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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 775: Close Combat Bahasa Indonesia

Samantha charged at Gravis with all her speed as the world around her crumbled into icy dust.

Gravis narrowed his eyes and pointed one hand at her.


Gravis used the Major Law of Control to disrupt Samantha’s control over her attacks. The Law of Rage exchanged control for more attacking power, but both power and control were important to sustain an attack. Gravis’ Major Law of Control wasn’t powerful enough to reduce the control over an attack to such a degree that it would become harmless, but when the opponent already had a shaky control at best…


The surroundings were only frozen a little bit as the Major Law of Cold couldn’t unleash its full power anymore. The entire aura broke down before it even unleashed its true power.

Samantha noticed this and gritted her teeth in rage. There were only two ways to counter this.

First, to stop using the Law of Rage.

Second, to brute force her way through the Law of Control by using several times the amount of Energy.

Samantha was so frustrated with her situation that she couldn’t possibly back down now. This ant had already humiliated her! She wouldn’t accept any more humiliation by taking a step back. She was the most powerful!


Samantha infused her Major Law of Cold with more Energy as it regained its earlier destructive power.

Samantha quickly arrived near Gravis’ location as her Major Law of Cold hit Gravis.


Gravis activated his Law of Heat to counter the cold, but his body still started freezing. However, when Gravis also strengthened his body with his own Law of Cold, he managed to resist the cold barely. Parts of his body still froze over and died, but the destruction was slow enough that Gravis could counteract the destruction with his Law of Energy Healing.

Samantha had the Law of Major Cold as her Avatar, giving it the power of a level five Law. Usually, Gravis would find it very difficult to resist such an insane power. Sadly, Samantha kept up her stubborn and arrogant personality and decided to use the Law of Rage.

Usually, due to the level difference, Gravis’ Law of Control would only counter the Law of Rage, but since the Law of Rage specifically played into the strengths of the Law of Control, it resulted in the attack becoming even weaker. In fact, the attack was even weaker now than it would have been if Samantha simply didn’t use her Law of Rage.

Samantha wasn’t unleashing the attack with her weapon, and she also didn’t concentrate it, making its strength fall even further. By the end of it, the Law only exhibited the power of a level four Law.

With Gravis’ Law of Heat and Cold, he managed to reduce the power to the level of a level three Law. Gravis’ scales took care of the majority of the damage, only making them slowly die instead of killing Gravis.

How much Energy did that cost Gravis?

Quite a bit, but not as much.

The Law of Heat and Cold didn’t require any Energy usage due to the Law of Temperatures. The Law of Control worked based on the Will-Aura, and the Will-Aura didn’t require any Energy. Gravis only needed to use Energy to heal his body.

How much Energy did all of this cost Samantha?

An insane amount!

She basically attacked like a meteor that was burning itself in a blaze of glory. Additionally, the Law of Temperatures only marginally helped with the Energy requirement for the Major Law of Cold. After all, the Major Law of Cold was of a higher tier than the Law of Temperatures. In order to use the Major Law of Cold without any Energy requirement, one would need to know the Major Law of Temperatures, a level five Law.

Samantha reached Gravis, and her cold rapier stabbed forward.


Gravis’ body was briefly surrounded by lightning, and when his body reappeared, he had barely moved to the side. Sadly, he didn’t manage to fully evade the attack as a piece of flesh had been cut out of his left side.

Gravis’ saber disappeared as he retrieved it into his Spirit Space.


Two additional arms came out of Gravis, making him have four of them at the same time.


Four concentrated balls of lightning appeared in Gravis’ hands as he moved them around in a mystical manner. He did this to confuse the onlookers. Gravis was partially using his Lightning Transformation and his beast body, and if he didn’t make it seem like some mystical technique, the onlookers might suspect something.

Samantha’s rapier immediately slashed towards Gravis’ body after he evaded. Gravis leaned back like he wanted to jump over the rapier.


Lightning appeared at Gravis’ feet as it was infused with the Law of Magnetism. Samantha’s rapier moved down a little bit.


One of Gravis’ hands touched the rapier’s side that faced upwards with the lightning in his hand, repelling the rapier. His entire arm froze in an instant.


The rapier only cut off Gravis’ leg as he disconnected this leg too. Then, Gravis moved another hand towards Samantha’s body.


Samantha’s free hand shot a concentrated beam of cold at that arm, immediately freezing it. However, the frozen arm suddenly turned into Energy as Gravis used the Composition Law of Frost to transform his frozen arm into Energy.


Then, he transformed the Energy into lightning as it shot at Samantha from the front. Meanwhile, another two of Gravis’ arms shot at Samantha.


Another one was frozen by Samantha, and this one was also transformed into Energy and then lightning.


One of Gravis’ arms hit Samantha’s outstretched arm as it was also frozen.

Gravis smirked.


This one also transformed into lightning and shot at Samantha.


The first lightning bolt hit, nearly destroying her outstretched arm. The second one hit the side of her torso, taking a chunk out of her body. The last one hit Samantha’s other hand as she tried to stab Gravis with her rapier again, nearly destroying the hand and halting the attack.


Gravis disconnected his remaining leg and his hidden fifth arm, summoned them into his Spirit Space, and resummoned them in front of him. Gravis’ sixth arm came out of his body as it grabbed the end of the cut-off arm.


That arm started burning with white fire, and Gravis used that arm as an extension to grab his severed leg. As soon as the arm touched the leg, the white fire disappeared from the arm and reappeared at the front of the leg. Gravis had built a physical connection with separated parts of his body.

The leg was too close. Samantha couldn’t evade!


The leg kicked her in the face with white fire, and the fire suddenly got absorbed into Samantha’s head.

Element of wood and the Law of Soul Dispersal!


Gravis unleashed his Will-Aura in a powerful punch that hit Samantha’s Will-Aura. The Minor Law of Death quickly consumed her Will-Aura as Samantha lost consciousness for a brief instant due to the element of wood and the Law of Soul Dispersal.


Gravis let go of his make-shift extension, summoned one of his spears since it had a greater range than a saber, and stabbed forward.



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