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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 806: Dealing with the Lightning Star Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the gigantic star of lightning. Using a Lightning Crescent always wasted a lot of lightning, which was why Gravis couldn’t absorb all of it back after attacking.

However, there were still around 40 Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Kings in that sphere.

That would easily be enough to become a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King for Gravis.

However, Gravis wouldn’t absorb the Energy. This would be stupid beyond belief.


First of all, his Will-Aura would only be slightly stronger than his Realm then, severely weakening his most powerful weapon.

Second of all, if someone found a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King in this area, they might see him as a threat.

But wait a minute, there weren’t any powerful people left! Who could possibly threaten him here?

Well, one shouldn’t forget that this area, which had been distributed over 120 Sects with several Immortal Kings each, had a ton of wealth. If one gathered everything, one could easily create several Major Circulation Immortal Kings. Sure, the Sects might have had the power to take this as their territory, but were they truly the masters of the territory?

Any Sect with a Major Circulation Immortal King could have come here and claimed everything for themselves, and it would be worthwhile too. There were enough resources to create several such Immortal Kings.

So, the question was, why did no super-powerful Immortal King come here and claim it?

Well, the answer was that it had already been claimed, not by the Sect Alliance, but by other powerful Sects. Gravis guessed that the Sect Alliance probably sent the majority of their resources to some more powerful Sect in the Core Region of this world.

So, what would happen if the Sect didn’t gain its tributes?

They would send a powerful Immortal King to check up on things, and that Immortal King would see that all the Sect Masters had been killed.

On top of that, they would see that some Late Minor Circulation Immortal King was in this territory, just cultivating.

Connecting the dots wouldn’t be hard.

However, a Peak Immortal?

Pfffft! As if a Peak Immortal could kill over a hundred Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Kings.

All these reasons made Gravis decide against absorbing the Energy.

However, keeping it would also be annoying. Having several bodies was okay, but having hundreds of them? That would stress Gravis’ concentration too much, making it harder to comprehend Laws in peace.

So, what to do with the lightning?

Luckily, Gravis knew exactly what to do.

‘Right now, no one knows that all the Sect Masters are dead, and no one will ever know who it was. The only way to find out would be to reverse time,’ Gravis thought. Gravis had seen the reversal of time several times before.

Back when Gravis had still run the Gravitas, the inspectors always reversed time to see what had happened.

However, who were these inspectors?

They were incredibly powerful Immortal Emperors and even some scattered Star Gods.

What did they all have in common that made them inspectors?

They had all comprehended the level six Law of Time.

The level three Law of time was not enough to reverse time to this degree, especially after the area had been the victim of such wanton destruction.

Did someone in this world know the level six Law of Time?

It was possible. After all, this was the most powerful higher world.

However, who would such a person be?

That person would probably be one of the most powerful Immortal Emperors in the world, a person that didn’t look up to anyone but down at everyone.

Would such a person come to this remote location to check up on who killed some Sect Masters from some servant Sects that paid some tribute on the Immortal King level?

Of course not!

‘The only dangerous moment would be if they send someone at the Peak Immortal King Realm since they might see through my disguise, but that would be such a huge overkill that not even my horrible luck could make it happen. They will probably send an Early Major Circulation Immortal King to check up on things, and that also only if the remaining Vice Sect Masters don’t know that they should pay their lords.’

‘The Vice Sect Masters probably know what to do, and the payments will continue, even without their Sect Masters.’

So, in short, Gravis had nothing to fear.

Additionally, Gravis wouldn’t even really touch the resources. Gaining resources and keeping them was a huge difference.

A poor farmer in a mortal village might find a gold bar. Great, they got some resources! However, would they be able to keep it?


Some other guy would probably steal it or kill the farmer for their wealth.

Would Gravis grandly claim this territory and lord over it?

Pffft! He wasn’t THAT suicidal.

No one would care if he went to some Law Comprehension Areas to understand some Laws, but if Gravis decided to claim some hard currency, the lords might not be happy.

Gravis knew how to keep a low profile, and he would make full use of it.

So, what did Gravis decide to do with the lightning star?

Simple, he would use it.


