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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 81: Heaven Sect Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had made his decision. If he went with the lie, he had a possibility of survival. If he revealed his Will-Aura, on the other hand, he might also survive, but Gravis decided to trust Gorn. Gorn was probably aware of things that Gravis wasn’t.

“Alright,” Gravis said politely. Then, he closed his eyes and acted like he was concentrating. After a while, a faint pressure appeared slowly in the surroundings, and it was increasing in intensity as time progressed. The man from the Heaven Sect seemed to be interested as he felt the pressure. This was quite a strong heavenly pressure.

Yet, his eyes changed to seriousness as the pressure kept increasing until he felt shocked. He felt like he saw Heaven itself, pressing down on him.

Gravis had decided to release his full Will-Aura for multiple reasons. If he released only part of it, the person might notice. Also, if the pressure was weak, the person might be able to notice some peculiarities. The chances were high that the person had felt a lot of Heavenly Pressures before, so Gravis decided to release all of it so the person might get overwhelmed and miss some key differences.

Gravis had not compressed his Will-Aura. In his long time of waiting for the tournament, he had, of course, also trained in compressing his Will-Aura. He could now compress it into the form of a 90° cone in front of him. If he compressed his Will-Aura, its intensity would increase by four times. That might be too strong.

Gorn also felt the pressure and noticed that it had grown by a lot. The only time when he had felt the pressure was when the Guild Masters were surrounding Gravis at the start of the entrance exams.

Ever since then, Gravis had fought against the spider, committed a bloodbath in the Basin of Nature, and had trained in the Lightning Tower. Compared to the first two, the increase in will caused by the Lightning Tower’s pain was minuscule.

After some seconds, Gravis retrieved his Will-Aura again and sighed in exhaustion. He remembered that Gorn said that keeping up Heavenly Pressure was taxing to the user.


The man from the Heaven Sect was applauding for Gravis. “What magnificent Heavenly Pressure,” he said with excitement. “There is no doubt! You are one of us.” The man believed Gravis fully. If Gravis had only released part of his Will-Aura, the person might think about the eventuality that Gravis might have a Will-Aura.

Yet, the pure strength of Gravis’ Will-Aura made that possibility seem even more remote. Even if there were some legendary genius with a Will-Aura in the Body Tempering Realm, their Will-Aura would not be so intense.

“You have an incredible future in the Heaven Sect,” the man said in happiness but then noticed something. “Oh, where are my manners? My name is Aion. With all the excitement of meeting a new brother, I have totally forgotten to give you my name. I hope junior brother won’t mind,” he said while offering his hand to Gravis.

Gravis took his hand and shook it, while purposely putting on a confused and embarrassed expression. “Thank you, but I am not sure what you mean,” Gravis said in embarrassment. He had to keep up the act of a person born in the wilds, who knew nothing about how the world worked.

Aion just smiled. “That’s no issue. We rarely have much human interaction before we step into the world. Just like you, I am a Heavenborn. We are the children of Heaven, and we are born for a purpose,” he explained with excitement.

Gravis looked like he was interested in the topic, even though he basically already knew about everything. “Oh, really? What is it?” he asked innocently.

Aion just laughed. “We are Heaven’s avatars. Our strength grows explosively, and Heaven protects and nurtures us. We only need to do Heaven’s bidding, and our life will be happy and perfect,” he exclaimed with sincere happiness. Heaven had blessed Aion, and everything in his life went his way. Happiness, strength, family, love, status, and health. Aion had all of these.

Gravis showed an expression that made it seem like he was falling for a con-artist. “Really?” he asked.

Aion just laughed. “Of course! Let me tell you about the Heaven Sect..”

Aion talked about the Heaven Sect for over an hour, and Gravis learned a lot, even though the acting was quite exhausting. He had inferred most things, yet there were also some new things he had learned. Apparently, the Heaven Sect, just like the Elemental Sects, had different levels of guilds in the Outer Continent and Middle-Continent.

