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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 807: Which Laws to Comprehend Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis didn’t lay there for a long time and quickly stood up again. ‘Man, I’m too excited to relax. I should plan the future Laws I want to learn.’

‘There are three categories that I need to pay attention to. First of all, the necessary Laws for me to beat Arc in the future. These Laws are of the utmost importance, and they include the Situational and Emotional Laws.’

‘Sadly, I can’t just comprehend Situational Laws, and Emotional Laws are also a no-go due to the issue with my lightning. As long as I don’t deal with this issue, I won’t be able to progress much on this path.’

‘The second category would be the Laws for the Main Cultivation Path. Those are the High-Tier Laws of the Dead World and the Laws of Life. I can comprehend those without much issue as long as I spend enough time. Life might be a bit harder, and I might need the help of a powerful plant.’

‘The last category are Laws that increase my Battle-Strength. Not all Laws increase my Battle-Strength, which is why I need to also look at those. Especially the High-Tier Laws of Lightning Speed, Lightning Power, Lightning Explosion, and so on.’

‘The Low-Tier variants of these Laws had been level one Laws, and they only had a minor effect on my level three Law of Punishment Lightning. However, now they would be level four Laws while my Punishment Lightning is still a level three Law. The strength they would give me is incredible.’

‘So, where to begin?’ Gravis thought as he looked through the map of the resource points that Liran had given him in the past. ‘I have a lot of time now, which means that I can concentrate on the Laws that don’t increase my Battle-Strength by much.’

‘Additionally, I should concentrate on Laws that I can’t comprehend on my own first. Learning the High-Tier Life Composition Laws of the Body is something I can learn on my own by experimenting on myself. This might have been difficult back then, but I know enough about to basics to extrapolate a lot of clues about other bodies by looking at my own.’

‘Plant Laws are a no-go. There is no Law Comprehension Area for the Composition Laws of Plants. Soul Laws only start at level five, which is still too high for me right now. Additionally, I would probably also need a Law Comprehension Area. Same thing for Temperature Laws.’

‘This means that the Life Laws fall through. So, what about the Matter Laws?’ Gravis thought but shook his head with a smile. ‘Unnecessary. Understanding these Laws has taken a ton of time and different places for me in the middle world, but everything has changed.’

‘Right now, I can comprehend the Medium Pure and Soft Pure Laws anywhere I want. After all, I have control over all the high-tier elements right now. Just by mixing and matching the elements, I can create basically all Pure Materials that exist in the higher world, at least up to a certain threshold of power.’

‘High-Tier Mixed Elements? I can also create those, actually. I don’t need a Law Comprehension Area for them.’

‘So, what would be next?’ Gravis thought.

However, his mind stopped as he tried to think of a good Law to comprehend next.

‘Wait,’ Gravis thought as his eyes widened. ‘Those were basically all the categories already.’

Gravis just looked with surprise at a random spot in space.

‘So, I don’t need any Law Comprehension Area for all of these?’ Gravis thought as if he couldn’t believe the truth. ‘The High-Tier Law of the Elements is actually so good that it helps me to comprehend a ton of other Laws just by using it.’

‘Literally the only things left are the Secondary Laws that increase my Battle-Strength, stuff like Lightning Speed, Darkness Poisoning, Law of the Spire, Law of the Claw, and so on. After all, I need to see those to comprehend them.’

Gravis scratched the back of his head in confusion. ‘This is so weird! There has always been this dynamic that I need to spend a lot of time on Composition Laws that don’t increase my power by much. The Secondary Laws have always been things that I could comprehend whenever I wanted.’

‘However, all of this has changed now. Thanks to the High-Tier Law of the Elements, I can basically learn the entire High-Tier Law of the Dead World on my own. I only need a strong Cultivation Realm to create the most powerful materials and a shitload of time. That’s all.’

‘Honestly, it would feel like a waste of time to concentrate on these Laws for now, especially since they wouldn’t increase my Battle-Strength by much at all. The Mixed Elements, Medium Pure Materials, and Soft Pure Materials are at least twelve Laws in total that wouldn’t increase my Battle-Strength at all.’

‘Normally, I would have no issue with spending time on these things, even if they don’t make me much more powerful. However, the fact that I can comprehend them whenever and wherever I want somehow makes it feel like a waste. I mean, I have the resources of 120 Sects right now, right? Not taking advantage of these Law Comprehension Areas would feel like a huge waste.’

Gravis checked the map again and deleted all the Law Comprehension Areas for Laws Gravis could comprehend on his own.

How many Law Comprehension Areas were left?


60% of the Law Comprehension Areas were still left, and Gravis became quite surprised. ‘Wait, I can comprehend so many Laws on my own, but there are still so many Law Comprehension Areas left?’

This surprised Gravis quite a bit. He had expected the number to fall to something like 10%. However, there were far more Laws apparently.

‘Law of the Claw, Law of the Spire, Law of the Whip, Law of Fire Explosiveness, Law of Fire Energy, Law of Water Cutting, Law of Water Pressure, Law of Lightning Explosiveness, Law of Earth Defense…’ Gravis read in his mind.

‘That explains it,’ he thought as he scratched his chin. ‘All the nine elements have Element-Specific Laws, but there are also overarching Laws. That would be a terrifying number.’

Gravis looked at the map with an evaluating expression. ‘Should I?’ he asked himself. ‘I’ve never truly looked at these kinds of Laws before since I always preferred Composition and the basics. In actuality, except for my Lightning Laws, I only know a single one of these Laws, which would be the Law of Darkness Poisoning.’

‘Now that I think about it, that number is actually a bit pathetic. Also, hasn’t this one level one Law basically saved my life in my fight against Stella? I can already use all the different high-tier elements, and their powers are now also equal to level four Laws.’

Suddenly, Gravis’ eyes shone. ‘So, if I learn the Law of Fire Explosiveness, Fire Speed, Fire Energy, and so on, wouldn’t my Inferno reach…’

Gravis grinned.

‘Sure enough, my Law of the Inferno would be able to reach the power of a level five Law, and that’s without it being my Avatar.’

‘And there are nine elements in total!’

‘So, I can boost all my elements to the power of a level five Law each?’

‘Alright! It’s decided! I will boost all my elements to the power of level five Laws!’

‘Seems like jumping five levels is back on the menu, boys!’


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