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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 805: And That’s That Bahasa Indonesia

“So, that’s your decision,” Gravis said evenly.

A select few Sect Masters somehow felt slightly nervous when they heard Gravis, but that number was only in the single digits. The vast majority either showed anger or disregard.

Gravis was a beast!

The words of a beast could not be trusted, ever!

They were monsters!

No one answered Gravis, and Arthur only smirked. With Gravis’ death, the entire Unrestrained Sect would be wiped out. Also, without Gravis, Arthur’s son would still be alive.

“Hehe,” Arthur chuckled silently to himself.

Then, Arthur charged forward with his full speed, directly at Gravis.

Arthur loaded his saber with the Punishment Cleaver and struck down.

Gravis only looked him in the eyes without amusement.



An incredibly powerful pressure pressed down onto every living being in a hundred-kilometer radius. However, the only living beings were the Sect Master since the previous battle had extinguished every other life.



Shocked silence.

Gravis’ aura had suddenly exploded as he combined his other bodies in an instant, reaching the level of a Peak Immortal.

As for that relatively silent sound that pierced the silence?

That was Gravis catching Arthur’s saber with his hand.

Gravis had absorbed all the lightning on Arthur’s saber, making this attack nothing more than a physical one. On top of that, Arthur hadn’t attacked with his entire physical strength. Even more, Arthur only had an average body, while Gravis had a beast body.

Three levels were between them, but Gravis’ body was still more powerful.

However, Gravis decided to stop hiding. They knew his secret anyway, so who cares?

Because of that, Gravis had caught the saber with his beast hand, its black scales seemingly absorbing all light.

No one could react as Gravis caught the attack of one of the most powerful Sect Masters without any issues.

Where was the lightning?

Where was the explosion?

Arthur looked with shock into Gravis’ bored eyes, and for the first time, he felt fear.

His Law of Danger was shouting at him that he would die!

“It’s my turn,” Gravis said as he retrieved his saber, which crackled with violent lightning.

Arthur’s eyes widened as he pulled his saber back, but he couldn’t retrieve it! Gravis’ hold was too powerful!

Gravis slowly lifted his saber, and Arthur began to panic.

The strength of a Weapon Cultivator was their weapon.

However, the weakness of a Weapon Cultivator was also their weapon.

If a Weapon Cultivator lost contact with their weapon, they would lose contact with their Avatar, which resided in their weapon. At that point, they would lose their Weapon Law and would forget all associated Laws of their Avatar.

Because of that, Arthur couldn’t retreat!

If he let go of his saber, he would die!

But if he kept hold of his saber, he would also die!


Several lightning bolts came out of Arthur as he attacked Gravis with them. Of course, nothing came of it.

So, Gravis lowered his saber.


And Arthur exploded as the Lightning Crescent hit him, leaving behind a ball of Punishment Lightning and a lot of wealth from his Spirit Space.

The explosion vanished, and Gravis slowly flew out of it.

The Sect Masters couldn’t believe what was happening.

Gravis was a Peak Immortal?

Gravis was this powerful!?

“Attack!” one Sect Master shouted with power. “He can’t withstand all of our attacks at once!”

Gravis only sneered. Sure, he couldn’t withstand all their attacks…

But he didn’t need to.

What were the differences between fighting in a human body and a beast body?

A human body allowed someone to be fast, nimble, and flexible. It was perfect for one on one battles.

What about beast bodies?



Gravis unveiled his beast body in all its glory, and for once, he didn’t restrict its size.

How big was Gravis’ body?

A beast’s body became bigger and bigger if one didn’t staunch its growth. However, as soon as one reached the Law Comprehension Realm, one could fight in any size they saw fit.

So, why restrict the growth of the body?

In an instant, the Sect Masters saw nothing but a wall of black.

The entire horizon was blocked by a singular wall of black, made out of many individual scales.

What was this wall?

That was the long claw on Gravis’ big toe.

Right now, Gravis was even taller than Meadow had been back then.

The Sect Masters knew that beasts could get big and that Gravis was a beast, but it still filled them with dread when the normal-sized man suddenly transformed into a towering giant.


The ball of lightning, which had previously been Arthur, vanished.


And reappeared on Gravis’ hand as it crackled violently.

Gravis also added his own lightning, creating a make-shift Lightning Crescent that resided on his open palm. Gravis didn’t need a weapon to create a Lightning Crescent, but a weapon would give the attack more power.

However, Gravis didn’t need more power right now.

This was more than enough.

Gravis looked down at the Sect Masters as his Will-Aura suppressed them and locked down space.

Teleportation was impossible.

Then, Gravis stretched out his right hand, which couldn’t even be seen anymore with the naked eye due to the distance.

And then…

He swashed the Sect Masters away like they were flies.

Most of the Sect Masters couldn’t react to the sheer speed of Gravis’ attack. They had been suppressed by his Will-Aura, and Gravis’ body was faster than them anyway. On top of that, lightning was also rather fast.

Only around twenty Sect Masters managed to react as they barely retrieved their weapons to attack.

However, Weapon Techniques required a little bit to be set up. One couldn’t just ready them when one hadn’t been prepared to unleash them.

Therefore, the attacks were subpar at best.


Gravis’ open palm hit the first Sect Master, and the lightning consumed him.


The corpse of the Sect Master added to the lightning’s power, making it stronger instead of weaker as it continued to travel.


A second one, and the lightning grew even stronger.


The first attacks of the Sect Masters finally hit but barely managed to use up some of the lightning.


Five more Sect Masters were destroyed as the lightning on Gravis’ hand became more and more powerful. The explosions also increased in size as Gravis hit more and more Sect Masters.





Near the end, the attacks that hit the previous Sect Masters had become so big and powerful that they took out several surrounding Sect Masters, and it only became crazier.


One last explosion appeared as the combined power of over a hundred Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Kings exploded in one big explosion, its radius thousands of kilometers wide.

The horizons were destroyed as an unfathomably deep crater appeared below Gravis.

Slowly, the explosion vanished, leaving nothing behind but the black wall.


Gravis’ claw touched the unfathomably deep crater, its tip barely fitting into it as his weight cracking the edges of the crater.



The black wall vanished as Gravis returned to his human body.

“And that’s that,” Gravis commented casually as he created new clothes.


A gigantic and violent ball of lightning floated just beside Gravis, its size akin to a star.

Gravis gazed at it and scratched his chin.

“Now, what to do with you?”


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