Aion described the way to the Heaven Guild in the Middle-Continent. Aion also told Gravis that when he broke into the Energy Gathering Realm, Gravis should come to the Heaven Guild in the Middle-Continent. There, he would be able to find a family and his true purpose in life.

After a while, Aion left in happiness together with Gorn. When they left his house, Gravis sighed in exhaustion and sat on the floor. “Fuck, I thought he’d never leave,” he grumbled in annoyance. Yet, Gravis was also relieved. He had evaded a calamity.


The door quickly opened and closed again as a panicked Gorn entered. With cold sweat rolling down his face, he slumped down at the door in exhaustion. “Fuck, this was close,” he said in fear, as he turned to Gravis. “I am so happy that you are so good at acting. Fuck, I felt like I was at the edge of death for the entire time,” he shouted in panic.

Gravis only smiled bitterly. “Calm down, Gorn. It’s not like you were the one in danger,” he muttered.

Gorn immediately exploded. “Shut up! My life was also in danger. If the Heaven Sect realized that I was harboring someone with a Will-Aura in the Body Tempering Realm, I wouldn’t even know how I died!” he explained in fear.

Now, Gravis took the situation seriously. “What?” he just asked.

Gorn laughed helplessly. “Someone with a Will-Aura in the Body Tempering Realm is a potential danger for the entire Heaven Sect. If someone like that continued increasing their Will-Aura, they might even suppress the Heaven Master in a fight when they break out of the Spirit Forming Realm.”

Gravis was shocked. The Heaven Master was the Guild Master of the Heaven Sect, and also the most powerful person in the entire world. It seemed like Gravis’ decision to trust Gorn was the right one. “What would’ve happened if I revealed my Will-Aura?”

Gorn took a nervous breath. “That guy would have immediately executed both of us,” he said in fear, and Gravis felt like a hole had opened in his chest. He had expected something bad, but not this bad!

“Why?” Gravis asked again.

“Someone this talented not being born from Heaven and Earth? That is blasphemy! If Heaven and Earth were prepared to create a peerless genius, they would have already informed the Heaven Sect.” Gorn took a deep breath. “You might not know, but that guy was in the Spirit Forming Realm.”

Gravis gasped in shock and fear. He had really dodged a calamity just now. That guy could have killed both of them with a flip of his hand. Gravis immediately shot up in panic and fury. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” he shouted at Gorn.

“Shut up!” Gorn exploded back. “The Heaven Sect takes at least a year every single time to send an agent to check. It takes a month for the info to even reach them. How would they immediately send someone? I wanted to warn you later so that you wouldn’t forget the importance over time.” Gorn groaned. “We just had bad luck that someone came this quickly.”

‘Bad luck?’ Gravis thought as a light appeared in his eyes. Heaven had acted like it wanted for Gravis to quickly reach the Spirit Forming Realm so that he would lose his advantage. Yet, Heaven had also used an absolutely vicious strike. It had first given Gravis the sensation of security and then immediately tried to kill him.

Gravis sighed in nervousness. He had underestimated Heaven. He thought that he saw through Heaven and that it wouldn’t be able to surprise him anymore. His eyes darkened in fury. How long would he continue falling for its schemes? He was honestly trying his best not to fall for its schemes, but it was just too hard. How could he have expected something like this?

After a while, both of them calmed down and talked some more. When night came, Gorn left, and they said their goodbyes.

“Gorn has accepted me into the guild, even if it meant risking his life. If he had just informed the Heaven Sect, he might have even gotten a reward. Yet, he had decided to trust in me.”

“Gorn has saved my life today. Even though his own life was also on the line, it does not take from the fact that he saved me today. Together with his help in the entrance exam and his protection of my new saber, I owe him a lot,” Gravis muttered to himself as he watched his door.

“I will repay everything in the future, Gorn,” Gravis swore to himself.


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