energy Gathering Realm would have issues fighting inside his Will-Aura.

The time grew closer. Only three more days until the tournament. Only five more days until his Lightning Seed reached its full potential. Only ten more days until he would break into the Energy Gathering Realm. As soon as he would reach the Energy Gathering Realm, Gravis would be able to kill most others in the same, major realm. Soon, he would rise.


Gravis went to the door. ‘It’s probably only Gorn,’ he thought as he opened the door. Yet, in contrast to his expectations, he saw an unfamiliar face. It was a handsome young man with blonde hair. He wore the blackish-blue robes of the Lightning Guild and carried a saber on his back, just like Gravis. His saber was white, and it had multiple Formation Array lines interlinking on its surface.

“Hello, Brother Gravis,” he spoke while bowing politely. “I am Jaimy. I think you had a short altercation with my brother, Frank,” he smoothly explained.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. Frank had acted arrogantly in front of him, and the two other goons from the other day also came because of him. Gravis did not have any good impression of Frank or Jaimy.

“What do you want?” Gravis asked coldly.

Jaimy didn’t seem to mind Gravis’ cold attitude. “I am actually here to apologize for my younger brother,” he said, and Gravis was surprised. “I have been spoiling him for his whole life, so he is used to getting what he wants.” Jaimy sighed. “His personality is partly my fault. So, I am apologizing for that.”

Gravis looked at him, but his coldness had reduced. “I don’t really mind. I’ve also not been bothered in the last three months. Just forget it,” Gravis waved the matter off, nonchalantly.

Jaimy smiled happily. “Thank you, Brother Gravis,” he said and waited for some seconds. “Could I maybe enter? I have another thing that I would like to talk about,” he asked politely.

Gravis didn’t really mind and opened the door for him. Gravis walked over to a bench and sat down. Jaimy sat down opposite of him.

“So, how is life in the Lightning Guild?” Jaimy asked.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. “Get to the point,” he directly said.

Jaimy awkwardly rubbed his neck. “Are you always so cold, or only towards me?” he asked, but Gravis didn’t answer and only looked at him. Jaimy sighed and cleared his throat. “Let me first tell you about my family before I’ll tell you what’s on my mind,” he said.

Gravis didn’t really care, but he gestured for Jaimy to continue. “I’ve been born into a wealthy family in the middle-continent. My family was the strongest one in a town, and nearly everyone in the family had joined the Lightning Guild, at some point,” he started explaining.

“We warred against the other families affiliated with the Elemental Guilds. While the Elemental Guilds in the Outer-Continent are united, the Elemental Guilds in the Middle-Continent are constantly fighting for resources. They might not openly fight, but there are constant small skirmishes.”

Gravis was surprised. He thought that the Elemental Guilds were living in harmony with each other. It seemed like he had been too naïve.

Jaimy looked out of one of the windows, looking like he recalled something. “One day, everything changed. Everything was normal, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary,” Jaimy sighed. “Yet, our family was close to extinction without us knowing. That was because the family, we were currently fighting, requested backup from their guild.”

Jaimy turned to Gravis. “That might not seem unusual in your eyes, but that was against the rules. The Elemental Guilds had to keep themselves out of our families’ fights. The Fire Guild had sent someone at the peak of the Magic Gathering Realm, and every family not affiliated with the Fire Guild was exterminated.”

Gravis could sympathize with Jaimy’s unfortunate situation, but he was not sure what all this had to do with him. So, he let Jaimy continue explaining.

Jaimy sighed and looked at the table. “My mother, my father, my grandparents, my siblings, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, and everyone I was ever close to, died that day. Everyone, except for Frank,” He said, pain evident in his voice.

“I quickly took Frank, and we fled to the Outer-Continent. No one would bother searching for us there.” Jaimy looked at Gravis with a fire burning in his eyes. “In my entire life, I only sought revenge. I swore that I would take revenge on that family and the whole Fire Guild.” He slammed the table in anger.

“But I also have to protect my last family. He went through too much in his life, and I want to protect him. I am fine with dying in my quest for revenge, but what about my brother? If I take my revenge, they will also take revenge on my brother. I might get what I want, but at the same time, I would also lose my last family.”

Jaimy leaned back on the bench and looked up at the ceiling. “I couldn’t accept being the cause of my brother’s death, but I also couldn’t accept to not take my revenge. I was in a dilemma until I finally got an epiphany. I realized on that day that strength is the most important,” he said with conviction.

Gravis just continued looking at him neutrally. He was still not sure why Jaimy was telling him all this.

“If I were strong enough to destroy the Fire Sect, their revenge wouldn’t matter. I would keep my life,” Jaimy leaned to the back of the bench again and sighed. “Yet, if I reach that strength, I would need to ascend soon. My brother would then be alone in this world, and no one could protect him then.”

So,” he slammed his hand on the table again. “I just need to make him ascend with me!” he shouted with conviction. “He may not have my talent. He may not have my drive for power, but he is my only family. I will do everything to keep him by my side,” he sighed again. “And I need a favor from you today,” he said quietly.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. Jaimy was finally getting to the point.

Jaimy bowed deeply. “Please, lose the tournament to Frank!” he shouted sincerely. “He only needs to win this tournament to get his Lightning Seed to 50% Destruction Energy. At that point, we will leave for the parent guild. I have already broken through into the Magic Gathering Realm, and I am only waiting for my brother.”

Gravis wanted to say something, but Jaimy continued. “Please, lose this tournament to him. The next one will be in three months. You’ve only been here for a short time, and three months means nothing to you. I will give you everything when you join us in the parent-guild. Please!” he begged with tears in his eyes.

Gravis looked at Jaimy with mixed feelings. Jaimy was throwing away all his dignity just for his brother. Gravis could feel the sincerity and love that Jaimy had for his brother. This was not an act. Yet, Jaimy had asked Gravis to delay his path to strength. Gravis continued pondering. He really wasn’t sure if he should concede.

Gravis continued looking at Jaimy with a bitter expression. Was Gravis that selfish that he would trample such a sincere person for only expediting his journey to power by three months? Gravis could still train in his Will-Aura. It wasn’t like he would gain nothing for three months.

Jaimy looked at Gravis and stood up. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, so I’ll leave,” he stood up, bowed politely to Gravis, and walked to the doors. “I’ll see your answer at the tournament. Please concede. I will repay you in the future.” With that, Jaimy left Gravis’ house.

Gravis continued sitting on the bench, thinking about the entire situation.

He was not sure what he should do.


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