Gravis retrieved the lightning star into his Life Ring. It was slowly getting weaker, but he still had some time to make use of it. After retrieving it, Gravis teleported a couple of times until he arrived at his destination.

Gravis looked down at a Formation Array with a smirk.

‘The biggest Immortal Stone Mine of the Unrestrained Sect,’ Gravis thought, ‘and sure enough, it’s protected by a Formation Array.’

This was a resource point that would be protected by an Immortal King, making it incredibly valuable. However, Immortal Kings couldn’t just remain at their Resource Points constantly. They had other jobs and tasks to fulfill.

Because of that, these Resource Points were protected by the most powerful Formation Arrays that the Sect Alliance had access to. The Formation Array would keep everyone out, and only the keeper of the fitting key would be able to enter, which would be given to the Sect Master of the Sect that controlled the resource point.

Gravis didn’t have the key, but he also didn’t need it.


Gravis simply passed through the Formation Array thanks to his Avatar of Freedom.


Gravis saw a mountain of Immortal Stones in front of him.

This was a natural Immortal Stone Vein!

How were Immortal Stones created?

Funnily enough, Immortal Stones “procreated” similar to plants. They passively absorbed Energy and grew bigger and bigger. However, it would be more precise to call the Immortal Stone Vein an it instead of a they.

After all, it was just a single Immortal Stone. The normal Immortal Stones one knew had been cut down to uniform sizes.

Harvesting an Immortal Stone Vein was also rather simple. As long as one didn’t injure the base of the Immortal Stone Vein, which was conveniently basically everything below the ground, it would recover as it absorbed more Energy. Everything above the surface could be harvested without any issues.


Gravis cut off the entire mountain, leaving a flat ground of Immortal Stones behind.

Then, Gravis looked at his lightning star and converted it to Energy.

Sadly, the conversion from lighting to Energy ate up around half its power, reducing it to an equivalent of about 20 Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Kings.

After converting the lightning star, Gravis pushed the Energy into the ground.


And a new mountain sprung out of the ground with incredible speed.


Gravis cut it off again, and it grew back again.

This whole process repeated several times until all the Energy was used up.


Below Gravis, another mountain had appeared, but he wouldn’t harvest this one. After all, if he took too much, someone might become suspicious.

However, Gravis already had more than enough.


Gravis cut the mountains inside his Spirit Space into uniform pieces and counted them quickly. Such a task was done in but a moment thanks to Gravis’ powerful Spirit.

’60 million Immortal Stones,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘Enough to make me a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King, easily.’

With this move, Gravis had tripled his money, and he had already been rich, to begin with.

“Thanks,” Gravis said to the Immortal Stone Vein with a smirk.


And Gravis vanished.

After some teleportations, Gravis appeared inside a forest.

This was the place where Gravis had had his long talk with Stella. It had been outside the Unrestrained Sect, but outside was a relative term when it came to Immortals. It was outside, as in, outside the range of any Immortal King of the Unrestrained Sect, which meant it was over a million kilometers away. The destruction of the battle had not reached this place.


Gravis buried a small jade token into the ground with a smile.

‘When Stella returns, she knows where to find me with this. Others wouldn’t care, even if they found it and even if they were interested, they would just come to me and ask what’s up.’

Gravis teleported away again until he arrived at a random location in the middle of nowhere.

Then, Gravis released a sigh as he lay down on the ground.

‘It’s over, huh?’ he thought.

Everything was dealt with.

No more enemies.

No more tempering.

No more Sects.

No more schemers.

No pressure.

No danger.

‘Who would have thought that all of this would have ended this way? I am now the hidden overlord of this location. The other Sects know of my strength but don’t know that I have killed the Sect Masters. As soon as I go into any Law Comprehension Area, no one will dare to stop me.’

Gravis sighed.

‘And like this, my journey of tempering ends again, and a long time of comprehending Laws begins.’

‘How long will it be this time? Ten thousand years? Twenty thousand years?’

Gravis looked around and saw several things that he hadn’t comprehended yet.

He saw High-Tier Complex Materials all around him, and that was only one of the Laws he didn’t know.

For the first time in a long while, Gravis felt like a sea of unknown Laws had opened up before him again.

He didn’t even know where to begin!

There was so much to learn!


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